The 7 (Thousand) Secrets to Success

You can do it. I swear.

“The complexity of things – the things within things – just seems to be endless. I mean nothing is easy, nothing is simple.” – Alice Munro

What does it take to be successful in life? Like, for real.

Contrary to pop psychology there aren’t “7 Secrets To Success” … there are 7 thousand. All authors know this, but it just doesn’t sell books so screw it – “seven it is,” they agreed.

Borders bookstore actually attempted to sell a book called “The Seven Thousand Secrets To Success” last year just as an experiment. Sure enough, people burned the stores down in protest of The “Save The Trees” people showed up to protest as well. Apparently the books were around 8,600 pages each, and that was over their limit. Unfortunately for them they screwed up and unwittingly slayed the last tree on earth with their signs.

Now Borders is out of business. And there is no more paper. Anywhere. Hence … the Kindle.

True story.

Eventually even “7” became unbearable – and therefore unmarketable – so they had to narrow it down to just one … The Secret. Now people don’t need books; they can just sit at home and create things with their words and minds. You know, like witchcraft. (Pause and meditate on that one for a minute.)

It reminds me of a recent trip to the circus. Not the kind with elephants mind you – those are for poor people who think there are seven secrets. This was the one the French folk put together for our morbid viewing pleasure – Cirque Du SoThisiswhathelllookslike.

A guy comes out and starts juggling three tennis balls. “I knew we should have gone to Ringling,” I mutter over my breath (I don’t go under things as a rule). Then he adds another ball. Then another. Then another. Next thing I know the dude is riding a unicycle, bouncing a ball on his head, playing the harmonica, making each of his eyes roll in opposite directions, and juggling the following inanimate and animate objects with what looked like five arms (honestly though, I may have been hallucinating at this point. I’m pretty sure they pump aerated meth out of the A/C vents at these things) …

– 1 Softball
– 2 Frisbees
– 9 bowling pins
– 1 Beach Volleyball
– 3 Recently Sharpened Samurai Swords (he sliced the arm off an attendee – while juggling – to prove the recentness of the sharpening)
– 17 Ping Pong Balls
– 1 Midget
– A Peeled Cantaloupe

“Midgets aren’t supposed to be in the air,” I groan.

Then he proceeds to let everything fall, but of course he catches it all in his pocket. One pocket.

“French people are freaking AMAZING!” I internally think but externally say loudly.

“Thank you,” the juggler said. Then he levitated off stage.

What’s my point? Simply this …

French people are freaking AMAZING!

But it’s also this …

Life is not juggling 3 balls. Any fool with a How to Juggle 3 Balls & Influence People book can do that. It’s juggling one softball, two Frisbees, nine bowling pins, one beach volleyball, three recently sharpened samurai swords, seventeen ping pong balls, a midget, and a peeled cantaloupe – all while riding on a unicycle, playing the harmonica (WELL. He was playing it WELL in case I didn’t mention that), bouncing a ball on your head, and rolling your eyes in counter-circular directions.

Stop thinking the game of life is supposed to be easy. That belief is making you miserable. Accept it for what it is … complex and hard. Then determine within yourself to become smart and strong enough to beat the game. T Harv Eker said it best:

“The secret to success is not to try to avoid or get rid of or shrink from your problems; the secret is to grow yourself so that you are bigger than any problem.”

The sooner you accept reality and stop fighting it, the sooner I can get on with the business of making you truly wealthy. Keep reading this blog and it’s bound to happen.

And the good news is … you can do it. You can handle the inherent complexity of life. You may or may not think you can, but I’m telling you … you can. One of the 7,000 secrets makes it all possible. We’ll get to it.

Or just keep juggling your 3 balls, thinking you’re cool and casting spells at home. Whatever.

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  • Juli Becker

    I got your point, which was your intent, but what I’M really impressed with is your writing style. Looking forward to you revealing your one out of seven thousand secrets to success. =)

  • Niko Mercuris

    I will be your first comment on your first post on your first blog.. that was pretty entertaining and very true.. I used to think life was easy, back when it was, actually i was making millions back then and it did appear to be easier, so much so that I coined the phrase, ” Just because I make things look easy doesnt mean they are” oh and this one. ” Just because I make it look effortless, doesnt mean it is”. wasnt sure which one I like better , but you get the point..

    I think people “think” they have information overload, but they dont, its not that there is so much information out there, it is because there is no real guidance from those info-preneurs, they sell you stuff and your on your own with no accountability..

    what people need is a real do this first, then do this second, then this third type of mentorship by someone who is actually doing that which they want to do. those who have that usually see success. but even those people still have 7000 other things they need to do to succeed , most of which is in their head.. once they get their head straight, then the rest has a chance…

    Keep it up!


  • Lois

    I would have liked to have seen that juggling act. I probanbly could have kept up until u added the midget! ur right they don’t belong in the air!

  • Bryan Ashe

    After reading this post I added one softball ,two frisbees and a apple pie to my three balls. Why a apple pie? I like apple pie that’s why. Ima juggle stuff I like also! I’m ready to master several of those 7000 secrets. Along the way ima get more people to join the circus! Yay yah !!

  • david

    I really enjoyed the story,reminded me of my original quest for fame and fortune,it just made me realise that the battle for life long success is ongoing… stay the course ..victory is just ahead…. thank you very much..very positive (stuff).. 🙂 David peek…

  • Tom munkers

    Life is whatever I make it, or think it is. It’s all about the 6 inches between ur ears that count. U have a Very entertaining writing style. I always enjoy reading them

  • Tesschoi

    Thanks for sharing this blog!
    We are in life all together, might as well make it fun and simple right?
    If you don’t accept life … It is your problem, and you can fight it.
    But you can accept it as it is and be grateful for life itself, and have fun living it,
    while you can. That is.


  • Howards

    Juggling more than an earthling should makes you think. But the Cirque I went to featured 2 female Chinese gymnasts/contortionists who combined their bodies into a walking pretzel. Now noodle that for a while.

  • Tony Green

    Enjoyed the post Preston. You’re funny, good looking (don’t worry, I’ve been married to the same beautiful woman for over 20 years and we’ve made 4 more pretty girls!), and wealthy…the total package! Now, hit me up with that prize so I can add another piece of the puzzle!

  • Chris Ackerman

    It’s said in NLP you are capable of doing anything anyone else can do….I’m just not sure about juggling the 67 hamsters. The main point is creating habits that become automatic, I’m sure the performer could do all of that in his sleep if need be.

  • Jenn

    Preston, I still have your voice in my head from the Red Pill a few years back. Looking forward to your 7000 secrets. Keep keeping it real.

  • Matthew

    Drat! And I just finished learning how to juggle three oranges last week and thought I knew what life was all about! Ah well.

    Meanwhile, back in the real world, I have come to realize that obtaining riches in and of itself is an insufficient motivator. If one seeks them in order to DO something with it, that’s a whole different kettle of fish. I consider the day when I first realized this principle as the day I finally grew up.


  • Rose

    I’ve created success so many times already, what the heck, let’s go one more time. As Jim Rohn once said, “work on your job, you make a salary. Work on yourself, you make a fortune!”

  • Casey

    Hilarious … so true and simple. Why do you think Apple has become so successful? They can oversimplify very complex tasks. That’s good business, making something simple to the consumer that is actually very complex to produce. Juggle the many balls, frisbees, clowns, midgets whatever … and get good at it!

    • Tory

      Best Heath Supplements leaves a link to some commercial site with the asinine statement that &q;oguThouth lack of sleep really influences one's judgment, they [medical residents] should make it a point not to be hindered by it."I would normally delete the commercial link and comment, but I am leaving it as an example of a company best not to do business with and the dopes running them.

  • Nancy Matthews

    Wow this is very true of life everyday we have more and more things to do and more and more things that we have done and different positions that we have in life at home and at our line
    of work .cant wait to see what more you have to give us Tomm.

  • Susan

    You are funny and i like it! Are you a motivational speaker? You made a great point yet at the same time im not sure the full picture purpose of your goals with this blog. Would you please enlighten me? Thank you for your time.


  • Liz

    heard a song a long time ago that said that life is a stage, we are the actors and everybody has a part to portray. Looking forward to finding my part out of the 7000.


    You have to choose what to juggle, and just as importantly, when. To just juggle without a goal is hoping to be successful — hoping that something ‘sticks’. It feels good to be busy, but that doesn’t mean you’re successful…

  • Travis Petersen

    All can say is WOW!!!! and I thought you were different lol. Very good post it was a little hard to follow but I got Preston. You make me realize that I am ready to become Wholesale Master of the Universe.

  • Michelle

    The rat race and corruption of corporate America and shady non-profits is definitely not the way…..3 layoffs later….gotta be a better way. I look forward to reading and executing following your blog! Thanks.

  • Clare Clarke

    Itsn’ t there laws protecting migets and small animal? I mean who be miget? made me laugh tho, he must have big pockets haha xxx

  • Tony Saccaro

    Preston its so true like is hard and so is making money…but you can’t give up..its persistance. You get knocked down and you get up again just like the effing song…so many time sint he past i quit and what did it get me…… i said to my self you can’t give up….just keep going,,,,if you fail keep going….nothing can stop you…since i’ve said that to my self over and over again..i’ve closed 4 deals and made $10k its not alot but its keeping me going… good be strong….this is my year of 2013.

  • Bill

    Yes,”The Secret” quickly became a big hit, because it led the foolish to believe that was there was an easy way to success.We were put here to be successful, but only through hard work focused towards a worthy goal.Thanks, Preston, for the worthy goal that you were focused on when you began your quest for success.

  • Jason Gonzales

    Very funny and inspirational tryn to picture it my mind. Doesn’t suprize me anyone can do whatever they think they can with practice and dedication and an i can and will attitude.very motivational information i’m not tryn out for the circus or anything i’m simply seekin financial freedom and a way out of the rat race.If a person could do all that juggling with so much just imagine what i can do with that much practice and dedication if i apply to my life and my goals.Thanks for the info i love to hear anything a succesful person like yourself had to share would like to follow your footsteps and utilize your course in my life. Ps did you know it took Kernal Sanders over 1000 times of tryn to sell his recipe before somebody bought it and gave him a chance.Never Give Up !!!!!!!!!

  • Alan

    Have you noticed how many shows by that circus (you know the one) run on the Las Vegas Strip? I realized why after seeing “Ka” a few years ago. Easy commute from Area 51. No way a bunch of creatures so unbothered by gravity and able to bend SOOO much could possibly be human. LOL, I think.

    What’s the best way to wake up wealthy? Go to bed wealthy. I mean, sure, it might at first seem nice if your favorite rich uncle snuffs it while you sleep, but what fun is “wealth” you didn’t earn? And earning tends to be done while you are awake (unless, perhaps, you’re one of Las Vegas’s other popular , err, “performers”).

    Wealth, of course, must be defined by each individual. It could be about an only modest monetary worth accompanied by financial security and time to spend with a happy family. It could be about retiring to spend the rest of your days creating art. It could be about funding a cancer research department at your favorite university hospital, named for a loved one struck down by cancer. But I think it is empty if wealth is defined only by a dollar figure, like keeping score, lest every night your lazy nephews and nieces pray for you to snuff it before they wake .

    Which brings me to my last thought. You can’t take it with you. But you can leave it to whomever, or whatever, you like. Ooh. That sounded way too serious. How about, “or you could throw one hell of a party when the doc says you only have a month to live.” The best wealth? Having the choice.

  • Melanie Julian

    Awesome it all begins with learning that life gives us all the balls we need to juggle whatever comes our way. We are all doing the best we can we think. However it never creases it contines to amaze how the human spirit gets juggling when we find ourselves balls to the wall. The true trick is appearing like that was with the greatest of ease. Be the star of your three ring circus called life.

  • Patrick Glenn

    WOW, what a visual. And yet when you visualize your daily life that is pretty much what you see!I think the key is organization,mental agility,and the order of those things you are juggling.(and a gas mask next time I go to the circus).

  • Richard Barnhart

    Yes life has its ups an downs,still believe “Man shall not live by bread alone,BUT,by every word that proceeds FROM THE MOUTH OF GOD”Its your writting style for sure,an when one trys an its good “GOD” will blessed those actions.

  • Joshua Diaz

    P DOGGG!!!!YOU’re the best bro.

    I am definitely not cool… I believe life is as hard as you make it, and if you choose to be a little baby back it will not only be hard, but you will just get use to the everyday BS (Bad Stuff) and that is not what we are here for that is FOR SURE!!! I have to get to a circus ASAP because I am feeling a little left out- I wanna see one man juggle one softball, two Frisbees, nine bowling pins, one beach volleyball, three recently sharpened samurai swords, seventeen ping pong balls, a midget, a peeled cantaloupe, and 67 hamsters- That would be too sick!! I would probably be feeling like I was Hallucinating too hahah!!

    Looking forward to more,
    Joshua Diaz

  • Kevin

    Kudos yet again, Preston. While I like the idea of one red pill versus seven thousand little ones, I’m game!

    All The Best,

  • jeff poplawski

    That was real insightful….. almost. Now tell me something I don’t already know. You have tried to sell me your Wake up Wealthy course for a while. An eighteen hour course. There are other courses out there for about the same price that seem to be a little more involved. What makes yours so much better. If I were selling an eighteen hour course for a thousand dollars I probably would be waking up wealthy. I don’t have a grand. It’s sad but true. Now if you really wanted a testimonial you would help out a couple of us who don’t have the money with the agreement that if your course really did work that we would gladly pay you back with interest.

  • Maria Kian

    There is NO 7 or 7000 secrets to succeed in life my friends! There is only ONE: Make your existence count while you are here.

    God has given you everything already to fulfill your needs: the sun, the moon and earth full of beauty and abundance. The rest is all up to you,including freedom and fortune.

  • John W.

    Hello! John W. here,How often have you either referred to or considered the expression, “Success is a journey and not a Destination?” Probably many times, yet often being in a hurry to get there, we forget that success is not an end unto itself, but is instead an ongoing process. Though some people seem to have the Midas touch and easily turn everything to gold, most of us have to give our endeavors lots of time, effort and the sweat of our brow before seeing things come to fruition. The simple truth is that the majority of us are simply not born leaders, but become leaders by who we are and the actions we take. Consequently, whether or not you’re an established entrepreneur or just starting out on your journey, there are particular traits you’ll usually find operating within the exceptional entrepreneur. In fact there are 7 particular traits you’ll generally discover deeply embedded within the exceptional and successful businessperson. If you’ve already taken the plunge as an entrepreneur, you know that it takes a great deal of planning, development and strategic marketing to succeed. At any given time, there are changes to be considered and new directions to examine. In which case, whether you’re the CEO, CFO, Chief Marketer or Chief Solutions Officer of your company, your journey to success is probably full of trials and tribulations. To support you in your journey to success, be willing to open your mind and sense of reasoning as you consider whether these traits are part of your driving force. If they are not yet ingrained within you, I recommend that you give them some thought.

    THE 7 TRAITS TO SUCCESS (1) Successful Entrepreneurs Gain the Respect of their Peers. One of the first and most obvious characteristics you’ll see operating in an exceptional entrepreneur is an equitable and unbiased disposition. Plain and simple the successful entrepreneur recognizes that no one is above or below. With an attitude of respect for others, the successful entrepreneur gains the respect from everyone they encounter. Strategies, attitudes and methods filter down to each person and reflect on all actions and activities. A successful entrepreneur gives everyone the space to be great. No matter how effective or beneficial your expertise, becoming a successful entrepreneur requires building up of your character muscles, traits and habits, which correspondingly make your dreams a reality.

    (2) Successful Entrepreneurs Believe and Trust in Themselves. The savvy entrepreneur is good at trusting his or her own ideas and instincts. Starting out as an entrepreneur requires persistence, determination and a high level of self-discipline. Continuing as a successful entrepreneur requires even more persistence, determination and self-discipline. The wise and successful entrepreneur knows this and works hard at developing their level of confidence. If you have a strong code of ethics and believe in yourself, then your ideas can work. Having the desire and passion are the first steps on your journey; getting there requires believing in yourself.

    (3) Successful Entrepreneurs Follow a Plan. The successful entrepreneur follows a plan. Haphazard or trial and error have no place for the triumphant entrepreneur, for no one gets to his or her destination without a map or a guide to follow. That doesn’t mean you won’t go off course if another road seems better, but it’s still more effective to have a plan in place. Most successful entrepreneurs start out by writing a basic business plan that acts as the impetus and guide for their endeavors. It doesn’t have to be fancy or lengthy but it should include marketing strategies, goals, intentions, ideas and why you can do better than your competition. A business plan should be reviewed and updated periodically for each new idea stirs and inspires other ideas.

    (4) Successful Entrepreneurs Think Creatively. Successful entrepreneurs are not afraid of thinking creatively. Whether a business idea has already been tried makes no difference to the exceptional entrepreneur. He or she sees better ways of doing things and knows that every idea can be expanded upon, made better, enhanced or broadened. The successful entrepreneur is willing to think outside or the proverbial box, which means using imagination, trying new things and expanding on a vision. The savvy entrepreneur pays careful attention as to whether a particular strategy is working. If after giving it his or her best shot the entrepreneur realizes the particular strategy isn’t working, they know there’s no point in continuing to invest energy, time and effort in the strategy. They move on to another approach and idea.

    (5) Successful Entrepreneurs Explore Their Exceptional Skills. Successful entrepreneurs realize that we each have our strengths and weaknesses as well as a multitude of skills and talents. Successful people ask themselves often what skills they have that no one shares in quite the same way. An exceptional and successful entrepreneur explores their particular skills until they find the ones that match most closely with their ideal. They don’t try to be and do everything. If the successful entrepreneur needs help, they’re willing to find someone who can do it better, and allows in the support. The successful entrepreneur stays open to change for they recognize that as they move forward, doors open in unexpected places that carry them to their next level of success.

    (6) Successful Entrepreneurs Envision Their Success. The successful entrepreneur gives time to envisioning how they want their business to look and how they want it to be. Intention is a powerful and dynamic tool. For those who are not inclined towards intention and visualization, talk to a successful athlete and you’ll discover that before each sporting event, the successful athlete envisions exactly how he or she wants things to turn out. Imagine what it will feel like when you’ve reached a particular set of goals. Get in touch with the feelings, you’d have as a successful entrepreneur. Practice and conceive of the sense of empowerment and the joy of having succeeded. The successful entrepreneur knows they have the power to live life the way they want, but to make it a reality they know it has to be seen first.

    (7) Successful Entrepreneurs Never Give Up. Giving up is never in the vocabulary of the successful entrepreneur. Of course there may be days when a successful entrepreneur feels discouraged or disappointed, but giving up is not an option. Having faith, trust, confidence and determination are the qualities needed for the successful entrepreneur. To keep their focus on track, they seek out the support of those that know them, encourage them and bring out their natural enthusiasm. The smart and successful entrepreneur realizes that there will be good days and not so good days. Being a successful entrepreneur requires accepting the ebbs and flows of business for it is in fact what separates the exceptional and successful entrepreneur from the one who gives up far too soon.

    For more detailed information, kindly visit:

  • Ana

    Funny stuff and so… true! and you were right, i did need a good laugh. you know i gave up thinking life was easy a long time ago. I finally came to the realization that life is a journey full of winding roads and lots of dead ends, but i decide to accept the things that i cannot change for what they are and not worry about them anymore. I’ve since been on a journey to change the things that i can change, with the help of people like you and others i know that i can and will do it. You are a blessing and an inspiration to the world. Thank You!

  • Anthony Walker

    Hi Preston,

    I think you can give us a better uplifting story to make this weekend a pleasant one to enjoy. Please bring back the Preston with the good jokes and tips on real estate investing.

    Anthony Walker

  • Deborah

    I enjoy your writing style, it is like you are talking to me and having a conversation.

    As for the message, You follow a path, the decisions you make, put you where you are. You need a sense of humor to deal with whatever crosses your path. Make life fun and challenging and always try to learn. I always remember what someone had told me years ago, “You are right where GOD wants you to be.” I try to remember this when I get frustrated by stupidity, nervous or upset. It is not worth the angyst. So just deal.

  • Larry Paraday

    I feel there are three aspects to success 1) desire, 2 resources, and 3) action. sometimes resources are not required. Larry, I am working on the 97.00
    I hope I am not too late.

  • Harold

    This is an very interesting Albert Einstein theory that how can A be A and not A at the same time. Is this a secret or knowledge that can propel the mind state into a thinking pattern that can help us adjust to circumstances that we do and do not control thanks good info. Looking forward to hiring more good job.

  • vasi

    During this lent season instead of giving up meat, junk food, or alcohol for 40 days like i do every year, i realized that even though it’ll be more healthy for me (yea right….lol) i wanted to make a different committment. Instead of continuing to blame life for all my issues, it was time to reevaluate and change the negative way i was thinking, speaking, and acting. Therefore, i printed out a few positive quotes on beautiful stationaries and posted it all over my room, so that this will be the 1st thing i see when i wake up and the last thing i see before sleep. Low and Behold, it ain’t easy but practicing positive feels way better. Ely when i read your blog one of my favorite quote by Jim Rohn stood out…
    Dont wish it were easier, wish you were better
    Dont wish for less problems, wish for more skill
    Dont wish for less challenges, wish for more wisdom
    Thank you, Mr. Juggler;)

  • Jim

    Preston Ely,
    First time he came into my conscieous mind was back in late 2010. I still have the email you sent me to buy a book named ‘The Compound Effect’. Well I bought the book just last month. (Feb 2013) I have read it and well….

    Out of all of the “gurus” that have either emailed or called me – and I can name a bunch – you are the only one I hold on to.

    Your messages were tough and to the point, I could relate to you
    I thought. I thought that much of your message and you. I thought at least you sounded sincere and honest and truthful.

    I would prefer not to continue this diatribe as I it to be the wrong venue.

    Preston there are people out here that need you. Don’t stop what you are doing.

  • John

    Ok so it was late at night and I was trying to get to bed but something said you have to check Preston’s email. I open it and start busting out laughing….. Don’t know where you come up with this stuff bro but keep em coming! Funny and enlightening as always! Now I just gotta get the picture of that guy juggling all that stuff out of my head.

    • Deandre

      I closed the window that I had your blog open in and reepenod it and nothing else opened up, so maybe that was just a fluke a minute ago…I wish I had noticed the URL….

  • Denny

    Love the story. Has time goes by more more I see wanting wealth is not easy. You have to make it look easy so other will follow. 7000 secrets show me and I’ll listen.

  • Timothy

    Yeah for kindle about time we stopped using our trees for paper after all look at all the technology we have today. Really you still need paper? Hey its a metaphor we all have thousands of things to juggle in our lives if you stop and look at it. The thing that sets us apart is are you juggling with a smile on your face and loving it or are juggling because you have to.

  • Dawn

    Looking forward to your new blog. It is so important to communicate the right “mindset” and you’ve done that wonderfully with past and current products. Always engulf yourself with a positive read, there is enough negativity we are bombarded with every day! Thanks Preston for continuing to send out positive and informative mindset reprogramming material!

  • Sydney

    Preston I need you to mentor me but I am going through a divorce and don’t have much cash to start.I am coachable and at 66 it’t now or never.please help Syd

  • Frank Leggott

    Still struggleing with “3” ball’s, Dropped one while picking up
    ping pong ball’s!!& same with this infernal Machine called a “computer”

  • Andy Ojala

    Are you one of those suckers born every minute of the day that thinks that making a living online,fast,easy,cash, that’s what I’m talking about, is as easy as tying your shoes in the morning? Do you believe that you can wake up in your warm soft bed and wonder down to your office in your gitch and holler to your woman “Get me some coffee bitch” and turn the computer on and have money spitting out of your printer in a matter of moments.

    Or maybe your one of those types that believe they know it all. That they don’t need no guidance, no coaches, no training, no money, no marketing, no web site, no products, no sales staff, no answers no nothing. They have the world by the ass and given enough time on this planet they are going to become one of the worlds greatest internet successes that has every talked the talk and walked the walk.

    Or perhaps you are that cyclic cyber surfer that try’s to start an online business only to give up when things don’t happen fast enough for you. You’ve never earned any fast easy cash online you’ve taken and spent your child’s education fund on products and services and ebooks and membership sites and newsletters and software and hardware and training and coaching but then again you bought another one that you just knew that this was finally going to be the way to make some fast easy cash online.

    Or maybe just maybe you are the one percent of the number of people that that actually get what it takes to have a successful online fast easy cash cow. Maybe just maybe you understand that, to become successful in finding your source to online fast easy cash, it is going to take some dedication some work some organization some office space some money some will some knowledge some products some services some websites some perseverance.

    Maybe you understand that it is not going to happen over night maybe you understand that we were all not born with a silver pen in our mouths. Maybe just maybe you understand that given the opportunity to get involved with someone or something at the right time on a part time or full time basis to get your online fast easy cash cow started.

    Or are you the type that reads every webpage out there constantly looking constantly complaining constantly never doing anything that might help you because you are in constant fear of success.

    I’m sure the juggler didn’t start his career by juggling all those articles, he probably started with 3 balls that’s one more than he was born with.

  • Jennie Miller

    I wake up at least 4 out of 5 days thinking I can accomplish anything I want. And I mean anything! I have incorporated (albeit slightly modified to meet my needs) Preston’s Jesus loves me and he loves that ###)effing idiot driver that just cut me off and made me realize that maybe Poise pads should be worn for no reason at all. The other day I just stay in bed with the covers pulled over my head praying for nobody to notice me at all! Or at least not to notice that the phones, emails and text go unanswered!

    But I wake up at least 4 out of 5 days thinking………..

  • stuart

    After reading that it cast some doubt im my mind but everyone has tjeir syrengths and weaknesses.Im positibe i can fulfill the latter lol

  • zeno parry

    We get to use these 7000 ways to help us reach the success we seek. This is why it is fun when we reach our goal. Each of us are on a different track to success. that is the fun part.

  • William

    My arms are weary from juggling all my balls. I would rather set myself up so I can play golf more and wash said balls in public instead and not get arrested….a unique thing about golf.
    Life is not easy, it wouldn’t be called life if it was..but it can and will be made better I believe.

  • Dale Iurillo

    Bravo Preston, I ‘ve been beating my head against the wall for too long !
    Signed up for Freedomsoft 20 days ago and haven’t gotten past square 1.
    I did bury a family member and attend another funeral for a friend !
    I lost 4 people since the 1st of this year, life is Way to Short brother.
    My promise to my family, God & to you is I not only will catch up, but will
    succeed in obtaining Success ! God Bless Dale.

  • Nemisis

    I am already basking in the sun of my future success. Once it is achieved
    it then becomes a new starting point,for the truly successful never stop
    because wealth is not an accurate measure of success but a by product.

    Rodman (NEMISIS)

  • Perry Sam

    You have a sense of humor and you are good at words.I have got your 7,000 secrets. Keep writing, you will be successful in your life. Don’t worry too much about the chaotic would,let me save the earth!
    Thank you.

  • Eileen Walsh

    Can I just say – thank you for making me like blogs again?!! And can I also just say – I love You!! Thank you for making sense and living out loud!!

  • Eileen Walsh

    Oh PS. I thought I was the only one in the world who thought the exact same thing about the ‘Cirque’!! Thank you for the permission. Oh, and I am on board for success.

  • Roscoe

    It really is funny how people do think life is supposed to be easy. I don’t know why that is such a prevalent belief in today’s society. Too many run and quit when they face a little obstacle or have a little turmoil, but that is what life is about. You are going to have problems, and the winners in life are those who solve problems and display courage in the midst of them. They don’t avoid them and get mad when things get tough, they persevere. Great post Preston and I look forward to reading the blogs to come!

  • Stephen Sanders

    It is a matter of mind set.
    Don’t set it and cast it in stone.
    Just keep your mind flexible enough so you can see all angles from inside the box. Stretch your mind from inside to outside the box to see those perspectives. Then colapse the sides of the box set it aside.
    Think of a ball, now that is your new box.

  • Paul R

    I usually take the time to read through all the comments in your posts Preston but if stop long enough to do that one of those Samurai swords might miss my pocket and penetrate straight down through my skull–and I’m certain that would probably set me back for At Least a couple of hours.

    Funny thing about my decision to take control and change my life by starting a real estate wholesaling/investing business, every day–and often many times per day–I get a new and often Very strange and awkward item added to my juggling act.

    What I’ve learned is that I simply need to accept this new item into the rotation. But!! On the other end I must also learn to pass off another item which has been in the rotation a long time to another juggler on my team who has just as much ability to keep that item in the air as I do.

    And even if they need to flip it back over every once in while to maintain control of it that’s fine, it’s still making it easier for me to juggle what’s in my hands. And the more I can pass of the easier and more polished my performance becomes–And Guess what that equals people? More Money!!! and more time to live the life want–which the reason we are all here right!!

    Looking forward to your next entry Preston, Thanks.

  • Larry Shelton

    The problems or complexities are not the problem, I am the problem. Preston,you are right it is human to shrink back when faced with what life throws at us. We will have victory and true wealth when we allow ourselves to face our human limitations and realize that we need supernatural help. I am hoping That we are “growing ourselves” with a little more than our own ability and wisdom or even the mentorship of other human beings though we need them all. Let’s do something bigger, something that will require all our human ingenuity as a group but will have a Divine component that will turn this whole world upside down. Who is game for this? Preston you lead the charge. I am hoping this is what you are up to rather than making a bunch of people millionaires. I am up for that too, but let’ blow their mind with the result.
    you have that real challenge of lifeovercome.

  • james wind jr

    You have definitely been over worked and gone goofy. I used to make fun of people the way you do, but I got sober in the last 5 years. Its good to hear some let loose.!

    • Jayne

      juancito te veo respondiendo a todos los comentarios sinceros y a la vista y con gastada obvio pero te hago esta pregunta: ENSERIO A VOS NO TE DA VERGUENZA O NO TE MOLESTA??? TU HINCHADA INEXISTENTE POR MOMO2TES&#8N30;

  • Towanda

    Wealth is so much more than Money or the lack there of. I freely give of my wealth. My wealth is a Gift rare and Very Valuable. Much continued Health and prosperity to you and all your readers.

  • Larry Shelton

    The problems or complexities are not the problem, I am the problem. Preston,you are right it is human to shrink back when faced with what life throws at us. We will have victory and true wealth when we allow ourselves to face our human limitations and realize that we need supernatural help. I am hoping That we are “growing ourselves” with a little more than our own ability and wisdom or even the mentorship of other human beings though we need them all. Let’s do something bigger, something that will require all our human ingenuity as a group but will have a Divine component that will turn this whole world upside down. Who is game for this? Preston you lead the charge. I am hoping this is what you are up to rather than making a bunch of people millionaires. I am up for that too, but let’ blow their mind with the result.

  • jojo

    This blog made me realize a few things
    a) push, push and push more – keep busting my ass. Specifically in real estate tasks I don’t enjoy (even if its temporary, long term, or undetermined) such as putting up signs!

    b) that I’m stopping short in things that I can be doingx – going the additional effort. I’m going to spend more time journaling, listing my positive efforts instead of focusing so much on my mistakes.

    c) biggest thing I recognized is that I can actually do this (wholesaling) as long as I fix two things. Consistancy with signs & consistentcy with following up with sellers

    Lastly man, Id be up for kicking it over the phone, shoot the…share some of my stories with ya, have you pray for me and I for you brother. Any way I leave you with …

    ***MY gift to you*** My Favorite Author & book.
    Google : Dr Paul Dombransky – Mind OS

  • Apollo

    P R E S T O N,

    This story is not only great and funny is … NOT GOOD … but … ////////very very goooooooooooooooooooood…

    Hey,…….. lets have a great funny rich wealthy … DAY….

    I do, DO YOU?

    PS. SEVEN is the number of perfection, but 7 k is … better isn’t it?

    PPS. I love you bro. Do you? For sure you (maybe….) do or don’t…

  • Lori

    Nice, Preston! I resemble some, if not ALL of those remarks! I’m finding a JOYFUL mix of most of ALL of the above to be most productive! Gotta find the “balance” in there somewhere! Hyped to see what’s UP and ABOVE – next! Carry on, wayward son, to the TRUTH when you are done!….7(thousand)steps later, it’ll ALL come back to #1 – YOU CAN DO IT!

    WOO and Hoo.

  • Byron Henderson

    The Actual Facts: There is nothing more Powerful than Thought, everything first begins as a thought. Second to Thought is ( Perception ) since it shapes how we interpret what we are experiencing & thus what we Think we understand!!! If You are not getting what you want out of life, then check one Your thoughts, check 2 Your Perceptions ” Do You really understanding the Why & How of Things?” When this all adds up Your Actions will propel you to True and Everlasting Success!!!! If this Fails smoke a marley, and join the Circus because you are here to entertain others!!!!

  • Cortney

    So true! I grew up with my mom telling me “life is not fair.” usually after I was complaining about something not being fair. 😉 Now, I think because I recognized that reality very early on, I get it. I teach my 9 year old the same thing.

    If it was easy – everyone would be doing it. If you want to live differently than most people then you have to be willing to do what others won’t. And, most often that means, work hard, take your knocks, figure out other ways to get things done, go around or through obstacles, but never quitting.

  • Ryan Miguel

    I once really saw a juggler juggle (is that redundant?) a watermelon, a razor sharp 12 inch knife and an egg, and I was impressed. But that act pales in comparison.

    Preston you are a funny man and I look forward to learning from your realized success.

  • Wayne

    The challenge is which balls to add in what order so that one doesn’t slice off his own arm and can feel like they are being successfull all along the way.

  • Nancy

    Preston, I’m bummed. You mean ‘The Secret’ doesn’t work? That I can’t just sit at home, meditate, and build a real estate empire? That life really is hard (like my mom told me)? I missed the memo! Guess I better start working again.

    • Frankie

      I am so jealous of your camper van. SO JEALOUS. Especially now as I try to squeeze a week's worth of clothes, accessories and warm clothes into two rucksacks. 🙁 Next year, I really need to purloin a caravan from soeBrhmwe.eack to the packing…

  • molly

    ok, I have to say, I LOVE the humor wittingly entwined in your blogs, emails, and most of your webinars. It’s the ONE reason I’ve stayed listening/reading so far. I’ve been studying R.E for 10+ yrs., and can honestly say you are by far the ONLY one who is down to earth enough to be simply honest about human nature, the good, bad, & good-n-ugly of R.E., AND the true art of procrastination, etc. Let’s face it- laughing(esp at ourselves) is not only great but NECESSARY. When we mess up in our R.E. attempts, laughter is a GREAT stress letter-goer. (It’s a word, but it’s MY word-so no stealies!) 🙂 To you, I can relate(must be my “odd” sense of humor. lol) R.E. IS fun, hard, has learning curves, scary, and FUN!
    Thanks Preston!!

  • roof cleaning

    Thank you for this blog. Thats all I can say. You most definitely have made this blog into something thats eye opening and important. You clearly know so much about the subject, youve covered so many bases. Great stuff from this part of the internet. Again, thank you for this blog.

  • Patrick

    Preston, you were right; I DID need a good laugh, and as always, you didn’t disappoint me. But your stuff is much better than most of those professional comics — you always have a spear in there that stabs me in the place where I need to hear it. Keep up the motivational dialogues, brother; you are truly appreciated.

  • Lynda Jacobson

    The way put the story made me think of myself jugging two kids taking special meds, diets, school, keeping house, Now that they are grow I am trying to make my first million. A mentor would be very nice. I am looking at flipping houses and not sure of my self.

  • Alex Gatewood

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  • James A. Lowes

    I enjoyed these quotes… lots of truth in them.

    Great writing style too btw!

    “The complexity of things – the things within things – just seems to be endless. I mean nothing is easy, nothing is simple.” – Alice Munro

    “Stop thinking the game of life is supposed to be easy. That belief is making you miserable. Accept it for what it is … complex and hard. Then determine within yourself to become smart and strong enough to beat the game. T Harv Eker said it best:”

    “The secret to success is not to try to avoid or get rid of or shrink from your problems; the secret is to grow yourself so that you are bigger than any problem.”

  • Tyree Nitchman

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    it reminded me of another story in the bible.i am quoting,just from my memory,but to the best of my knowledge,the story goes”jesus was fasting or praying,on top of a mountain,in which time satan tempted him with all the riches of the world,if he would just submit to satan”.im sorry but i am goin to have to pass offence,i cannot actively promote something like this.i dont know if you read my emails,but please delete my memberships to all sites.i may not be rich,but thats ok?money isnt everything.all the best to you and your companies,but you cant half do something.i am either in or out.sorry i am out
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  • Crystal Zimmerman

    Thank you for constantly reaching out to me. Helping guide me in the right direction. Your words of wisdom mean more to me then you realize.