“Just the Tip” : How To Grow Wealth

“Success is not to be pursued; it is to be attracted by the person you become.” – Jim Rohn

“My sense of self and my mental health is much more powerful than any hint of wealth.” – Guru, rapper

“Why do you think you keep dating these psychotic women?”

I closed my eyes, took a deep breath, and tried sincerely to come up with a believable answer. Anything besides the truth would suffice.

I’d been lying on my therapist’s couch for 45 minutes describing cycles of dysfunctional relationship after dysfunctional relationship after dysfunctional relationship. This last one had ended in tears and restraining orders.

Patterns were beginning to emerge.

I sat up, looked him square in the eyes, and told him the God’s dishonest truth:

“Because I have a fetish for women in straight jackets. It’s something about the tight fit and the inherent limitations on them being able to strike me. Help me doc.”

As usual, he said nothing. He just nodded slowly and looked at me with an overly understanding expression as if he could see straight through me, the wall behind me, and directly into the mind of God.

“Ok fine. It’s because I’m psychotic too – you win. Happy? I can’t believe I pay you for this torture.”

More nodding.

Prior to coming to this understanding, I had thought all women were crazy. Little did I know I was foolishly projecting my neuroses and past experiences on to the entire female gender group.

Not surprisingly, I kept attracting women who were something like a cross between Courtney Love and Lindsey Lohan (on their bad days).

Even if a woman I dated wasn’t crazy I’d make her crazy via my masterful skills of Freudian projection. Then I would promptly send her to my therapist for him to fix her for me.

I wish I were kidding. This went on for over a decade.

I love cycles, don’t get me wrong. I had a tricycle when I was a kid that was pretty hot. Menstrual cycles are cool because it’s the one time a month a woman acts a little crazy and I can know for sure I’m not projecting anything.

It’s when cycles turn vicious … vicious cycles are no fun.

So I decided I’d had enough. I was attracting mentally unstable women because I was mentally unstable. Fine. I made up my mind to stabilize and end the madness.

Within 12 months I met my wife – the epitome of sanity and self-restraint. Her nickname is Mother Teresa. We’re currently busy doing good deeds together and living happily ever after.

Why Am I Telling You This On A Blog About Wealth?

Because I think it would be helpful for you to picture wealth as a person.

Picture the characteristics of the type of human that other humans are naturally attracted to …

Self-Sufficient Non-Needy
✓ POWERFUL ✓ Confident
Persuasive Trustworthy
✓ Responsible ✓ Respectful
Present/Conscious Dependable
✓ Loving ✓ Free Spirited
Creative Talented
✓ Resourceful ✓ Charitable
Generous Fun
✓ COOL ✓ Emotionally Intelligent
Socially Intelligent Intellectually Intelligent
✓ Wise ✓ Well Spoken
Educated Socially Connected
✓ Physically Fit ✓ Mentally Stable

A person like that doesn’t have to chase the opposite sex. They just have to walk in the room. The opposite sex comes to them.

Now understand that wealth is attracted to people with these same characteristics.

It’s worth noting that I was actively pursuing all those “crazy” women. They didn’t just pop out of nowhere. I went looking for them.

Once I stopped the chase and started focusing on self-development, my wife simply appeared. I didn’t even have to do anything. I was at a concert ordering a Grape Vodka & Red Bull at the concession stand, and she leaned over my shoulder and paid my bill for me. We got married 30 days later.

That’s how wealth works.

And don’t judge my drink either. It’s freaking delicious. And energizing. After extensive testing though, technical difficulties do start to emerge after the 6th one. Just a word of caution.

My point is … focus on wealth? You’ll get Courtney Love-style financial chaos.

Focus on developing that long list of characteristics above? Mother Teresa’s granddaughter will come knocking on your door dressed in lingerie with a briefcase full of hundos.

So what steps can you take right now? How do you grow?

“I want to grow. I want to be better. You Grow. We all grow. We’re made to grow. You either evolve or you disappear.” – Tupac Shakur

First you need to value personal growth at a deep fundamental level. Understand that everything you’re wanting in life comes naturally as a result of personal growth.

Second you need to come to grips with the following equation:

growth = pain

Hence the term “growing pains.”

So don’t be surprised when you feel the pain. Push through it, and you will be glad you did.

Then you need to start exercising your mind, body, and spirit like your life depends on it.

Indeed it does.

9 Mind Exercises

  • Read books constantly. You’ll find some of my favorites in The Red Pill Book Club
  • Do affirmations daily. Start with the one at the bottom of this post.
  • Surround yourself with people you want to be like. They will rub off on you.
  • Visualize what you want. Use Mind Movies if you have trouble visualizing things.
  • Go see a psychologist once a week for five years to resolve your past.
  • Face your fears. Scared of heights? Jump out of a plane. Scared to speak? Join Toastmasters. Scared of reality? Keep reading this blog.
  • Read “Feel the Fear … and Do It Anyway”
  • Write down what you’re thankful for. Do it every day.
  • Monitor your self talk and correct lies with the truth. Read “Telling Yourself the Truth”
14 Body Exercises

  • Stop caring about food so much. Find a better reason to live.
  • Stop eating fake, processed foods that have the same chemicals in them as my dishwashing detergent. Literally.
  • Stop taking medicine every time you get a sniffle. As a matter of fact, stop getting sniffles in the first place. Sniffles are for sissies. I haven’t been sick in 5 years. Sickness is unnecessary. Start by taking Source Naturals.
  • Don’t eat anything that’s been genetically modified. It’s currently killing you.
  • Restrict your diet to ORGANIC lean meat, fish, fruits, and vegetables.
  • Read “The Paleo Diet”
  • Find out what food allergies you have and stop eating those foods. Feel free to use my holistic doctor. But don’t bug him unless you’ve got a few grand. And insurance won’t cover it.
  • Cut out wheat, dairy, sugar and salt from your diet. Read “Wheat Belly”.
  • Drink at least 2 liters of Penta, Fiji, or Mountain Valley water a day.
  • Drink faucet water … if you’re looking for the best way to kill yourself and have it not look like a suicide.
  • Read Natural News every day.
  • Do 30 minutes of cardio exercise every single day.
  • Do weight training 2-3 times a week but only with a trainer who knows what the heck they’re doing.
  • Look up your local Gracie Jiu Jitsu school and take MMA classes. The more you’re not a wuss bag, the more money you’ll make.
9 Spirit Exercises

  • Realize you are a man or woman made in the image of God with a body, soul, and spirit. You’re not an animal. if you think you are, then you should have no problem with me barbequing you at my next family picnic. Come on over and bring some sauce.
  • Develop an OBSESSION for uncovering the truth about life and ultimate reality.
  • Start saying “God, please show me who you really are.” every single day.  If you think you are God, then you have the added advantage of being able to ask this question in a mirror. Let me know what happens.
  • Research all major world religions. What could be more important to research than why you exist, who made you, and where you came from?
  • Realize all of them besides Christianity say the same thing: “Do good and then you’ll be healed.”
  • Try doing good. Then punch yourself in the face because it’s impossible to do anything without selfish motivation and/or the desire to be seen as good for vanity’s sake – which is inherently not good.
  • Realize Christianity is the only spiritual system that says “Be healed and then you’ll do good naturally.” (sound familiar?)
  • Maybe choose Christianity. It’s an oldie but goodie. I’m not telling you what to do. It’s just what’s worked for me. Do the research and you do you. But do me one favor: don’t hold all the hypocrites, televangelists, Catholic scandals and”religious” types against Jesus. He has nothing to do with that stuff.  Most music stars end up self-destructing. That doesn’t make music wrong; it means humans are weak and have a hard time handling power. Me personally I rarely go to a church building. I merely have a relationship with God and he helps me. He wants to help you too. He’s a good connection to have. He knows a lot of people.
  • Read the Bible. It’s the #1 best selling book of all time. There must be something to it.

We have touched the mere tip of the iceberg. But you know what they say – “just the tip” is better than nothing at all. : )

Leave a comment below, say “I value growth!” and get to work!

And don’t forget to click the Facebook and Twitter icons to share the love with your friends!

Recommended Reading: All the books I mentioned above.

Ancient Wisdom To Memorize: The generation of the upright will be blessed. Wealth and riches are in his house.

Affirmation For The Week: I value growth

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    • Patrick Williams

      Dear Preston,
      Great stuff all around!!! I’m massively hoping that it will help me grow, specially in the RE biz, help me to quit losing just cuz I’m too scared to make the mindset shift to investing to win, and help with good decisions for investing after making that shift in mindset.
      P.S. Not to be at all disrespectful to that Person, have you ever considered that, with an analysis of history, God would seem to be the greatest investor among us; He gave His life to redeem an otherwise lost human race!! … further food for thought.
      PPS Oops. it looks like I posted this as a reply to someone else’s post; my bad – I meant to post to the general blog, but whatever…

    • Tuesday

      well..they dont eat pig..corect ?then..how about…”those that refuse to eat their brothers” ? (but we do eat their brothers..that makes us canibals ?…oo…I’m in countsion..eafing pigs did not mean we are canibals)…

  • Davy

    To your musings I would add: live your life for others; visit someone lonely, or sick, or without a family. Be kind and honest to everyone. Talk down to no one.
    read the Bible and then understand that Jesus is the fulfillment of the Old Testament. Now, go to work for Him and for yourself.

  • steve Foos

    “I value Growth!!!”. You are either growing or dying.

    Lots of new books to read-downloaded your The Red Pill Book club list. Read the Bible through many times but need to pick it up again. Excited about your courses and material and starting on a new journey. The last 3-4 years have been some of the hardest of my life, but events are shifting and changing for good. Thanks for your leadership and willingness to adapt and continue to change and grow.

  • Linda

    I value growth. I feel the same about being healthy and your information about food, exercise and religion are very on point. I need help with the fear thing – I fear the unknown and failing. I know the fear is what holds me back. I will continue to work on affirmations to hopefully eliminate or at least be able to deal with the fear. I cannot afford your therapist, and fortunately do not need your holistic doctor. Thanks for lending support to my realizations and research of these matters. Reading the Bible brings a true understanding of Christianity. Too bad so many “Christian” religions teach principals that go against God’s Word.

  • Steve Moller

    Dear Preston, Nice job. Your writing is improving… More engaging..spicey…writing a book will do that. I like your stabilizing comment. The less we collude with our mental demons the smaller they become until they are back to Furbee size 🙂

    Your friend in Naples
    Steve Moller

  • Donald Schnoor

    I applied for the job you sent me and I didn’t have 27.00 to
    get in, I would be your best manager transferring house for
    sale and making us both a ton of money weekly, please look
    forward to Jul 3rd when I will have income available to work
    for you….

    D. Schnoor

    253 200 1118
    253 737 3071 Cell

  • Debbie

    After 50 everything changes. You’re no longer competitive your not seeking wealth . I like to just make it
    through the day peacefully. I love following your posts. YOU appear to have it all. KUDOS PRE$TON!

    • Cathleen

      I foresee a Celebrity Apprentice Reunion, on which Trump makes the winner general contractor for a gut rehab of George Onyango’s hut. Which candidate will be the Apprentice — Gene Simmons, frontman of the rock band KISS; Marilu Henner, actress, full-time mom, and author of numerous books including “Marilu Henner’s 30-Day Total Health Makeover” and “Healthy Life Kitchen”; or Tito Ortiz, miaa-dmertixl arts fighter?

    • state of ohio car seat laws

      Asa cum fotografiile facute de tine o arata, uneori ‘lucrurile chiar pot fi frumoase’.ps1. ma bucur sa aflu ca ti-a placut poza cu MM;ps2. alunga nota trista la cosul istoriei (nu uita ca istoria poate fi rescrisa; asa cum ne-a ‘demonstrat’ domnul Tarantino…)

  • Lou Jones

    I really liked ur blog it was good. I really liked the one about god nd realizen he is anybody main source to life.

  • Charlie Panui

    Thank you Thank you for articulating my situation and circumstance, which I’ve only recently become aware. Better yet, you have provided steps to relieve myself of the a toxic body, negative thinking and cynical speech. As I begin to heal I look forward to helping others find their way to better physical, mental, spiritual and financial health. What a great way to start my day. Aloha

      • Jiwaloca

        Just to share something made me laugh thus made that day, this is a joke I heard from a funny quick wit aging lady who sits at a building manager’s desk: ” A drunk went for a session with a missionary. After the first dunk in the water, the missionary said, ‘ did you find Jesus?’ The drunk said, ‘no, I can’t see a thing under there.’ After the second dunk in the water, the missionary asked again, ‘ Did you see Jesus?’ The drunk said, ‘ No. My eyes were open this time though ‘. Impatiently, the missionary performed the ritual third time and asked, ‘ How about now?’ The drunk said, ‘Are you sure Jesus fell into this place?’

  • Katrina


    This was absolutely great! Keep it coming Preston, we all have to be willing to hear and except truth but most of all we need to do the work that will produce the results!

  • William Lee

    “I value growth” I always have. The smallest start can lead to a big finish. Everything and everyone has something to offer it is just a matter of how you percieve their offerings. See you at the top!

    • Agatha

      I am in the process of a career change and I had to actually create a treatment plan for myself. My plan consisted of my personal goals for the next 4 months and I posted them to the wall in my room. The importance here is to have realistic goals and to use the timeline as a guide. Sometimes looking at the big picture is so hard but when it is broken down into small obtainable steps, that resistance becomes peissrtence. Great post!

  • Adela Manresa

    Thank you, for sharing your nightmare. nobody is prepared for those evil, I wish I met somebody like you I had not made a lot mistakes as I did, I mean I had gotten your advice wish is very valuable.

  • Louise

    Since you brought Him up and respect Him, here’s what Jesus has to say about all around successfully living;
    Seek first the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness and all these other things shall be added unto you. Matt 6:33
    🙂 thanks for all your good advise!

  • Stan Ehnis

    Preston, I,too, am a Christian and thankful to God for everything he has given me and done for me. But, I also realize the importance of going to church and worshipping God with other like minded people who encourage me and keep me accountable. I, too, have read a lot of “self help” books, most of which are principles from the Bible. At 77 yrs old, I’m not rich yet but am planning on being so, and without health the money doesn’t mean anything. Thanks for your encouragement and help.

  • elizabeth

    Preston, I. Love the fact that God leads and directs your path and you use your faith and experiences in God to be an xample as well as a teacher…..May God continue to give you wisdom and you CONTNUE TO GVIVE HIM GLORY THRU WHAT YOU ARE DOING!!!!

  • Rhonda Branch

    Im glad i stop what i was doing and read your blog i will look in to this and get back at you and tell you how it all goes I love making my self better we will see

  • Patience Ogide

    Thank you for the above topic. I read it all and listen to your videos and the best of all is that you are a christian and real.

    God bless!

  • Angela

    Thanks Preston! All your exercises were so on point. I value growth! I know what’s holding me back. I need to stay focused, keep my mind on the Lord and get to work!

  • Richard

    Growth on the right foudation cannot fail—The cornerstone that was rejected is still THE CORNERSTONE that has changed the world forever and ever amen.

  • Max

    I value growth!

    Preston, I thank you for these inspirational thoughts. Everything you’ve said makes absolute sense. Your words have motivated me to take control of my life. I am grateful to have you as a mentor and a friend, if only in a cyber sort of way.

  • Karen Alvarez

    Thanks for sharing these great tips to live by Preston. Change starts from within yourself. it takes time and effort to reach your goal.

    • Rev. Scott U.

      Respect who you are. Do the best you can with what you’ve got, where you are right now. Oh, and trust that you deserve goodness because you are a Creation of God–because goodness is your very central original nature.

  • Roland

    DZANG! And AMEN!

    Preston, that was the weirdest way to get me to understand a principle… It worked! I’m a pastor (not your typical) and I love truth. There was a lot of “truth” and “preach” in what I just read. The bible teaches a lot of timeless principles and I can find many biblical references and turn what you wrote into a down to earth, common sense sermon on personal growth.(I’ll probably omit Mother Theresa’s kin and the vodka but I get the gist of what you’re sayin lol). As a christian I don’t make anyone look good, God, myself, family… unless I’m growing in all areas of my life. Heck (almost cuss word) that speaks to anyone. If you’re not developing then what the heck are you doing??? Success is a package deal, it comes with so many perks and benefits and proves that a person is well rounded. Sanctification is a process God uses to clean us up, make us better, little by little. Success is kind of like it. It’s a process that makes us better. The measure of success grows as we grow. It affects EVERYTHING!!! I can go on but let me take a breath and marinate then digest all this good stuff. That was a deep, entertaining read Preston. Thanks for taking me to church today. See you on the side of success!

  • Anne

    I also value grow. I believe each of our existance have purpose. I personally have a second chance to accomplish something great in this journey. I believe that I found you and your info for a reason! In the near future, hopefully I’ll be successful as you’re! But I’m horrible of all Internet technology, kind of behind! I’ll try, and never give up until I get there. I read many books that you’ve mentioned & also a few alternative books. Even vibrant green & few other health foods & supplements! We’ve lots in comment!!! Thanks for tips & great info, God bless & continue success.

  • Erlinda

    You are right, you need some sense of humor to live. You make me laugh while I’m reading all your recommended quote and quote exercise.

  • Madhusudan

    Dear Friend,

    I am happy that your recommendation is great, because if any body follow the system you preach, 1000% the person will be healthy,wealthy and sexy.A small correction I would recommend, may be right or you can neglect. Every human being born on this Earth is only male and female. When you born you have no religion. Once you landed in the family you are aliened to the faith your mother believe.
    I am not going to the religion controversy. A simple fact is Even Jesus was told God is Love, in very simplified terms. One any human being value or become oneself the LOVE,everything will follow.

  • Bob Breeling

    You are right on on all of this and if people wound just read and understand it the world would not be in the pit is is in today good for you for setting down and tell the word this.

  • Sherri Shelley-Marshall

    Wow. What you’ve written here is amazingly powerful and a bit scary. The initial beginning was like you were writing about me. And the middle is where I am at now. Thank you for the following steps to get me where I want to be. I value growth.

  • Steve


    Bro- Wow! Best blog post/email I have received from you in the last 3 years! Truly inspiring. Been following you since early 2010 and this is it my friend. I can tell you were inspired when writing this. Preach brutha! Good stuff, keep it coming. I’ve completely transformed thanks to you and God. Been through the Wake Up Wealthy Course like 10 times, almost over the hump:) Pre-Hump Days, almost over. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.


  • Bill Elliott

    Life is God, God is Life. With daily prayers, exercise, reading the bible that with the Lord you can accomplish anything. Ask and you will receive. Amazingly many investors won’t achieve success because they don’t ask for help or make offers. The lord will help you to overcome your fears and take action. The recipes above will do the rest.

  • Pat

    Wow! man your words and wisdom are profound, I value growth! and dude, just like a gentleman that posted a comment earlier, my life has been a struggle the last 5 years, but I have been growing and adapting and learning, and events in my life have been shifting for the good, and will continue as I surround myself with like minded individuals that want to grow and persevere in life, it makes my goals and dreams allot easier to achieve as I have less negative influences and “nay sayers” in my circle, thanks again Preston! You the

  • Tim Northen

    The real value in Internet Marketing Education not Marketing.

    Tim plays Piano and Organ, has played in Churches in San Antonio, TX.

  • Darrell Johnson

    Thanks so much for this column! I just bought one of your courses and am thrilled about how you share about the things of God! Having been saved and a student of the Word for many years I couldn’t agree more about your conclusions. Looking forward to a long spiritually and financialy rewarding relationship!
    In His Service
    Darrell Johnson

  • Elisa Morales

    Thank you, Preston. You are fascinating. I like watching your videos and hearing what you have to say. FreedomSoft is brilliant and I thank you every time I use it. Your words are very timely as I just realized yesterday that I was carrying a lot of fear with me. Fear of failure. I didn’t realize it because I’m in denial. But I’m going to turn that around. It doesn’t become me. I value growth.

  • Debora Caldwell

    “I value growth!” Hi, I am open and receptive to all good that the Universe has to offer. All is well and I am safe. I say this everyday and throughout the day. Knowledge is power and I love expanding.

  • bob

    when Preston talks It’ From a world’s stand point and not that of
    JEHOVAH’S [as you already know] your witness was nice to read
    your praise to our Heavenly father has made his heart rejoice
    in Christian agape
    NE MPLS MN congregation send our love

  • Michelle Thorne

    I really enjoyedreading this and for the most part have tried to live my life this way but i wonder off and let people and my childhood dysfunctional up bringing creep back in its nice to be brought back to me.
    Thank you

  • Richard

    “I Value Growth” Plus you are not falling, YOU ARE FLYING… ” HAPPY LANDINGS” Be well, Be safe and GOD Bless.

  • Alan

    You said “We have touched the mere tip of the iceberg.” Do you remember what else touched the mere tip of an iceberg? The Titanic. That’s just sort of a bad joke, but maybe it also means that before you start messing with icebergs, you better be ready to go all the way down. You may achieve self-actualization, but you better be prepared to dive through some dark waters on the way. But sure beats just hanging out in the back yard.

    I don’t need to repeat your affirmation. I live it.

  • Patrick

    I value growth! Great comments and visual comments. It reminds me of my father’s favorite comments: attitude plus gratitude equals altitude. However, dismiss the other comments he made like how can you soar like the eagles when you are working with a bunch of turkeys.

  • Carlos D. Smith

    “I value growth”. I love the BJJ recommendation I train Brazilin Jiu Jitsu & CrossFit. Thank you for this.

  • Wesley Word

    Preston, I just read ‘Just the Tip’. I have got to say that I’m impressed. I like very much what you have had to say and I very much believe that I will do my very best to follow your advise. The one thing that I will have trouble with is the physical exercises. You see, I have COPD, so I have trouble breathing. Especially after any kind of exercise. But I will do what I can in that regard, with the help of my doctor, of course. And with the help of God!
    I am much impressed with your views on religion. I won’t be spending to much time studying the religions of the world because Iv’e already done that and my choice is Christianity.
    I will follow your advice as best as I can!
    Thank you and well said.


    I’ve put off a lot of so called ” GURUS ” and maybe spent to much time and money not doing anything because of all the hype, books and tapes. You on the other hand get my attention but maybe more than I can handle, this is the first of your Blogs I have listen to with some of the Youtube seminars its a lot to handle. Thanks to you and your Co. for keeping me in touch I’ll give it a shot and try to keep up.

  • Colleen Murphy

    The 32 points on how to be wealthy are easy to understand. Not only are these amazing points very valuable to an individual, but the world would be a much better place if everyone (or at least large amounts of people) followed them.

  • Pennylynn


    As Jack Welch (Former CEO of GE) said: “Growth is like an elixir, a drug. It energize and excites you.”
    I strongly believe that if you permeate GROWTH in your company, you now become an INNOVATOR
    to see new creations for the future of your company.
    Take care and God bless.

  • Fetia Osborne

    Why Preston I have read some of the same books as you.how ever,I’m surprise that you haven’t any of Zig Ziegler books. Fetia

  • Sondra

    An AWESOME BLOG! All True! And Essential to living a fullfilling and happy life. I not only value growth but it is a must without it iwill die! That is why I must continue working on my mind set to earning money lots of it as safely and as fast as I can!

  • Denton

    I am doing almost everything you talked about, but rooms for improvement. I am still struggling with financial issues because I am unemployed and put all that I had into real estate courses. Now I don’t even have money to keep up with my everyday expenses and bills. All that I have left is faith because you cannot give up no matter what are the circumstances. I am not ashamed to exposed my situation because I am not the only one going through this. My wife is the only one working and the money she makes is not enough to keep up with our bills. I believe this is a cycle and after every storm comes a calm but its only a matter of time, how long will it takes, I don’t know its up to the good Lord. Who wants to assist me here is my No.3233707011 and email: den.tee@hotmail.com
    I am not asking for money but if I can do some work even online, I will be greatful and will thank you in ten thousand folds.
    Thanks Preston for your inspiration and thoughts.

  • Raydiant

    I’m so glad someone in this world trust and believe in God. I love your words of wisdom and you put God first and foremost in your life.Please pray with me to shut the mouths of my enemies.

  • Elizabeth Anderson

    This is good! I especially love that you talk about God and the difference between Christianity and religion. No one can argue with the way you put it. Thanks!

  • Howdy

    I value growth, spiritual, mental, physical and intellectual. And after all of these growths comes wisdom, followed by wealth.
    Thank you , Mr Preston Eli for all you do.
    Sincerely, Jeff ” Howdy ” Doughty

  • Peter Toves

    The good samaritan woman said come and listen to Him. Ely, the truth will set you free. Investigate the Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church of Christ); just as the Israelites WERE God’s chosen people, the members of the Iglesia Ni Cristo are prophesied in the Bible as God’s chosen people in these last days. Get enlightened, listen and UNDERSTAND, see and PERCEIVE.

  • Guadalupe M Gomez

    Thank You very much Preston for all your Help!
    You can not imagine how You inspire me to keep going when
    everyone around me try of discourage me, You tell me that I can
    do it. I really Appreciate your Support. Thank you
    God Bless You.

    • January

      Fogo, ficaste sem travões 3 ve?i!z??s!!Podeas dizer que és uma destravada sortuda!Eu nos acidentes que tive, tinha mesmo um anjinho da guarda a bater as asinhas sobre a minha cabeça!

  • Darrell vendetti

    Amen!- Absolutely agree, so relatable and funny!
    This was Awsome I look forward to your next inspirational words.
    Preston Ely you are good people!
    Thank you again.

    Ps.You had nothing to say funny for Develop an OBSESSION for uncovering the truth about life and ultimate reality?

  • Christy

    I am right there with you for the most part! In relation of “visit someone lonely, or sick, or without a family. Be kind and honest to everyone. Talk down to no one.
    read the Bible and then understand that Jesus is the fulfillment of the Old Testament. Now, go to work for Him and for yourself.” If we would all consider and implement only half of these things the world and people would be awesome!!!

  • Albert J. Anderson

    this is a wonderful thing that you are a Christian and that you do not mind telling people. I loved this lesson better than anything else you have said. I was selling real estate and playing guitar in my band and working a low paying job to keep things going. I got very ill in Feburary 2013 and have not worked since. thank God for all the blessings I have received due to this illness. I have had time to study my guitar more( since when I got out of the hospital) I could not play! That was very hurtfull. Thank my God I am slowly getting better and my eye surgery went well!
    I will be following You even closer now! Thank you for the motivation and advice! Musically Yours, Albert J. Anderson

  • ced

    preston, thank you for reminding people that;what a priest,your neighbor,televangelist,or anyone else does.what Jesus teaches is what you need to know. I can say I represent someone,but that does not mean it is true. The truth is God will always be there for you.

  • Mauricio Moncada

    These three types of exercises create the very solid foundation of true wealth to grow upon, which acts as a strong base to whatever you build in your life, without it nothing would mean anything!

  • Nick Brokenshire

    Bless you, Preston.
    In the spirit of my new normal (think: quicksand beach), I’m late to this party. Thank God I didn’t delete without paying attention. To have my 2 marriages and numerous long-term relationships defined and eviscerated by a guy I don’t know, who’s just basically riffed on all I’ve learned, but refused to ever admit, is bracing, to say the least.
    I admire your wisdom. Damn you!
    Time to start valuing growth.

    Nick B

    P.S. Take it from a former full-time rock musician: the recipe is as follows:
    High-quality potato vodka
    Pepsi Throwback (or Mexican Pepsi) – the key is real sugar
    RockStar Zero (blue can- no carbs, no sugar. Red liquid)

    The early fun is getting the ratios just right. 🙂


  • Ruthanne

    I love everything you write! It is always uplifting and reminds me of what is important. Since you say to research World Religions, have you researched the Baha’i Faith. Alot of what you you say about spiritual wealth and our relationship with God sounds like it comes straight from the Writings of Baha’u’llah (The Prophet-Founder. And as far as valuing growth, the Baha’i Writings say that we were put here to prepare us for the next world, so God is constantly testing us. These tests lead to a better us. Check out http://www.bahai.com Thanks again for the inspirational words!

  • Frederic S. Wilson

    You are spot-on with the things you say. You’re also a bad dude (cool). I take my hat off to you because I’m ’63’ years young – I’ve crashed/burned in the RE “bubble”, I’m now working my way back to a financially stable lifestyle so I can do whatever I choose to do whenever, however… Fear (Satin) is trying to hold me back from ever trying again, but I’d rather be dead rather then not give it the ‘ole college try’ all over again. “I’ve been rich, I’ve been poor.. Rich is better! As far as the Bible, I’m a believer in you must read it on your own ‘and be taught the truth’. Just don’t discount that part..

  • Sheila Doty

    Wow! I tell my clients all this info everyday! A few of them have signed up for your courses as I am so impressed that I recommended you. Thank you! You are APPRECIATED!

  • Joseph

    When I saw the eye in the pyramid, I was skeptical, that this was another “do whatever you want, damn the world” message site. Then I came to your praise of Jesus. So I’m wondering, what’s with the eye? Does this relate to big brother, Satan, Jesuits, Facism, Jesus? I don’t get it because I see Jay-Z do it, it’s on our money, then you have it but you praise Jesus. Help me understand.

  • Bill Elliott

    The most important thing to do is to commit every thing you do and want to accomplish to our loving God. Every one of the things included above rely on spiritual and personal relationships developed daily. Thank you Preston for all of your great advice. It is obvious that you are blessed by sharing your abundant knowledge with others.

  • beverly

    I have watched Mind Movies lot and appreciate what they send to me, but i still haven’t started flipping houses.. car problems.. but the holidays have come and gone and I’d like to start visiting folks with signs on their lawns :for sale by owner) I just might find my first home.. thanks and happy new year..

  • wayne

    Excellent gift, anyone searching for leadersnip,would be crazy not to look into what you have to offer them in leader ship,how to make money,be successful,be happy in life. Never in my life have i recieved such a valuable gift. Thank yoy so very much wayne

  • edward crawford

    I Value Growth

    We are On Track the Wealth of the Wicked is Stored up for the Righteous Ask and you shall Receive. When you Get Monetary wealth Honor your parents and pay their worldly ticket first and then you will not lack.

    I love you all keep love seeking n evolving. We have already Won

  • Les

    Hi Preston,
    I Value Growth, Health, Truth, Wisdom, Wealth, ect.
    Many times I thought I knew the truth but later found I was wrong so now I just say this is how I see it so far. Many things in this world are twisted and some times the spirit pops a question in my mind and if I’m obediant to check it out the spirit takes me on a journey but seldom were I thought I was going. I believe we have a maker whose reputation (not name) is YHWH. I never could find its meaning until I tried to propertly dividing the words on the stone tablets, 1st looking at the Babylonian Hebrew, then Palaeo Hebrew, and then in the Pictographic Hebrew I found Y=work H=the W=and H=the. I take the or thee to be our maker or someone in his image. Any way I think this to be the definition of friend. Would you be my friend?

  • Alex Mompoint

    Thank you Preston for the words of wisdom, guidance on achieving and living a balance life as much as possible. I appreciate you and the team. I value growth…….

  • naeem

    Hey Preston, impressive as always, your articles are my monthly sustainance, they help orchestrated this constant growth that im experiencing. Thank you for sharing and thank you for being you!

  • Keith Bowen

    I have been there no way is any of what you say is far from the truth. As you go threw life you grow and learn. stay blessed keep on doing. Keith B.

  • Valerie

    Thank you for the great advice. I have found in my own life that when I start my day with God first and reading from the Bible. My day is smoother and my frustrations are quicker to turn away from and change my attitude.

  • Danna Seale

    Good lists of various exercises, food, etc. I loved the notes on “We are what we eat and drink.” I neglected putting on my other list the book that I live by: God’s Word. That is our pattern. I read daily something spiritual, healthful, and helpful for my mind and general welfare.

    Thanks for sharing.

  • OTAI SAMUEL Mob+256772827990

    Thank you Preston Ely, I have read through your Article and it is very informative especially on Personal Growth GROWTH = PAIN. Indeed there is No Riches without PAIN.
    Also I remember in my early primary. the Teacher used to tell us that Socrates (Greatest thinker) once said Quote: “A healthy Mind is in A healthy Body”. Indeed it is True as you have mentioned the issue of reading healthy books. Being a person in the Health & Wellness Industry. i care a lot about my health. Thank you for the Resourceful Tips.

    • Marty

      Teti Njishibe why have you disclosed the name of &#12a6;Muk8mfwilwa’ when the writer wanted to withold it. It is immaterial whether she is dead or alive. On the UNIP slogan, I remember the ending had many variations like Dr Kaunda umuyayaya ! or Dr Kaunda no bunonshi!ne mikoti! na ba youth ! Each UNIP leader would end the slogan according to his imagination. Iwe Garu wa munthu, lishina lyamusango shani ili?

  • John Webb

    Yo Preston, I love what you are doing man and I got a lot of respect for you as a business man and a christian. Keep up the amazing work for God!

    – John

  • Almarine

    Thanks Mr. Ely for these words of wisdom. In my own life I have found debunking the painful memories in my past, to be a type of emotional healing. Today, looking back is not so painful. However, I live in the present, so looking back is usually momentarily. I too am interested in holistic recipes and ingredients and have found your information helpful. Thanks again.


  • ot

    Excellent article, very important lessons included.
    minor exception:when you differentiate between spiritual systems you play both judge and advocate.

    Realize all of them besides
    ———- say the same thing
    Realize ——- is the only system that..

    Choose ———

    Any spiritual Teacher from a dozen religions could fill in the blanks and back it up with divine scripture of his or her culture.

  • David

    So much good, but I feel only part of the story and some incorrect assumptions or assertions. Remember, a half truth is not the truth, and only “the truth shall set you free.” My problem with the idea of going to a psychologist to get “healed” is that they (psychiatry and the related fields)think that Man is basically bad and needs to be restrained, as you imply when saying man is weak and can’t handle power. Earlier you reminded us that we are made in God’s image – do you think that is God-like? I don’t and I prefer to take the position that you say is unique to Christianity that when healed (and I take that to mean when we are our true selves) we will do good naturally and as a first choice, not because someone is watching. For example, one doesn’t cheat on his wife because he loves her and it doesn’t occur to him, not because he is afraid of getting caught. Perhaps when studying the religions of the world, you missed Scientology (meaning “Knowing how to Know”), because that is exactly what they say; i.e. man is basically good and when aberrated by the reactive mind, he does bad, all in the attempt to survive the best he can, even to the point of creating his own end in order to stop the continued bad behavior. The Bible is full of great stories and lessons, but as an interpretation of a translation of an interpretation of an earlier translation… of an antient text that uses idioms in a lost language, I don’t find it a text to be taken literally. I find those stories and lessons are often approximating truths found in Scientology as you discover yourself and God, an important part of who/what one is. Although many friends who know the Bible and consider themselves good Christians, think Scientology is something close to the opposite, I find the two religions very close on most important principles of living. One that I think is very important to each is that we should not judge others or make them “wrong” for who they are or what they do, for in the end, they are doing the best they can with what they have to work with; continue to seek the truth and what is true for you is how you should live your life. Some wish not to grow further because they get comfortable, but the truth is out there and for me, Dianetics (the study of how the mind can affect the body and our actions) was enlightening and did not violate my Methodist upbringing. A lot of psychiatric policies and behaviors do though. I heard it said once that everyone is a Scientologist; they just haven’t all discovered that yet. As they say, “Find out for yourself.”

  • Conner

    It’s a law of nature, mind, personality, companies, nations, species and individuals: Grow or Die, Evolve or go Extinct.

  • melvonne

    Thanks Preston – I made a copy to put next to my bed and one for the job next to my desk so I can make time to read it. I believe this is going to work for me! I need to put God back in my life!
    Thanks again!!!

  • Lisa Christiansen

    Dear Preston,
    I do so enjoy your rants. No I am not saying that badly. I am saying that with an emphasis on the fact that when you say something you don’t just start with a good idea and then let me figure out by myself. You stick with it till I can easily understand. Or…. I can keep trying to forget myself and open my mind and allow myself to learn whatever the lesson is you are sharing. Thanks for being you. And always allowing me to be me.
    Your friend
    Lisa Christiansen

  • Lorelei

    Excellent points of view and all true. Growth is awesome and almost always challenging. People are most definitely “habit” oriented. Remember a new habit is developed within 21 days if done continually.

  • Victor

    Same old marketing stick using God as a qualifier…Pathetic…NOTHING changes!

    Using God’s cred-abilities to line your pockets with the same old marketing stratagies …pathetic! YOU and the sheepole have fun!!!

  • Robert


    You write: “Try doing good. Then punch yourself in the face because it’s impossible to do anything without selfish motivation and/or the desire to be seen as good for vanity’s sake – which is inherently not good.”

    The entire teachings of Christ are a map to overcoming ones self. In his life he shows us temptation “the desert”, and self doubt “Father, why have you forsaken me” and how to overcome it. He teaches compassion even in the face of difference, in short, he shows one how to live. An example of overcoming one’s “selfish motivation”.

    You infer that mankind is “inherently not good” suggesting that you, like so many others like to forget then beginning of the book and jump to the action. I recently heard it asked, “What if, rather than seeing original sin in everyone, we saw the original innocence?” Truly, that is the real beginning of the story; original sin came much later – after G_d created Adam and Eve and breathed his breath into them giving them life. How would that change the relationships in everyone’s life.

    Yes, we were given choice, it’s what makes us human, and how we use it – flawed. While we may not be able to reach a total perfection, we should, none the less try. Whether you use Christ, Ghandi, Muhammad or Mother Theresa as your example to overcome ourselves, trying to be better is not like punching yourself in the face. Ghandi and Mother Theresa both show us, that though it’s challenging one can get closer than just giving up and saying: “it’s impossible to do anything without selfish motivation”, which sounds to me like saying do whatever, it’s okay, you cannot overcome the challenge of yourself or control your G_d given free will.

    To sum it up, we do have free will and interestingly, we attract the very things we ask for most and are most readily willing to see. We also tend to look for the things that verify our perspectives. But if we step back, and for a moment let go of ourselves and find a good, see that first breath of G_d that gave each of us life, you and the world – in that instant, become a different place and in that moment, we see what could really be.

    I value growth.

  • Faron

    I enjoy your passion Ely… but you should
    stay away from advising spiritual exercises.
    Anyone with any common sense knows that religions
    are the problem with the world, not the answer.
    To believe the stories in the bible you have to
    dismiss reality and believe in something that reads
    worse than cartoons. Talking snakes, a man lives in a
    whale for 3 days, a man who is his own father and I could go
    on for hours. Leave this out of your teachings and you will
    be more credible !!!!!

  • bob cowan

    I value growth ,sounds like I got a lot of reading and work to do ! because I need a total makeover ,new friends and a lot of work . going to need to find some help . thanks ,good to hear from you !take care and god bless ! bob

  • Melvin Shaw

    Its a pleasure to hear about the pleasant things we can put ourselves in line to receive while embracing god and living life the way the bible says

  • Leslie Stubbs Hanks

    This document is so interesting,I am going to follow it. This Is the answer God sent me. I have been crying all day. I want to say thank you for delivering God’s message.

  • Ken

    You forgot ADHD it’s the number one dis order that severely affects self motivation which is related to self love. Google Russell Barkley! This is the physiology part, that is debatable. Thanks

  • Bonnie Scully

    P.S. I come from a family of ADHD individuals. Please see the following:

    1-Eliminate food coloring and additives such as tbhq and MSG.
    2-Increase your protein intake and lower refined foods/sugars that can cause blood sugar spikes and crashes (Paleo can be good for this)
    3- Take a multivitamin and DHA (or fish oil) to account for any vitamin Deficits and help straighten out your balance in Omega 3 fats that is thrown off by the standard american diet. When people used to eat more fish and their meat grazed on greens this was a more prominent fat in the body that helps with brain health and you’ll often see it added to infant and toddler formulas to help brain development.
    4- Get vigorous exercise as often as possible…when you start feeling that cloudy “stuck” feeling…get outside and run…or on a treadmill. Start with walking daily..then increase your sprints a block at a time until you are running before you know it.
    5-These links have really helped me and my family.
    CHADD.com ( look at the diet section)
    6-You’ve got this buddy!!! 🙂

    • Johnie

      scmCse:iarivsra , io sono bolognese e tuttavia manco d a anni ;saprai che è molto difficile trovare questo merletto autentico o comunque trovarlo ; non conosco i negozi ; so però che e ne ho visti di recente , la associazione “Il punto antico “di San giovanni in Persiceto ha lavori molto belli ; puoi metterti in contatto con loro ; in ognic aso la maestr adlela autrice di quei capolavori fi Virginia Bonfiglioli che fu anche la mia. un abbraccio

  • Bonnie Scully

    To Avoid Genetically modified foods:


    To cut back on a significant amount of pesticides on a budget..avoid the dirty dozen:


    LOL This is a passionate subject for me. I am just trying to help anyone clear that brain fog and mental distress that I know about on a personal level…

    Preston nailed it on this article…although I am not really into all of the Christian rhetoric personally.. I think the rest of the article was fantastic.. To each his own, right?

    Take Care Everyone

    Good Job Preston. 😉

  • Robert

    I value Growth…First and foremost i like to thank the Lord for having u come into my life with uplifting information..I also want to thank u Preston for being consistent in your e-mails…

  • abby

    As soon as you mention god you lose me. God was invented by man in his own image to aloow him (man) the excuse for not finding out things for him(her)self.

    • Preston Ely

      sorry you are so easily lost. you are GUESSING that God was invented by man. you will know for sure when you die. there’s a 50-50 chance hell is a real place. kudos to you for being courageous enough to roll those dice! i hope it works out for you. im cool either way.

  • david lee

    Im am currently going through a divorce.
    I’ve been married 22years.
    Its ripped me apart, my wife has cheated on me.
    I am trying to regroup myself and life in general.
    The things you email me are helping me focus and get my thoughts back in line.
    I have been reading your emails for quite some time. And every time I read one I wish I could work beside you every day.
    At 52 years old and starting over is not what I had in mind.
    thanks so much for giving me what you have.
    even though I’ve never met you.
    I feel I’ve got a very good friend on my side.

    • Jaclyn

      I just would just like to tell you that I’m very new to weblog and honestly liked this web site.More than likely I’m planning to bookmark your blog post .You certainly come with exceptional articles and rewlBvs.eiess you for sharing your web site.

  • Joshua Diaz

    I VALUE GROWTH!! P-Dogs comin through!!!! Thanks bro!!!

    Ps I would share this if you had a share option for facebook.

  • Marlene Louis Gilles

    Dear sir I salute you by The grace of almighty God and admired your effort to help us I stand before that because I value growth. My instinct help me to focusing in myself development. I can, I must, and I will, Thanks from the pain, struggle.

  • Diana

    Preston, take care. You claim to be a Christian while in your videos coming across as completely arrogant. Jesus attracted people to himself by being perfect yet remaining humble; followers of Christ seek to emulate him. True self-confidence is not expressed through attitude. A little humility, please.

    • Preston Ely

      go remove the plank in your own eye and then get back to me

      what are YOU doing to help people? where can I find you on the internet changing lives? send me the link.

  • Robert Hunter

    I value growth!! I love this! Every time I learn a little more, but what I enjoy more is my motivation that is making me take some action, again and again.

  • Sam

    I believe you give sound advice with just enough humor to make it interesting.
    I have in the past now and in the future value growth!

  • Michelle Goebel

    I value growth. I’m already a Christian and very spiritual. I already fit your mold of characteristics that makes a person wealthy. Just need to read those recommended books. Just finished watering my organic vegetable & fruit gardens. Also watered my perennial flower gardens. I drink my own well water. Show me the wealth!

  • John Ferry


    • Preston Ely

      stop yelling at me. and I have no idea what you’re talking about but I guess I’ll approve your comment anyway. It’s a free country. And a free blog.
      Try to start making sense though. Stuff like this makes God look stupid.

  • John

    I value growth! The Bible is a wonderful book, spiritual on a natural plane; He that worships him must worship him in spirit and in truth. Thank you Preston for reminding me to work to see myself as God sees me, as the head and not the tail. It is not religion but your relationship with God that is important.

  • George Garcia

    good stuff…not to sound corny or mr. bible thumper (no not me)…but after I read your post and you ask to leave a comment… this is what came to my mind:…(really!)
    ‘ask and ye shall receive, seek and ye shall find Knock and the door shall be opened.
    forso whoever asketh shall receive…whoever seeketh shall findeth and whoever knocketh the door shall be opened to him…
    ok that’s it.

  • JM

    Thank you for declaring your faith boldly and passionately. May you continue to be blessed as you bless others and glorify The Lord. I value growth — in mind, body and spirit.

  • Lorelei

    Excellent article and so true…It has a powerful punch of the truth…My comment…Pray & pray again! Prayer changes things!

  • Susan

    Thanks for the pearls of wisdom. I do remember hearing Than Merril saying you were one “sick” pup, but “your methods work.” God bless you dude. I sent this to my son. He is over the age of 18:)
    I value growth, health, and wealth!

    Service projects for youth (18-25 year old group) is another way to “Love thy neighbor” WWJD?

  • Murray

    Hi Preston
    You are one of a kind dude
    I love the way you look at life and share your thoughts
    Keep up the Great work my friend
    I value growth and great teaching
    Your willingness to share your knowledge with others
    in order to make there life better is awesome
    I am sure life has many more rewards planed for you
    Thank you for all you do

  • John

    OK, Preston

    I can now see that you are a real person, Not some Rich Guru that has had a 6 week course of marketing to people that really want to get some place in life, that have next to nothing.

    The good news is this, I am ready for the Freedom Soft program….




  • Tracy

    Preston you did it again …..you really are telling me stuff I all ready know…..but it is good to here it again ….I think that’s it I need to here it daily…..Thx……ps…. Send me some help!!!!!……I’m ready to get started…..

  • Erick Frank

    I read this email this morning and I know I am just one on a long list of drip email recipients, but this email was really good for me this morning and was exactly what I needed to read. I just got done talking with my wife before I left the house about how we are drowning in bills and are not sure what we need to do to make ends meet. With 3 kids and a wife and an overly priced town home, things are looking bleak. I thank you for the uplifting words,


    • Preston Ely

      you can do it man. work harder on your self than you do on your job. everything will fall into place. also during times of adversity its always a good time to talk to God and see if he might be wanting to get your attention about something

  • julio balan

    Very motivational even though I’m in a situation where I lost everything I had.i need to look ahead with my chin up and make it happened ,,get closer to God ,work hard and stop drinking ,,that has always brought me problems, thank you for the advice,,I’ll be un touch in the short future to share my success

  • Lisa DM

    Loved all the information! I have started spin classes 3x a week, I am toning up and somewhat watching what I eat, I ordered the book “Wheat Belly” hope this helps speed up my transformation!

  • A. Ray Sims III

    This is a very well written article that actually inspired me to affect certain changes in my daily routine and self language. It is refreshing to have more than just hyperbole and fluff, that seems to dominate most blog articles on the internet. I appreciate your taking the time out of your day to inspire others. You are making a difference in each of us.

  • Patrick Flanagan

    As all of these are good intention, where are the truly disadvantaged to turn to for help?!? When the past tends to have created an excessive amount of mayhem, is there a source to go to, for a leg up and not a hand out?!? I could go on about personal issues, but I tend to be a positive person. Just want to see some of the fruits of laboring to succeed! Please feel free to contact me at any time, if you have anything to add guidance to my quest.

    Thank You

  • James Howard

    Hello Preston,
    I want let you know that I had recently been quite stirred by the most startling epiphany–I am actually beginning to live again due to it. I am feeling better than I have in a number of years!
    I, also, agree with your outlook on life. Even the part about the “crazies’, only the ones I knew should have been spelled with a capital K! Ha ha ha
    By the way, those books named are available online and the particular company offering them does have free shipping on orders over $35.00. (I love a good deal, absolutely nothing wrong with treating yourself to a good book.) Education and knowledge are invaluable.

  • Diana Kelley

    Awesome Preston nice blog you have here. I love the fact that you are a man of God and share HIS LOVE, which is God. God is LOVE. That and having FAITH is what HE is all about. Keep up the good work. Faith without works is DEAD!

  • Sheryl

    Thank you for your affirmation. I believe the truth comes from GOD and our savior JESUS CHRIST. It is refreshing to hear from a believer. I also try to eat healthy foods. My search for peace, happiness,truth and contentment was realized when I let go and let GOD guide me. He is the strength of my life and my salvation.









  • Mama V

    Love the post. Do hope you have true Christian friends to share the journey with. They help us stay on track, whether we get together at church or in someone’s home. All the best Verna

  • Mark Busch

    Thanks a ton Preston, very refreshing article as always. I plan on spreading the word Growth and the value in it. Love it. Going through out our day with a positive purpose helps to supply the uplifting energy that is the needed catalyst for growth.
    I have been doing good things lately, such as backing off from punching myself in the face so often. I do believe I need a periodic pinch or punch in this case to assure myself that I am alive (not just a spirit) and that I do have a larger purpose. Your article is refreshing to say the least. I really appreciate your time Preston in promoting these in your face reality check-self help (funny-as-hell) articles. Your check list of dos and don’t should be manufactured in to wall paper so they can be readily referenced. Thks for Book selection as well.

    You Rock Preston, Thanks Man!! LOL

  • tom Powell

    I read this and think “I don’t have time for this”. I really need to do a lot of these things just for me-I need to make time

    • Preston Ely

      that voice saying “I don’t have time for this”? That’s your inner wussbag. Just like you said … make time. No excuses.

  • Michael Winter


    I usually find your writing mildly obnoxious, (sometimes funny) this was actually very helpful to me! Thank you! I live in the Tampa area and have some great ideas! (Speaking of obnoxious and pompous! ) if you ever need a great life story, let’s have a cup at SB….I will even buy! Best regards.

  • cheri banks

    This is freakn awesum thanks I value growth and I will attract the people, resources, unlimited amount of money, wealth and the finer things in my life today NOW…..TODAY I LIVE THE LIFE THAT IS FILLED WITH LOVE PROSPERITY PEACE AND JOY….

    Cheri Banks

  • Ted Herring

    Wow what an awesome blog! You covered so much in such a small amount of reading time! Well done! I believe in growth! I love to learn & absolutely live by all the key principals you outlined except that last 1…

    Mentally stable….. I’ve been told I’m a bit crazy….(by quite crazy girlfriends of course…..who’s gonna believe them!) but I just don’t see it.

    Someone told me the other day that if 2 people think he is wrong, then he must be wrong… In today’s world this I do not consider a statement of truth….quite the opposite I would reply… If bad people think I’m wrong, then I’m sure I’m doing it right! Today people will screw you over for a piece of paper with green ink on it!

    I lost my job the other day because I emailed my boss the statement;

    “I believe in WIN/WIN Negotiations! If there’s a loser, then the winner was too GREEDY”. Turns out he IS Greedy….. Guess some people don’t like hearing the truth….even when they already know it themselves.

    What he doesn’t know that I know is that the word job is short for Just Over Broke!

    I’m ready! God is ready for me! The universe loves me without end & all good things come to me now!

    Let’s rock n roll brothers & sisters!



    • Preston Ely

      Ive been told I’m crazy my whole life. But I am a little crazy. So what.

      That “last one” is the #1 reason for my success. I’d look into it a little more. And “The Universe” is an inanimate object. It doesn’t love you. God loves you.

      Good job losing your job (seriously). Now it’s time to start living life the way it was meant to be lived … FREE!

  • Chanda

    Just listened to the cd for “the secret” and now this wonderful blog. Like attracts like. I’m truly happy this crossed my path. Thank you Law of Attraction!

  • james

    Thank you for sharing this blog Preston, lol I thought I was the only one with crazy women. Years later I found my soul mate, well she found me. The funny thing is she is a mortgage broker and I R.E/ investor . I agree with everything you said, don’t chase it! its faster than you, make it want to chase you. It will catch up, just focus on the spirit first and expect good things to happen . God bless

    • Preston Ely

      You’re welcome. Read more books. You need to improve your grammar. Consider that constructive criticism. You need to get self-educated.

  • Ron

    Hey Preston, this is really GOOD STUFF man. What I needed to hear. Boy did I see so much of myself in your story, especially the part about dating dysfuntional women. Because I know that I am, and I don’t have the woman that I know I want and deserve. I have written affirmations on a sheet of paper and posted in in my bathroom, but I don’t say them everyday. I will focus on growth. THAT IS WHAT I NEED MORE THAN ANYTHING RIGHT NOW!



  • Debra Rudowski

    Thanks for the affirmation of being on the right path. On occasion it feels frustratingly endless and sometimes pointless within the scale of the general population, but quite satisfying when looking back on my personal distance traveled. I often have to remind myself not to rush the journey, the value of the road less traveled and that the DESTINATION will then take care of itself.

  • Rick

    Rarely am I surprised by you marketing guys in the real estate field, but you got me. I love the sarcastic and playful wit, but never would I have guessed the spirit side. Bravo, Bravo. Especially with the email caution, the training, that somewhat obvious product in your hair, yo jerseys in the house! You got me and I will do you and myself the courtesy and revisit your training.
    Slick Rick…out.

    • Preston Ely

      that’s because you are a fool who has no ability to discern right from wrong or good from bad. what is it to me that you deleted it? lol. I have a million more just like you minus the foolishness.

    • James

      You clearly are a very foolish person. First of all– you are required to delete before turning it off. Or you may have meant you just “turned off” your willingness for comprehension.
      When someone asks me whether or not I am crazy…. I must be honest and tell them, “a little bit”. That is from being told that many times over the years!
      From reading this blog, I have reminders of success by setting realistic time lines and goals. Things are going very smoothly, yet faster than I anticipated.
      Thank you Preston!

  • JAG

    To be spiritual is to be connected to an all-loving omnipotent God without fear, guilt, dogma, sin, Hell, or devil (not religion.) God is with us, God is in us. God’s life is infused into all. Embrace God’s love as you trust that God’s power is real in your daily life. God will keep up us in the stream of God’s Holy Spirit so that the flow will saturate our lives. We thank you for working in us so that we can live in you. God’s Spirit bears witness with our spirit that we are children of God. God’s Spirit leads and convicts us. The fruit of this Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. The Key is love and it is the biggest lesson to learn upon this Earth Plane. We are all created in the image of God. We are never alone. We were here to experience for God. We are here to learn our lessons and go Home. Two people gathered together is a church. The building is just a man-made creation. The Bible is also a man-made creation with a lot of versions out there (with several true Gospels missing.) Always go through life seeking and finding the truth. The truest information that I have found is the Lamsa Bible, the Dead Sea Scrolls, the missing Gospels, and the Nag Hammadi. Always seek what resonates to your soul. There are many paths to God. God is here to help you upon your journey. “We are all spiritual beings having an human experience.” It just that some people do not realize it. Have a great day!!! Love God, Love Others; besides Love yourself (which is hard to do.) Walk with God as God walks with you.

    • Preston Ely

      Well, that sounded nice. Too bad 50% of it is complete nonsense. Jesus himself said “no one can come to the Father [God] except through ME.” Do you believe in Jesus? No, you don’t. Or else you would believe his words. There is ONE path to God … Jesus. Either believe that or leave him off you list of “ways.” You sound enlightened. You are seriously seriously confused and not thinking rationally let alone correctly. Read THE BIBLE … you know … the one that contains those dead sea scrolls. The rest is garbage.

  • Laura

    Would that life be as predictable.. Some people are just luckier than others. For me it’s resourcefulness and resilience that seem to matter, and if you are boyed by the things above more power to you! One must find confidence and peace within oneself with that I agree.
    Bless you,

  • Karen Montgomery

    Loved your article. I wholly agree and am also committed to change for the glory of Jesus Christ and what he has doing in me. Thanks for the encouragement .

  • Bill

    Praise the Lord. All good things come from him and deserve to be appreciated and applied in your walk. He wants you to succeed, but you have to do your part. Thank the lord for your successes and failures. Both help your investing knowledge and ability grow.


    yeah PRESTON ….allot of wisdom you have written here on your web page PRESTON…………….. I SEEK GOD IN THE #1 BOOK OF ALL TIME TOO=BIBLE= B. I B L E =BASIC,,, INSTRUCTIONS,,, BEFORE,,, LEAVING,,,, EARTH… ”GODS LOVE”

  • Barry

    Preston, Your The Greatest. I wish I had met you 30 years ago. You’ve got a great philosophy and a great sense of humour apart from the razor sharp urban smarts. You are my man (my guru). Don’t ever stop sending me your post, I love them to bits. Best regrds. Barry B.

  • Malena

    I like your style and humor on your very insightful and inspiring post. I just came to same conclusion after reflecting for several months….
    Make it a happy life!

  • David LaRocco

    OK,,, I’ve been blessed all my life,,, I love playing music, in fact I’m a professional Drummer performed with legendary musicians, and not so legendary and I have won a Hawaiian Grammy. I own a farm on the Big Island,, and now my lady and I are living now on Maui again,, even more blessed I’m a vegetarian,and love animals, giving thanks everyday for my blessed adventure in Life,, I perform with a Kru of guys on Maui that are awesome folks And Loving like my lady I have some money and want to make more,, can you work with me,, cause many things come my way, as I write these words, I just had a phone call that proves I’m on the right path on my journey in this life,. I’m healthy, oh yea just harvested some awesome Kale from our garden, gonna make Kale soup tonight I have a gift,,, I believe you can help me make more money., I’m good at working with folks, people also love seeing me drum, so does my lady. Let me know how you can help My Blessings ~Rev. Dave

  • Mike Regalado

    I was really touched by your embodiment of wealth in terms of man. I also enjoy your sarcastic way of sliding some real wisdom for those with “ears to hear”. At first I thought you were a scammer, but now I see a pattern, that can help me grow in this crazy world of wealth-building. Thanks.

  • Jamie

    I value growth!

    Good read. Thank you for sharing. I appreciate your vulnerability and transparency concerning your journey. I look forward to many more great growth articles packed full of productive advice that we can apply to our lives.

  • Donna

    I think the basic theme here is spot on. I have someone in my life who is in the Christmas sad zone so I am gathering these books in hopes it helps:) I have a library of self help and inspirational books because the continual opportunity to learn is enlightening

  • Tom Morris

    there is so much truth in the above items. I was thought a lot of these during my growing up but was set in human ways for so long. thanks for putting this out.

  • Anthony

    You’re absolutely right. Whoso ever is born of God is like God and loves like God for God is Love. “As a man thinks so is he”

    The Bible is the best seller at all times because it transforms life and make
    a saint out of a sinner who welcomes and appropriates what it says. It tells us what is not obtainable in the institutions of this world. Tells where we’re from, who we are and whose we are God’s. How we should live peaceably with one another which is holiness without which no man shall see the Lord.

    I don’t get sick. I don’t gain weight I don’t lose any. I try hard to keep
    my heart pure for out of it flows the issue of life. For out of the heart of men come evil thoughts. All the evil in the world today comes from the heart of men and women Mark 7:21 Education without God does not change anybody if a person does not reverence God their education civilization is vain. painted grave. the paint on a cemented grave does not change what’s inside of it-Rotten stinking dead corpse. When Jesus comes in the purity of God comes “I have given them the Love you gave me that your character and may be in them John 17:26 AMP

  • Ken

    Great stuff. I’ve implemented so much of this already that it’s a confirmation I’m heading in the right direction. Thanks Preston!

  • Tony

    Does anyone has a scripture reference for the concept  “Be healed and then you’ll do good naturally.” I would love to share it with my family and friends.

  • Andre Stevens

    I value growth in the Truth of the Lord Jesus Christ who is life in abundance !!! Thank you,
    in the Savior — Jesus Christ! Andre Stevens

  • Chad

    Thanks for the great tips…. However I know many people who are very successful and wealthy who are not Christians. In my experience while Christianity may be one path to building wealth and happiness it is not the only path. I have found that spiritually trumps organized religion every time.

  • Susan

    I pray daily for GOD to show me HIS plan for wealth and to take my fear of success and failure from me as HE will allow me to further HIS kingdom through the wealth he allows me to achieve.

    Blessings to you all. Grow today in someway!

  • Anna

    I always get a grin on my face when I read just about anything that you write. The reason being is that they are all quite amusing, interesting, attention getting, funny, and yet they all seem to lead to a point that you are trying to convey to all of us.
    They work! What else can I say?



  • Juan Gonzalez

    I love your info. I appreciate your center of gravity (Jesus).
    I enjoy reading your posts and e-mail. They are full of truths and humor to make the medicine go down easier.

  • S. Niles

    I value growth! I love reading Preston’s stuff! He speaks truthfully and bluntly and ads a little huomor to take away the “sting” that the truth brings. I appreciate that he continues to honor God regardless of what others may think, and his success proves that apparently there is a correlation between honoring God and success!

  • Bill

    Beginning the day in the Bible and ending the day in the Bible is what eventually brings reward. This article is full of knowledge that the wise investor should embrace. May you have a blessed day.

  • Its me

    Dear Preston

    May I borrow only $1,000,000 and unlimited access to you and a few of your wealthiest friends for 6 months to 1 year? I’d like to hang around and absorb a lot of that “wealth mentality” that you seem to have and write a journal/book/movie about my experience.

    Waiting with fingers crossed,
    -D in Dallas

    Sidenote: you’d get your money back after your “proven system” helped me to grow it from $1,000,000 to an infinite abundance of cash.

  • gary in omaha


  • Brenda

    I Value GROWTH! Thank you Preston for being so inspirational. You have a way with words that are light and quite often humorous but yet powerful, direct and very honest. I have for the last few years made excuses as to why I could not be my own boss…I lost my confidence but the more I read what you have dealt with, I am encouraged

    It’s not easy to put the spotlight on self with the “occurrences” that have tapped you in your life. But you do and because you do your blessings will overflow. You don’t just give a man a fish but you teach him how to fish, clean it, and cook it.

  • Colin

    Well, Preston, you’ve been coming out of a lot of mental torture. True, only Christianity has the total package. . .IF one is following the teachings of Jesus and not those theologians and organizations who base their survival on self-appreciation.

    So, being in tune with our Creator and His revelation of life principles found in Scripture, I find I do not need another faulty human to try to clear my head, as in “see a psychologist once a week for five years to resolve your past.”

    No, accept what God says: confess to Me, and I will forgive. We have only one Mediator, and no shrink can take the place of personal connection with the original, all-encompassing One, Jesus Christ. He is the example to model after.

    Finally, “Realize you are a man or woman made in the image of God with a body, soul, and spirit. You’re not an animal.” Yes, but for the actual Bible teaching, we have mind, body, and spirit (breath of life) which comprises the soul. Each person with these components IS a soul, not possessing one. This is important to understand what happens at death. More later if you like.

  • Woodie Jr Roten

    Hey Preston Ely
    I’ll order your program below and haven’t received it I sent a money order about two weeks ago If you don’t accept Money Order please send it back to me I know that $37 isn’t much to you but it’s a lot to me. You see I am disable and trying my heart out to make some extra money. only to loose it here lately, I was really hoping that you would mentor me. Until I started making money then I’ll would gladly pay you after I have made money. My address is: 482 Buzzard Roost Rd. Bulls Gap, TN 37711 email: WoodiejrRoten@gmail.com cell phone: 423-523-2369 Thank you & God Bless you Woodie

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    Thanks for joining! Your hard earned money goes towards making FreedomSoft an even better product.

  • walter collins

    I really appreciate your writings . Think I will put it on my favorites and read it often . great food for thought. Thank You . . Walt.

  • John V

    God bless you. I am for growth. Glad you could put in words what I understand and believe but find difficult to communicate clearly.

  • Tanaka

    This message is directly for Preston Ely.. If you’re really serious about the things you have in all of the emails I receive..I want to talk with you personally and not a recording or paid secretary. You and you only. I feel a man word is his bond! So, if I hear from you I know that you’ll stand by your word and that all of this wealth building that you’re promising isn’t just a load of crap or shall I say BS! I’ve heard it all before and people are just getting rich off the little man that’s searching for that financial freedom. Looking forward to hearing from you and if not my questions or concerns will have already been answered!

  • Dominic

    I value growth, knowledge, self-improvement, pain as a result of growth, intelligent people, intelligent articles, things that make me think and the more I read your posts Preston the more I value you sir.
    Thanks for sharing as always!


  • Rev. Bass

    Finally someone understands true prosperity, not all about wealth. It’s a combination of mental and physical wellness, spiritual enlightenment and financials. You summed it all up in this message, GRET JOB!

  • Robin Kaye

    I value growth as long as it doesn’t maim me,stress me to the point of a nervous breakdown,or kill me.My focus now is money,to buy real estate,to buy some island privacy…

  • Violet

    God is truly Good! I have noticed that truly wealthy people honor God and do Good. I will definitely adhere to this principle.

  • Tom Benton

    What great advice. I am a proud Christian, and you speak the truth as the Lord has helped me tremendously. Given that, I’m looking forward to giving back as much as possible. Thank you Preston

  • Adina Reimer

    Hi, Mr. Ely;
    I am very encouraged to know that you are also a believer in Christianity. It always warms my heart when I come across fellow believers.
    I had made up my mind already earlier today that I would like for you to help me with the Real estate business on a daily basis if you can (you did email me recently that you wanted to help me).
    I need for some one to tell me the day to day steps I need to take in order to get going, as I am new to this, but would love to be able to make money with this business; to pay my debts and help friends and family with their debts as well.

  • Brian

    I value growth, growth requires change,so I value change, change require courage, so I value courage, courage requires wisdom so I value wisdom, wisdom requires God, so I value God.

  • marina binkley

    I just wanted to tell you that only are you witty and have a good sense of humor, you have a good gift of gab and are very charismatic. That is a good thing to have. You seem to possess a sense of self that values positive things. I also wanted to tell you that I read constantly and I love to read and learn new things. One of my favorite books is Chicken Soup for The Soul for The Positive. My boyfriend is in college so I am mentoring him. I wanted to go back to school, but I wasn’t so sure that I get through online, but I have to say that we have an “A” in the first class already. The second class is History and it is difficult, but we are learning things and that is always a good thing. My motto now is “One class at a time with an A. Just like one day at a time. Anyway, you seem so friendly and easy to get along with. I love reading your emails. Thanks for all those excellent words of knowledge. I believe that God gave you this gift so you help other people. I haven’t gone to church in a while either, but I know that God is always with me and he is with you too. Don’t ever forget the power that God has given you. He has given it to you for a reason. Marina

  • Brian Wingate

    psychology and especially psychiatry are false tech nologies aimed at manipulating people. they think man is just a one life animal.

    all the major religions are FAiths. they have no technology and were born when 99% of the population were illiterate. there were no schools and no printing presses. all was rumor and superstition,

    per data from the dead sea scrolls Jesus was just a man, not divine, we are all the sons of god.

    much of christianiy is a fairy tale dreamed up for the Nicene Creed which legalized this new religion ebout 350 years after the death of Christ.

    you should check out Scientology – spiritual healing technology – it is a technology – not a faith and they are just down the road in Clearwater. they can prove to you that man is a spiritual being. you dont HAVE a spirit, you ARE one. stuck in a body.

  • Duchun

    Thank you for sending me this email .can you please keep sending me good stuff like this because I believe stuff like this can help my life to be a better human being with practice and that will be great for myself and people in the world

  • Gloria

    Hey Preston and everybody! I would like to add a couple of books to your recommended list for those who want to grow spiritually and prefer Christian without religion; try “Poem of the Man God” by Maria Valtorta and “A Course in Miracles” from the Foundation for Inner Peace. Both awesome books for GROWTH in developing a personal experience and relationship with God. Which, as you say, is a great way to find success and healing/healing and success (like the chicken and the egg).

  • Paul Auld

    A comment on your last bullet point above… [ READ THE BIBLE it’s the #1 best selling book of all time]. VERY TRUE!
    I highly recommend, a book, [ untainted by popular religions of cristendom’s doctrines] and if I’m not mistaken, the second biggest published book after the Bible.
    The books name is: ‘What Does the Bible Really Teach?’
    If you believe the Bible is the inspired word of God, this book is a must read!

    Paul Auld

  • gudelia abao

    hi preston,i dont to think that there is no solution for me financially and that i wont reach financial freedom cuz i feel it coming despite my frustration.you seem very sincere maybe i have told you this a number of times there is no way you can do real estate without money ,at least i had money before ,was i happy ?i cant say i was totally happy , i was content ,i was able to pay my bills on time till i joined but i am happy with the learning even if i am broke.what i am saying is i wanted more i wish i could have met you guys when i had my $35000 still intact.all i am asking is one deal but i cant even start with that without escrow or small downpayment.every strategy wants money does not sound as easy as they say .you are left alone if you dont have money .thanks cant help talking about my frustration.long comment.

  • Natasha Phoenix

    Great article as usual! I Value Growth! For some reason I could not access the link to the book club, my antivirus software kept saying it was blocking an attack every time I clicked on the link. Do you have another accessible link? Thank you!

  • Eric Castonguay

    Thank you Preston . At least I was going in the right direction. I will make copies and start using the ones I didn’t have.

    Thanks again ! I want you, when yo u have a moment Check Out FIBROMYALGIA . That’s what put me down 20 yrs ago. I had to sell my business. It’s been a long road through hell.I am not a quitter.

    See you at the top!!

  • Wayne

    Good Morning !! Great Advise ! Voice of Experience. ! Listen Learn & Look Forward The Past Is Behind Us ! Day Thank You Lord for This Day So I Can Work !!

  • Annette

    i believe much of what you mentioned in your blog is true. I try and read the greatest selling book in the world daily (the Bible). Thats where you find wisdom and instruction on who we are, and why we are here and how we are to live with our brothers and sisters in joy peace and love. Jesus came So might have and enjoy life in abundance to the full till it overflows. I believe… I speak, I have. So be it. Amen.

    I set before you life and death, blessings and cursing, choose life so you and your seed may live. God always give us choices he gives us free will. I choose Life and I choose Blessings, I choose the good life. The very Best that Jesus the son has for me and my loved ones. I give God thanks now before I see the manifestation of all these blessings in Jesus name. Amen

  • Lisa

    “Visit a therapist once a week for five years to resolve your past.” – Preston, this is the wisest and most compassionate advice you could give your brothers and sisters, Thank you!
    [It took me ten years cause I went every other week, but I made it at the ripe “old age” of 50!] Shalom and Cheers 🙂


    Joseph Amiri from Algeria looking for an opportunity or a financial loan because I’m in great financial distress I hope to help Thanks

  • Michael Rathbun

    Hello, Preston,

    You are one wild and crazy guy who I have the greatest respect for because you are a true believer as am I! I have been familiar with you for a while as I have been involved in learning real estate investment (having spent high 5 figures, maybe even 5 figures) for the last 15 years, but have never closed a real estate investment deal.

    What you have said to me today resonates deeply because I have simply not had the true confidence to attract wealth to me! I made successful offers on two different properties in 2012, but got out of them and got my EMD back on one based upon my due diligence.

    I now have a coach with Than Merrill’s Jumpstart program for 5-6 more sessions, then I will be on my own. I am determine ed with the Lord’s help to recoup all of my spending of “His” resources on my REI training to finally become profitable for His glory! I believe strongly that he wants me to be successful!

    Thank you for expressing your faith so well to make an eternal difference in someone else’s life! God bless you! //Michael

  • Virglia Isabel

    The funny thing is that precisely today I was speaking with a friend of mine and I realize that I was attempting to justify the feeling happy that I usually have, in my case money was not the issue because I am happy with who I am or have or not have and with my sense of control perhaps with what in my opinion I certainly do not need to be happy. I know for sure that I will get what I want when I want it.

    I am now in a period of discovering other interests besides money, I will most likely regress to my better center, by the end of the year

    Best regard


  • Janie

    Enjoyed reading your article. I am currently implementing most of your recommendations and will continue to add the rest.
    I value growth!

  • Henry

    Ha, rich man, your just what I’ve been waiting for. So give me a call and I’ll tell you why. Although I will tell you this. I have plans to put the latest hardware and software to work to bring about tomorrow’s future today in the unifying of the Church through social media: TV, Computer, cellphones, up to the instant new production of what’s happening and what we are generating across inter Church devisal lines. and using this up to the instant knowledge to propagate future events. What do you say.? Please call at: 562-860-2780. Henry

  • Rebecca

    Yes, if you’re mind is set to become the best you want to be, detach yourself from all values, activities, food that hinders you to attain your goal. Disciplined life is a must to reach the best in life. Thank you for the holistic exercises you’ve shared!

  • Anna Hartline

    Right on! You state concisely how life should be handled. I need to move on. I have reinvented myself a few times. It is time again. Thank you for a very informative” Just The Tip. I will try to find more of your writings.

  • Linda

    This information was valuable, spiritual(mostly). I believe I am suppose to do this but the timing is off for me at this time. I know its not an individual thing but you keep sending emails which makes me feel as though you truly want to help people, that your not just in it for the money. You want to help others find their wealth through sacrifice and faith (which are a must). Its just that some of us need a Tutor/Mentor. I have to say thank you because your information is full of much needed inspiration. I’m a beginner and I don’t even have a small business(yet). All I have at this time is the spirit to push forward with this. I have considered real-estate for years now just didn’t know where to start, I needed a mentor. I always have goals(work hard to give back and/or influence. Thanks and God Bless your faith.

  • Annette Ayree


    I am still your number 1 fan. You attract what u believe. I to believe you have what you say according to Mark 11:22 we have mountain moving faith. I believe the power of God is working.

    Thanks so much for all the encouraging words.

    God Bless you,
    Annette Ayres

  • Eric Wenger

    Hey man
    Good read. I enjoyed it. A lot of truth in there. Image is a big part of success. How you dress, how you carry yourself, how you speak, staying positive in conversation. Last bit not least follower of Christ. I’m glad you found your wife and she is a survent of God. I’m glad to read this becaise it let me know I’m on the right track. I to am lead by God and have learned to hear his whispers. Looking forward to growing with you.

  • Brenda Marcitt

    Dear Preston
    I read your blog.You are one amazing person and I would love to be able to make money working from home but I don’t have the money to invest wish I did but I dont even make enough to buy food after I pay my bills.. And it does sadden me because I want to make my life better but am stuck in a hard place., my life is not an easy road to go down my car was repoed and just to many bills it’s hard to see the light at the end of a drrk tunnel..

  • Lavern

    I value life.

    Thank u for sharing for you just don’t know how much u just spoke to me and maybe God wanted you to because im a mother of seven on a fix income been going through life. Now I’m finally living for me but somehow I’ve gotten stuck.

    Thank you,

  • Hollie

    “I value growth” I have to say this – I laughed out loud when I read this… It was to close to home & so true… Thank you Preston for sharing:-) I need a job or some thing to gain a decent income soon if you have any suggestions and or anything that may help me please email me.. I just bought a new PC and set it up,I am excited to look & find everything helpful I can find and quick, before I go under water here

  • Kaye

    I trutley injoye reading it and i will be doing what was ask of me by reading the bible and all of the ither book you said to read.thank you verymuch.

  • Kim Clark

    I’d like to add one more thing….stay away from brainwashing…you know…those bronze-age fairy tales found in the buybull. If it happened to you when you were a kid, then get help, now. It’s not too late to stop using religion and a promise of an afterlife, for a crutch. Life’s tough; deal with it!

  • Wanda

    Preston, you inspire me to make a positive change in my life. I haven’t met you, but I feel your spirit. God put us together for a reason. I needed additional guidance and a kick in the butt to enhance what I know is already inside of me. I’m currently relieving myself of all the negative people around me that believe all the rich people were born with a silver spoon. I understand the concept of work, believing in yourself and using the gifts that God has given all of us. Thank you for being here for me.

    I value growth.

  • carlos Holwyn

    Thank you so much ,I’ve enjoy reading and taking notes god bless you, for the encouraging words amen. have a blessed and prosperous new year to you and your family . Carlos NY .

  • carlos Holwyn

    Thank you so much ,I’ve enjoy reading and taking notes god bless you, for the encouraging words amen. have a blessed and prosperous new year to you and your family . Carlos NY . Thanks again Preston Ely ,you surprise me .God is good .

  • Adam

    I value growth and I thank you for theverything info. Most of which I already knew I am having trouble finding the instant guru program I paid for can you send me a link.

  • georgia

    That was very uplifting words also very encouraging you can be who you visualize if you believe in your self and dont ever give up. keep perservering you will acomplish your goals you will be succesful.and dont forget to help others along the way because what you give you will ultimately get back.stay strong and focused.

  • Rhonda Oliver

    When people to Love people for who they are and not for who or what you want them to be that’s when people truly be happy no pressure No Worries AND Yes Wealth and Carrier I like to keep separate I’m interested in your business plan