The Artrepreneur: 10 Steps to $10,000,000

“Being good in business is the most fascinating kind of art. Making money is art and working is art and good business is the best art.” – Andy Warhol

“What the heck is this thing going to be?” I thought as I hung up on our initial FreedomSoft team meeting phone conference.

FreedomSoft was to become the #1, go-to, real estate investing software in the world. The only problem was it didn’t specifically exist yet, and we had no idea what it should or could be. We only knew it was going to happen. We were going to make it happen.

I had ended the conversation with these imparting words of wisdom: “Guys, I have no clue what this thing is going to look like when it’s done. But I do know it’s going to be awesome, and it’s also going to be the biggest online product launch in history.”

How could I make such bold claims when really I had no clue what the heck I was doing?

Well for one thing, this wasn’t my first barbeque. The more stuff you create and sell successfully the bolder you can become. But also I had experience with the entrepreneurial-artistic process. I knew that by taking small blind steps, the vision would become clearer and clearer as we proceeded.

We simply had to trust the process and get it going.

One year later we had the most cutting edge real estate investing software platform up and running with thousands of users paying anywhere from $97 to $297 a month, $3.7 million dollars in the bank, and $10,000,000 booked for the year. It was the biggest one-week online product launch in history.

So how did we do it? How did we take something from an idea in our heads and bring it into reality — the very definition of art.

Here’s the process …

1. Come up with an amazing idea. In this case, we were in the pursuit of our goals in real estate when someone approached us with this idea. This type of thing will happen to you as you actively pursue your dream. It will just happen. No need to force it. Just get busy and let “the universe” bring it to you.

This has happened to me more times than I can count. One of the best ways to come up with good business ideas is to take note of the things that bug you most in life. In our case it was lack of a good, user-friendly software system to manage our real estate business.

2. Take immediate action. In our case, all I had to do was hear it and I was like “Yep – we’re doing that. Let’s meet next week and get started.” Be bold. Act now — think later. You can always back out.

“Creativity makes a leap, then looks to see where it is.” – Mason Cooley

3. Brainstorm ideas. Take the name “FreedomSoft” for instance. You know how many names we had to write down before that came out? Hundreds. Just start writing, and don’t censor yourself. Write whatever comes to your head. When what’s supposed to be presents itself to you, you will know.

4. Plow through the inevitable “this sucks horribly” period. There will be a span of time during the creative process where things aren’t going right, ideas don’t work, nothing is clear, and work is not fun. Keep going. This is what separates the men from the boys.

5. Don’t be discouraged by meetings that don’t seem to accomplish anything and you’re left just as confused as you were when you got on them. You have to learn to trust that what’s supposed to happen is going to happen. Just keep moving forward knowing that something spectacular is in the works.

Admittedly this is really challenging. Not knowing exactly what you’re doing, but knowing you have to produce something great can be nerve racking. But that’s why we get paid the big bucks. If it was easy …

6. Tell the whole world something amesome is coming. This will both build anticipation and force you to make something awesome come.

7. Learn to accept the pain of The Blank Page. The Blank Page feels like dying because that is precisely what you have to do to allow God’s creative energy to flow through you into the world. The price of art is death. Be prepared to pay it or go do something else.

8. Assemble a team around you to do the things you’re not good at. I don’t know anything about computer programming so I brought on partners who could manage the programmers. I’m not good with numbers so I brought in a CFO to count those for us. Etc. I restricted my efforts to what I’m good at … marketing.

9. Always be thinking to yourself, “how can I make this company/product/event different, more exciting, and better than anything else out there? How can we stand out and get people to take notice?”

10. Don’t stop until the money is in the bank. There is not one project I have ever begun that I have not finished. Be a finisher.

Understand that you are an artist. I don’t care what you do – from home investors to homemakers … you are creators. You come up with ideas and turn them into reality.

Where do you think those ideas come from by the way? Have you ever stopped to think about that? An idea pops into your head — how did that happen? My friend, that is nothing short of a divine experience. You are acting in the image of God who “calls into being that which does not exist.” Why else do you think you get so much satisfaction observing your work? You are never more like God than when you are creating things.

“Preston, I am not a creative person,” you say.

You are believing a lie. I believed that garbage for years. I heard that thought whispered in my head countless times — “I’m not creative.” I would hear it as if someone was speaking it out loud. It took a long time to surprise myself with the truth that, not only was I creative, I was extraordinarily creative.

Let me dispel that myth for you now: You are creative. And you are going to begin surprising yourself with your creativity just the same way I did.

Start journaling.

Make some YouTube videos.

Take singing or music lessons.

Start a business on the side if you’re still in the rat race.

Get the creative juices flowing. If you’re not creating, you’re not living!

“Each of you must take responsibility for doing the creative best you can with your own life.” – Galatians 6:5

Leave a comment below. Say “I am a creator.” And don’t forget to click the Facebook and Twitter icons to share the love with your friends!

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  • Rick

    I love it how you simplify things Preston, you are a constant inspiration. Thanks for the pep talk once again, shooting it straight.

  • David

    Great post. I came up with an idea and have started to implement it right away. Forming a new nationwide network of Real Estate Brokers to be called “The Investor Friendly Broker” (TM). Each state will have a lead broker and area and city brokers/agents and teams of associated services. Still in development.

  • Jaime Rocha

    Creativity starts with a passion. Figure out what you are passionate about and watch as the CREATIVE juices start flowing.

    You can fool your friends but you can’t fool yourself. If you don’t truly believe in what you’re doing, the spark will extinguish.

    Dig down deep and find the passion and watch how your creativity blossoms.

    Thanks for the article. You got me going this morning.

  • Gordon Wong

    Preston, these 10 steps are spot-on. I especially like #3 and #5. We usually get in the way of our own creativity. When we just pour out ideas with no censoring, as you suggest in #3, we will get to those divine nuggets.

    With #5, there’s a connectivity in each of us, so that activity done in one arena ripples out to others and brings us what we need. That’s not much of an explanation, I know. Suffice it to say, you wouldn’t get the gains you want if you’re not willing to go through the “meetings that don’t seem to accomplish anything.” Gains will come either through your efforts or someone else coming in to move you forward.

  • Diana Larios

    Iv never felt so awake in my life ! I am awake determined and creative ! Today i am getting stronger and stronger , wiser and wiser , healthier and healthier , wealthier and wealthier! 🙂

  • Michael Andrew

    Preston,your on Point with the message and the way JESUS delivered the message,where people live.Like The Tax Collector,The Woman who had many men He met at the Well,Mary M.who washed his feet with her hair,and the list go’s on and on of people He help Out of real life Situations.Now!,so are you,i have follow you from your beginnings and i notice you have never been ashamed of Letting the world know you know GOD and believed in HIS WORD.As you know JESUS was not broke and GOD wants us to have Wealth.So,by helping the least among us,to become financially independent and wealthy.In our time in this day,you are following GODS WORD of what we should do,and JESUS example of JUST DO IT! way,in the way HE went about doing the works of GOD,not just specking it only with people in need.GOD BLESS YOU PRESTON,AND GOD SPEED IN EVERYTHING YOU PUT YOUR HANDS TO DO IN THIS WORLD, Thanks,Michael

  • Maciej

    Absolutly right. Let the HigherSelf create your dreaming LIFE, take action what comes to You and materialise in our World, than be thankful for your success. Let the beauty of Magic happen. All the best and God Bless…

  • Andy

    I am creative, sometime my mind races at a million thoughts per hour, being over analytical and that takes away from taking action. I’m learning to use my creative mind and focus them on my business. These ten steps to ten million will help me manage my time better and I think I’ll print it out so I can read it everyday.

  • Rick Davis

    Hey Preston,
    Thanks for the view from the outside. “I am a creator”, No really “I am a creator” I’m not quite up to what God did and is still doing actually I probably will not reach that level but, “I am a creator” I always get the ideas and can figure out the ways, processes, procedures, and even the ways to get there, getting the money is the easy part for me, but then is when I run head first into the wall. Like yourself, I can sell “I am a creator” and “I also am a sales person” I can never get the team assembled to make it and take it to the top. I can come up with it because ” I am a creator” I can find the money because I am a sales person. My short fall is the team and support needed to accomplish the vision. I want to fly with the Eagles, and get closer to “THE CREATOR ” because I do believe that “I am a creator”

  • Barry

    Great stuff Preston. You never stop amazing me with your wisdom. We’re all creative as you say. It’s just a case of peeling off the negative beliefs that we aren’t good enough. I always say ‘Fake it until you make it’. If you paint a picture a thousand times you get good at it No.

  • Lisa

    I am a creator. We are all born with God given talents and it’s our responsibility to use them for good. With every lesson I learn in the process of moving forward there are forces trying to stop me. It only makes me stronger!

  • Erlinda

    I love how you explain in details. I worked very in my life and had whole lot of patience when it come to resolving problems and I’m only a beginner. I love “Freedom Soft” but right now I cannot afford the monthly fee. I wish you can lower the monthly fee for us little people.

    Thanks for many blessing you received.

  • Allen

    I AM A CREATOR. The best part about this whole post is “where do you think those ideas came from?”

    That was a major DUH moment for me.

    Thanks Preston!

  • George Grachen

    Let’s get this thing started. Please help me, I will do what ever it takes to make it work!!



  • Ernest Smith

    Hey Preston, I agree !!! I have had several grate ideas given to me. after reading 10 steps i put my head in my hands trying to remember just 1,just 1 came to mind again I think it is very useful idea that would simplify meal planning for anyone who cooks. let me know if you would like to work on it with me. Thanks Ernest

  • Jimmy Hemminger

    Really inspiring story as you did it Preston, I been trucking 18 years, love the traveling, run a million miles but not making a million dollars. I got to try your freedom soft and stay with it until a deal breaks, from my truck laptop, be part time investor from a truck, that be worth bragging for!

    • Hester

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    • direct car insurers uk

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  • Gavina

    All I can say is Thank you for having a positive out look on things that really matter to you and number 1 is God. I understand how you feel when you put him first to make all your
    DREAMS in to reality come true you work so hard on every thing you do and never give up. I’m inspired of the things you do and say. I will follow your ways of taking charge in my life with the sense of having God and you to help me become successful Real estate Investor. And knowing everything in life is possible with God and you.
    Thank you for being you.
    Gavina Gonsalves

  • Joel

    I am a creator! #7 Hit me hard… Me seeing this today was definitively divine intervention! For where I am at in my life right now, I could not find more inspiring words Preston and I thank you! Life changing…

  • tim

    Keep them coming thnk you. I am creative i also am a big beleiver in the universe i have sold cars for the last 10 yrs most of my creativity has been used to calm people down
    I Should be a hostage negotiator

  • Jean Cooley

    I know what you are saying, and I share with others this
    philosophy. I rejoyce as they apply it and achieve fullment.
    But I feel like a fraud because I am not doing it, and I don’t
    understand why. I feel like I am the exception that proves
    the truth; in a tangle that I don’t know how to get out of.

    I want to subscribe to your blog so I can use it to find my way
    to freedom. Please keep doing what you are doing because I
    need to continue hearing it, and sign me up!

  • jimmie presley

    Hey Preston E, Presley j,Roman 4-17 said as it is written i have made the a father of many nations before him whom he believed,even God who quicken the dead and call those things which be not as though they were, other words i will lift up mine eyes unto the hills from whence come my help my help come from the lord which made heaven and earth,Psalm 123, thanks,Preston, you and your wife be Bless.JP.

  • Don S

    I am a creator. I will use this to jump start my business, and create the cashflow that is needed for my family. I have a background in marketing myself, but I need the real estate knowledge to succeed in this business. I’m willing to make the best attempt possible.

  • LOIS


  • D. Whitney Quinn

    Dear Preston,

    Thank you for the validation you have given me, especially in quoting the Galatians passage. I can say without arrogance that I am a highly creative person. I am finishing up what I think will be an extraordinary record, and my team has put their hearts and souls into it. The songs themselves have touched a lot of hearts and souls, and I would like to share them with you. If you go to and search for my name “D. Whitney Quinn”, you will find four or five songs that are done – mixed and mastered. I think that you will love them. I have been sober for 18 years and about 2 years into my sobriety I received my calling – it’s threefold:

    1. To touch people as deeply as I can with my God given gifts
    2. To allow myself to be touched back in response
    3. Hopefully, some healing will take place in the process

    And there you have it – I have remained true to my calling for the last 16 years, and the payoffs have been tremendous. I am right in the middle of an online competition in which the winner gets a recording deal, and out of thousands of submissions I am currently number 8 – woo hoo! I have touched people and they have touched me back and healing HAS taken place – both in myself and others.

    In the last 3 years, real estate has also become a passion for me, and I have helped others immeasurably by the creativity of some of the deals you have outlined in your excellent programs, and I thank you for that. i have been so inspired by what you have offered, and your many ways of marketing the possibilities of assisting people.

    Sooooo… That is part of my story. I have traveled a long, dark and dangerous road to recovery simply by God’s gift of creativity to me. Thanks for the opportunity to let me share it.
    Love and blessings,
    D. Whitney Quinn

  • OldGuySurferDude

    I am a creator….so how bout U? I am always challenging people to “do something creative” today! The Artrepreneur concept is incredibly right on bro…love it.

    Most likely the barrier action is the fear of failure, loss, and/or rejection…no worries just do it and don’t live in the negative “what if I….” unless the “what if I” is “do this?”

    Keep the creativity flowin…and DSC my friends!

    Thanks for the simple 10 steps….AWESOME!!

  • RE Genie

    Hi Preston,
    “I’m a creator”
    Yes I am creative, you just gave me that push that I didn’t know I needed.
    I have an AMAZING idea, and with you in charge of marketing it will be the BEST idea.

  • Alex Mompoint

    Hello Preston,
    This message could not have come at a better time. You truly have an enlightening view of our worl which resonates at times with my understanding. I appreciate your continued efforts in enriching the lives of others, and creating solutions with collective contributions.
    Thank you!
    Alex Mompoint

  • Eva

    Thanks Preston,

    You’re creative genius just tapped mine: ‘I’m Wide Awake’, not
    the same. WAKE THE FREAK UP! WEALTHY, should be the blog’s dear
    name because I swear people are dead. We need to WAKE UP and
    realize that we are not 10 feet under yet and CREATE the life
    the great Master wants for us while we still have breath.

    He is the only Man I know who wants us to have everything He has.
    As you AWAKE those creative forces in us I can only see your
    creations becoming More and MORE alive!!! Thanks again, now
    I gotta go run 20 Miles! love ya!

  • Carolyn Ogle

    This is the beginning for each one of us to give and to continue giving, we are to never stop,I can see so much more clearer with what has been said it is so important to use our brain every day and push it as much as we can because really when it comes to using our head there’s no limit!!! You did open up my thinking so Thank you!!!

  • Harold

    Listen my friends this is not rocket science there are many whom has gone before us with words of wisdom we can except it or reject it.If the man God and God man says trust in him who is the giver of all things and He even gives us instruction for His word to manifest itself apart from me you are nothing and you can do nothing, seek ye first the kingdom of God and all His righteousness and all these things shall be add unto you. Now you have to look at the evidence Mother Teresa said I can’t teach you what I don’t know and I can’t lead you where I don’t go true statement. Even Jesse Jackson has a phrase down with dope and up with hope because hope make you not ashamed. You see words have power let’s just look at Peter and John the learners of Christ tells the man money and gold have I none but such as I have I give unto to thee they had been empowered with the teaching of Jesus. He said in His word call unto me and I’ll show you great and mighty things that you knew not. So everyone here this that say that they love the Word which walked among us as manifested Himself I am who God says I am and I can do what God word says I can do but without faith it is impossible to please God my mind is a pearl and I can do anything in this world I am a winner and not a wiener the light is shinning in darkness and the darkness comprehend it not so don’t doubt in the dark what the creator told you in the light. Keep those creative juices flowing like a river when you take Action Based Upon A Believe Sustained By Confidence. The light house is shinning.

  • Stan Ehnis

    Thanks for the inspiration. I have had many ideas and inventions that I want to pursue but you need to be “free” to follow your dreams and creative ideas. Most of us are bound to “making ends meet”. I hope Real Estate Investing will allow me to do just that.

  • Derek Perkins

    Well Preston, that takes all the guess work out of what to do about real estate,but i still have a long way to go.

  • Corky Chavers

    I grabbed my bible and read Galations 6:5 in the New King James Version and compared it to your version. Preston…where can I get a translation like yours from? What bible version you got?
    Gal.6:5 Preston Ely’s created version! You da man….

  • Troy

    Preston, one thing I know for sure Our CREATOR is the best at creating and he made me to be a creator also, so I know you are right on point. Keep thinking and creating folks and your dreams and aspirations shall soon come into sight. I THINK BIG, WORK BIG, LIVE BIG and PLAY BIG, and I get BIGGER EVERY DAY.

  • Michael Hays

    (I am a creator) God is the ultimate creator! Then God created one
    (Preston Ely) aka Mentor/Creative Genious and then God created me
    and other creative listener’s/Implementor’s of what is most likely
    the best teachings that will ever be!!!

  • Cheryl

    Things don’t just come to you without some kind of action. Being involved in the process reminds me of this quote I found, by Jonathan Winters, & I love the ten steps you outlined Preston.
    Yes, I am a creative person & will use the God given creativity to produce something wonderful and dynamic!

    “If your ship doesn’t come in, swim out to meet it!”


  • JAY

    “When we create, we inspire. When we inspire, we create creators. Be the paintbrush and an Artist shall emerge.” Creative Passion……

  • ventura montez

    dear Mr Preston i realy want to join your program 10,000 in 30 days , and realy I don’t have the money to buy your program. help me out and i will pay you double not that you need it, but for my commitment. right now I have a house that i can buy or pass on to somebody I just dont know how to do it.thanks and and i appreciate your help best regards

  • Steven

    I am always learning and progressing thru life. The thirst for knowledge is what life is truly about. Where we are,where we can go and continue to be happy under very trying condition. Just living has made me see life and death up close, no money at all and a good bit at one time. The challenge is belief in yourself and having a positive attitude to motivate you to proper action to make a difference in your personal life and those of others. Your not down and out or a victim unless you want to be. Change your attitude life is good make the best of it; know that a lot of other common people have made it and you can too.

  • Stephan

    Preston is absolutely right. It is action, based upon ideas, that gives us the things we’re able to enjoy, spirtitually and physically. Think about it for a moment. God spoke, it was done. A’bram (before he became A’braham) had to “take that step of faith” in order to have what God had let him see. If you never get out of your neighborhood, how would you know New York or Los Angeles, even existed? We have been fearfully and wonderfully made. The avg individual only uses about 10% of his brain. What’s our excuse?

  • Harold B Souther JR

    Preston I am not A smart person . I am in thee constrution trade.I was a professional boxer. Ive ben in constuction my hole life.I can barly git by my bills are more and more I dont have money to do eney thing whith I cant even buy a hotdog !! I am going for my GED now and I need help!!!!.

    • Preston Ely

      who told you you weren’t smart? start reading books. Start with Secrets of the Millionaire Mind and Rich Dad Poor Dad.

  • Marlena

    I am a creator, not by choice, but for survival. When things are not what you expect and you know it can or should be better; creativity kicks in and takes over, no worries on what supplies or who’s with you, your creative juices trigger and creator you become. Taking action, Resolving obstacles, and learning you are a beast when needed. I am a creator because life requires me to be…

    Marlena Ford

  • ron herring

    yes I am a creator, it is a great part of our nature, that’s why the gifts and callings of god are upon us to do great and wonderful things to make this world a better place it should be better for us being here. If not what have we accomplish with us being here leaving a legacy we owe to those who are to come after us.

  • Patricia

    I am a creator because the creator of the Universe created to be as such!

    I can and I will release myself from this Rat Race and become successful and fearless!
    “I will become a finisher”


    Thank You

  • Donna Hennessey

    Tnanks for restating what I feel and know about myself Preston,

    I sometimes let that area go, but deep inside I should not…Sincerely, Donna

  • Will Bradley

    If you’re a believer…than these words should stick to you like glue. God has a plan for you and your life… Your success is right around the corner. 2013 is gonna be a great time for YOU. God is gonna teach you grace. Grace will show itself in your life because he will cause it to flow to you. Nothing that he has blessed can be taken from you. Keep on his word and continue to look up. I am learning this lesson now. God does stuff on his own time and never on our timeline. His timing is impeccable! God rewards those that diligently seek him. He understands hard work and blesses your efforts. Keep rocking it because breakthrough is just around the corner. Whenever you get upset…look inside yourself and examine if you really put out an effort that God would deem worthy…if not just get back up and keep trucking! Aloha to you all KAUA A KE AKUA..From Sheridan VAHCS…Sheridan, Wyoming.

  • Paul Hernandez

    Dear P, I am a retired miami dade police Sargeant with 31 years of service just retired 6 months ago I was approached by ur partners at freedom soft about a year ago they said 25,000$ to mentor me they forgot they were talking to a retired street Sargeant I was around for Miami Vice I body guarded Don Johnson and Arnold for True Lies there are hundreds of police and firefighters retiring on a daily basis there pensions r not that great my wife was the first female firefighter to die in the line of duty in the state of fla google her if u wish Linda Hernandez my youngest daughter is going to nursing school in Tally it’s not easy we reach out across the nation to all the police and fire personnel help them make more $ it’s a win win for u and if u could mentor me I would be indebted maybe u can work something out with me thankyou for ur time

  • Micheal J. Lores

    I am creative…I spent 41 years in the Military and m workimsurvived by being creative…also, I am retired and refurbishing older homes in the city of Atlanta. I love what I do….I try to give maximum value when I work to my clients…extra bonus surprises in the homes like a eating bar where you would not expect it in a 1200 square foot house…security doors for my female clients…I think what if my daughter were going to live here? A gift of address numbers on the house in case fire or police are ever needed…makes finding the house faster and easier.

  • Pamela Ann Silvera

    Mr. Ely Thank you for those encouraging words of wisdom. My spirit witness to those God inspired word. Specially about dying to the old and knowing we are creative and believing the truth.

  • Brian

    I haven’t reach the level or courage yet for business creativity. When I feel creative a write poems, and sometimes share them at the open mic night at a local coffee shop.

    When Will

    When will that which is within,
    no longer be replaced by that which has been,
    or that which is income,
    no longer judge my potential sum?
    When will the outer me,
    let the inner being be.
    How can I get from when and how,
    to the here and now?
    Hush now, be still,
    let the quiet fill,———————
    hear the soul of all that be.
    reveal itself to me.
    Then that which has been will be,
    replaced by that which is within.

  • Tricia

    I am creative! I think my outlet should be educating parents of parents and caretakers of children with autism. My son is 22 and finishing community college! When we started out there was no information. Now there is quite a bit,but there is a lot to pour through. I csn help people do that. I can help people maneuver their way through home and school treatments and skill-building techniques.

  • Mel

    “I am a creator.” Awesome and inspirational. Sounds like when you have an ideal in your head, even if you’re not sure how you’re going to do it, just do it and it will happen. Awesome reading. This reading came at a great time. I’ve been trying to build my real estate investing business for quite some time now and keep running into block walls. Just as I was thinking that it was time to throw in the towel I’m glad I read this cause now I am eager and inspired to keep going forward. Thank you.

  • Terry L Mitchell

    Preston, Hi How are you FREEDOMSOFT is alot better then the version back in 2009 when I first had it and yes I had trouble with this version also but hopefully got the bugs worked out. Yes I paid up front to be able to get OFFERBOT havent used it Yet had some problems Hope to lunch my first campaign this week and be positive and sell a house this month.
    Keep up the good application you have to offer and see you at the top, Your Friend Terry

  • marymary

    I am a creator! I’m creating my life to my specifications just as you’ve done yours. Your 10 steps are worth far more than $10,000,000. Inspiration is priceless!

  • Mark Leonard

    I am a creator. My wife and I are creators – we’ve created two beautiful girls and we love being parents to them. We’ve sent this message to several hundred and will continue to do so!

    We’d love to succeed by following steps and a system for Real Estate wealth!

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Mike

    I have also struggled with feeling that I am creative, but now I feel I have the power to be more creative than ever.

    I am a creator, and I look forward to creating my new future.

  • Jason

    It took me a while to get to reading this, but I’m glad I did. To be honest Pres, I admired you for years now, met you, got my own impression of you, and moved on. For a while, after you got married, I thought you had kind of fizzled out so to speak. Me and my judgmental self in the meantime still have yet to crate anything great or even lasting in my business. In fact, one could say I have fallen out of love with real estate, mostly because it has been creatively stifling.
    But the good thing is, I still haven’t lost my desire to keep learning, to keep creating… I just have to finish that one great thing. I’ve been there a couple times before… other ventures, but somehow I lost or, or better said, have been distracted from it.
    So, now that I’m emptying my cup, once again, I’m not afraid to start from scratch again, ego be damned, and try to build something great.
    Thanks for the inspiration, again.
    I knew there was a reason I still followed you from afar LOL
    Now let me get off of here and go clean up some messes so I can start again 😉

  • Mark Walker

    Awesome post Preston. I have been creating since I was 8rs of age and whilst my business successes are widely known it was only when I was introduced to Roger Hamilton of that everything became clearer.

    What elements caused my success but more importantly what I was lacking, what else I needed to become even more… as a businessman, entrepreneur and as a fellow human.

  • Victoria

    Really great content. Must be applied, just reading it is really not enough.. all will be forgotten if do not applied.


  • Herman Nobrega

    I am a creator. I am committing right now to get my creative juices flowing. I will build my real estate empire in the next two years starting right now.

  • Joel

    “Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.”

    ― Thomas A. Edison

  • Charlene

    Preston you were write i should have listen but i did not know anything about what you were teaching and i lost out in a big way.Somethings are ment to be and the lost i took last year was one our father ment for me to lose,the lost of your courst and the lost of my Daughter and you know one of those i can never get back and one i can.My Creator says all things are possible if you have the faith of a mustard seed.My Daughter have been gone almost a year may 31st and if i did not have faith i would not have be here.Preston thank you for that message and may you and your family be blessed.

  • Limage Jerome Michel

    I have been the Carlton Institute Student since 2009 which becomes the best decision in my life history. This decisive action takes me to an imaginary atmosphere that is a plaque tournament for the unbelievable. As a student, I would always remain a part of the Institute memory with the coaching, mentoring, affiliating, other students, teacher, and fan support that helps this process project a success. I wouldn’t tell anyone how discipline guides me to come with more creative strategy as a complement of what has already done. So, I would suggest for many of the same contemplate that bring them to an explore path. Today, this is the opportunity to anticipate my gratitude to Carlton Coaching Institute.

    Limage, Jerome Michel

  • Limage Jerome Michel

    I have been the Carlton Institute Student since 2009 which becomes the best decision in my life history. This decisive action takes me to an imaginary atmosphere that is a plaque tournament for the unbelievable. As a student, I would always remain a part of the Institute memory with the coaching, mentoring, affiliating, other students, teacher, and fan support that helps this process project a success. I wouldn’t tell anyone how discipline guides me to come with more creative strategy as a complement of what has already done. So, I would suggest for many of the same contemplate that bring them to an explore path. Today, this is the opportunity to anticipate my gratitude to Carlton Coaching Institute.


  • Randy

    Share with someone who needs it? Got a freaken billboard we all need it. Thanks P.
    Trust in The Lord and he shall provide. That’s one of the thoughts I think you were getting at but for me it’s easier said than done. I look forward to more. Thanks again.

  • Janine

    What do you do when you don’t know what to do?
    Even though faith is still there, a life of physical ailments and great losses weakens the spirit. I believe all thinks are possible, but how?

  • David

    Great message. This is what we need to hear. Motivation to keep moving. Excellent strategy to accomplish all the creative things that God has allowed us to envision. I am a creator.

  • Pablo Hernandez


  • Enid Campbell

    I really do not think I am creative. You hit it right on the head. Not only that but I tried every thing trying to make money but nothing works. My last $10.000.00 was stolen from me by a ponsy skeamer Hope my spelling is not too bad. I have to start all over again and as a retiree living on SS its not easy So I don’t think I am a chicken eater like You think I am just Broke because of those scammers out there.

  • Alzafas Nance

    I am a creator, created in God’s on image. I was born to serve God and do whatever his will is for me. I’m not sure exactly what gift or gifts God wants me to use but I love encouraging people, making them laugh and I’m actually a pretty good speaker once I open up and speak. I also want to own my business or businesses one day so I’m working towards my goal by getting more education on business…I don’t love money more than God but I like it alot because the more I have the more time I’ll have to do God’s work and help someone struggling like me, as well as my family. I have always had faith and believed that one day soon it’s going to happen. I’m trying harder then I have ever tried but sometimes I get distracted, discouraged, frustrated and tired but I always keep going. I will never give up on being great and over coming my obstacles. I’m the only one that can stop me from succeeding. I will succeed if I put God first and he will give me everything I desire and then I will be a blessing to others. It’s not easy but not impossible. I prayed for direction and God answered. I’m so greatful that God answers prayer and because of his Mercy and Grace, I still have a chance despite my short comings. God knows my heart and you can’t trick God. He won’t ever leave you even when you think you’re alone he’s always there my God can’t and won’t lie. His blessings are good and will last unlike the enemies, those are dead blessings. The wages of sin is death so I’d rather live a righteous life and live. I just need to be around positive Christians that understand that I’m just a baby in Christ even though I grew up in church, I’m just now getting off the bench.

  • Mario Dimacias

    This is so Awesome, thank you Preston for sharing that we are all Creators, because we were made in the image of our Creator, yet sometimes it’s so hard to digest. Thank you very much for affirming it.

  • Beverley Vance

    Hello Preston, That is great to live to give actually that’s one of my ministries. I live to give everyday and love doing it. Thanks and have a God bless day…