Live to GIVE: My Guilty Little Pleasure

“I have found that when I am doing something purely for my own sake, it is significantly more difficult to stay committed than if I am doing it for others.” – Dr. Ben Lerner, Body By God

So I have a confession to make.

There’s this guilty little pleasure I’ve been trying to stop indulging in for years now but, up until recently, haven’t been able to. If I’ve tried once I’ve tried a billion times. I just haven’t been able to shake the addiction till just a while ago. Honestly … domain generator . I was almost about to get professional help. It was serious.

Would you like to know what it was?

Of course you would. This is the age of voyeurism. We want to see what’s inside everything don’t we?

And I wish I could tell you. I really do. Unfortunately it’s highly classified information. I could maybe tell you, but then I’d have to send a team of ninja assassins to smoke bomb you and do a high-level, ninja stare tactic to suck the information back out of your mind. And frankly, that would just make me feel even guiltier than I already do. I’m sorry.

So I can’t tell you exactly what it is, but I will say this … it is NOT – I repeat – it is NOT smuggling rare ancient artifacts on the international black market – just in case that’s what you were thinking.

Was that what you were thinking? Don’t think that. You know me better. I don’t like old things.

It’s not even inherently bad really. This is just something that I’ve had a sneaking suspicion is not good for me personally, and I need to stop it in order to take my life to the next level.

I’ve had this suspicion for, oh, I guess about twenty-two years or so now.

That’s a lot of guilt.

“But enough about me, let’s talk about you … what do you think about me?” – Bette Midler, Beaches

But notice what I said … “for me personally.” Any time I’ve tried to stop smuggling these … I mean stop doing this little, innocent, perfectly legal thing, I’ve had “me” on my mind. It’s been all about me. “I need to stop doing this so my life will be better.”

“What’s wrong with having you on your mind, Preston? You are an incredible guy. I look up to you. I love you. We’re naming our next child Preston.”

Ah, thank you. That’s nice; I appreciate that. To answer your question, there’s nothing wrong with it to a certain degree. But if it’s the driving motivating force behind my efforts to succeed then it’s going to take 22 years to accomplish absolutely nothing (apparently).

Allow me to explain …

The other day I was walking out back of my home just looking out at the water and contemplating the misery of my guilty pleasure situation. All of a sudden I heard this conversation start taking place inside my head. It was apparently between someone who hates my guts and some other guy who is a total wussbag.

Now a long time ago I would have immediately identified with the wussbag and thought they were my thoughts, but now I know better. These inner conversations we have all day are important to monitor. We need to quickly decide whether to tune in, listen and learn or tune out, ignore and stay sane. And if we do decide to listen, we need to pay close attention because one or all of the “talkers” more than likely needs to be murdered. The penalty for voices in my head lying to me is instant execution. No mercy. I’m like Judge Dredd in my head.

“He who would be useful, strong, and happy must cease to be a passive receptacle for the negative, beggarly, and impure streams of thought; and as a wise householder commands his servants and invites his guests, so must he learn to command his desires and to say, with authority, what thoughts he shall admit into the mansion of his soul.” – James Allen

This is what you would have heard if you were small enough to fit inside my head and hear the convo:

Voice #1: Loser.

Voice #2: *sigh*

Voice #1: You’re writing a book attempting to unravel the secrets of the universe for the human race and you can’t even get yourself to stop smuggling … I mean doing … you know what you do. Loser.

Voice #2: You’re right. I have no business writing this book. What the heck am I going to do?

Voice #1: I dunno. Lose probably. Loser.

Voice #2: Why do you keep calling me that? I mean it’s true, but couldn’t you get creative and find something else to call me? It’s getting a little

Voice #1 [interrupting]: Loooooooseerrrrrr.

Voice #2:

Voice #1: Loser.

Voice #2: *sigh*

At this point I realized Voice #1 and #2 were both traitors. Off with their heads – I killed the conversation.

Right when I did that I had a profound realization. It came out of nowhere. The lights went on, and I realized something potentially life transforming …

I needed to change, not for the sake of a better life, but for the sake of others.

When Awareness comes it always brings its best friend, Freedom.

My guilty pleasure immediately vanished from my life. As I realized that by ridding myself of this despicable habit I would be freed up and more available to help and love others, I suddenly found myself not wanting it anymore.

Ever since then I have had more energy, time, and desire to help people. I’ve found myself doing things I would never do before when I was weighed down by the shackles of my guilty pleasure.

I’ve been calling random people who I intuited may not be doing well and inviting them to my house to talk.

I’ve been dropping people notes to encourage them.

I’ve been washing dishes.

I’ve been conversing with strangers (anyone who knows me and is reading this just fainted).

I’ve been writing more and better amazing blog posts like this.

Long story short, I’ve been more present for people. More engaged.

What Is It You Are Trying To Achieve Right Now?

What is it you are currently struggling the most with in life? Money? Relationships? Addiction? Health?

Is it possible that the hang up isn’t the thing itself; it’s your motive?

Just ask yourself “why?”

Why are you trying to do what you’re trying to do? Who are you trying to please? If the answer is anything less than “God and others” you simply won’t find the energy within you to succeed and sustain.

You need a bigger “WHY.”

You’re not here on earth for you, in case you were thinking differently. You’re here to learn and develop your gifts to the fullest in order to help others learn and develop their gifts to the fullest. You’re not just cheating yourself when you don’t bother trying, try and quit or cave in to temptation. You’re cheating Earth. And Earth, as we all know, is a female. You ever cheat on a female before? Well this one creates tornadoes. I highly don’t recommend pissing her off.

Do it for your spouse. Do it for your kids. Do it for your Creator who is going to ask you what you did with your time here on earth once you meet Him very shortly. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe today if you just fainted from hearing I talked to strangers and hit your head on the way down, in which case I’m wasting my time with you. You’re dead.

What’s your why? Answer honestly in a comment below. If it’s “myself”, be courageous and admit it. Then tell me who it’s going to be from now on.

And fine, you talked me into it; I’ll tell you what my guilty pleasure is (was) …

Picking my nose.


Gross, I know. I feel better confessing it though. Thanks for listening, and enjoy the ninjas.

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Verse to memorize this week: “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your strength; and love your neighbor as yourself.” Luke 10:27

Recommended Reading: Body By God, Dr. Ben Lerner

Affirmation for the week: I live to give.

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  • TB

    Amazing blog post, Preston! I feel it. Big time!! Time to turn #teamME upsidedown and build a bigger, better, loving, all giving #TeamWE !!! Love and light to you!

  • Dave V.

    Preston, as much as I would love to have more cash in my life, I’m really more interested in the “God Thing” you got going on! Even though my “secret desire” is not as terrible as yours, I still had to go through a hugh struggle with my “God Thing” to get to the next level! If you are truly a real person (not a marketing ploy) and want to hear my struggle, drop me an email and I’ll let you know! I will continue to pray that your “God Thing” journey remains a struggle! (He who struggles, endures!)

  • Holden

    Hmm, interesting post, Preston. I’m interested in doing everything for the betterment of the life I’m going to have with my fiance when I marry her two or three years from now. She deserves everything I have to give and I plan on giving to the fullest extent possible. And last but certainly in no way least, God himself. He brought the two of us together, I firmly believe that and with that belief in mind I tackle everything that I do and hope to succeed or fail in the attempt.

  • michael campbell


    Don’t worry, I pick my nose too, in fact, when I got to the picture, I was in the process of mining for gold, haven’t found any yet, but if I don’t dig, I won’t have any chance of finding gold… as to the question I started off doing this to put my kids through college, then for my retirement, now it’s for my kids’ college, my girlfriend and her kids, she is great, and also for my retirement. God is ever present in my life, so all is done first and foremost for his glory. I have a great story of salvation, but I don’t have the courage to share that yet. One day, just not today.

    Thanks, Michael

  • Erik

    Being sorry is not enough. What are you going to DO about it? Maybe you should start by scraping all those crusty boogers off the undersides of restaurant tables. Jeez-o man, you’ve trashed every table in the country!

    Really tho’, I’ve had the same realization lately. It’s alot harder to be lazy when I imagine the whole world standing around waiting for me to pull my finger out of my nose.

    “Keep your cup empty.”

  • Scott

    I appreciate the Scripture verse, and sincerely think that God is pleased to see it as well. Personally, I wrote you earlier this week, because there is something holding you back even more than picking your nose, and you just think it is helping you.

    I have been watching your marketing several months since Cody Sperber introduced me to your offers.

    You are listening to people who think they know how to market, and do so by using falsehoods, and mental images of sensual pleasures to motivate action. It may generate instant responses and sales. Consider this; are those people that respond to these things really the type of people you want on your team?

    So, now you get them on your team, and your virtual bank account is full. Then, you scratch your head and wonder why these people are not loyal, and after seeing your falsehoods, they wonder if you can be trusted.

    Is it really the truth that you want, which will set you free?

    Is it doing for others that matters to you, or is it the money that temporarily resides in your account in this life?

    “Lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven…” Isn’t Eternity a very long time to be poor?

    I think the same thing I see in your marketing is bothering Dave V, who also left a comment today.

    For the future, have you considered something like the Key Bank Tower in Cleveland? A Christian funded the purchase of this 55 floor tower with cash. I think I could use your help learning what to do in this direction.

  • Jobie

    Preston, God put you where you are so you can help put others where they’re supposed to be. I love what you’re doing with your humongous spare time. Do what you do best. Good afternoon.

  • CT

    I can’t afford to pay for a mentor. Worst yet, I don’t know who should I join since I came across so many good and reputable gurus. I then pray: “GOD, PLEASE… BE my MENTOR. Guide me with my real estate investing and my life journey to fulfil your purpose.” Thanks Preston for sharing!!

  • Brian

    Guilty pleasures! I have a few, one of which my sound weird. It is the kind that most people do not even understand and yet take for granted and yet I am not the only one! There are thousands of us across the USA and we have a brotherhood even.

    No Ninjas needed but it is one that serves others. God is another, I have seen the good and I have seen the bad. I have seen things that would make you question your faith until you realize the bigger picture. We have to learn from life’s lessons and understand everything happens for a reason and everyone we meet was placed there for a reason, it is up to us to understand or go through life blind to what is around us.

    Oh, yeah the guilty pleasure is being a firefighter; it is an adrenaline rush and can fill you with great sorrow or great pleasure. To save a life or something that cannot be replaced or watch as someone lose everything. It is at these times people can really learn that others do care and this could be the lesson needed. It is unfortunate that it takes great loss for people to open their eyes.

    And by the way over 80% of the firefighters in the USA are volunteer, yeah that’s right most people assume they are paid, but these men and women across this country do it for the love of their follow human kind. Sorry for the soapbox but they need our support.

    • Wendy Trammell

      Same here, I am disabled with PTSD, panic disorder and worst of all agoraphobia and depression, I can’t afford guilty pleasures, not that I’m lazy or don’t want to work, I mentally and physically can not work outside my home but let me tell you something,it’s the trials and tribulations and the choices we make us who we are. I’ve been poor and in foster homes, it did allot of mental damage but I’m blessed by god for every breath I take . It would wonderful and a miracle if I didn’t have to worry about what we want for dinner, not what we have to have because of finances. God blessed you for a reason appreciate the good and bad times. Always remember that things could be worse. Your a beautiful giving person… You are a very fortunate person with a hear of gold. Be humble my friend.

      • Rosie

        You sound almost exactly like me, except I don’t have agoraphobia and love to be outside.
        Trying to learn real estate w/no success yet to get off this pitiful $735/mo. life trapped in an abusive situation on top of it because of lack of money, no close friends/family. Frequently suicidal. God bless you…..and me.

    • John H

      Welcome to the club. Unfortunately, the world doesn’t work that way. If it did, everyone would be wealthy.
      Have you ever heard the saying: “Nothing ventured nothing gained”? You must first invest in yourself and learn a skill set before you can expect others to pay you for value. That’s why doctors, lawyers and corporate CEO’s get paid BIG money and sales clerks and Burger joint employees don’t.
      You must first invest your time and money to learn a marketable skill or profession!!!

  • Elizabeth

    I NOW SAY……..TO EACH ITS OWN. I USE to live to give until one person, either the notary public, witnesses or Maria Y. forged my signature to save her son’s investment and end result was to steal my property. No attorney wanted to touch her because her other son is an attorney. And, I was robbed of my home and she is scotts free. And they say crime doesn’t pay – WELL it did pay for her, Maria Y. She knows who she is. What have I learned? What goes around, comes around and you never know when it will be your turn to go down for the wrong you caused another person in your past. There are criminals surrounding us on a daily basis but people in general aren’t aware of this. It’s soooo sad. I’m not a criminal but has it crossed my mind? Well, what would you do if someone steals your home? What would you do if attorneys do not want to suit the person who harmed you? Immigrants bring their criminal ways into our country on a daily basis. Seal our borders. We are surrounded! Crime did pay for the other family but what about for MY family? How do I get back at her? Let go and let God? What does God have anything to do with this anyway? Sometimes we have to take matters into our own hands the problem is that if you do, then you go to jail and the criminal becomes the victim. We are living in such a screwed up world. It’s not even funny! This is why true Americans, Americans BORN here from immigrants are giving up on their own country. They are moving to 3rd world countries and starting a new life over there. I’m really disappointed with all that is happening in the United States right now and no one seems to have a solution for it all. Regards,

    • Phil

      Where do i began? You’re truly a Hero! I could only imagine what my reaction would’ve been. But then again im an immigrant with so much to offer.

    • John H

      You have my sympathy, as the same thing almost happened to me.
      My step mother ‘s son tried the same stunt, but he used my fathers joint bank account for his own selfish wants and needs. He bought two new cars and spent money on a trip to Las Vegas. All together he stole $100000. He was in the process of getting his mother to sign the house over to him. When I threatened to turn him over to the police, he used his power of attorney to sign his mother’s interest in the property back to my father, which he did, as his mother was permanently hospitalized and would not be able to return home.

  • Charles Hoover

    Hi Preston,
    I am going to go over the informational discs – one at a time- and go thru the complete series, probably two or three per day.
    Then I will go thru them again and take notes for me to answer and research, again two or three per day.
    Next, I would ponder what I could indulge myself with if I made
    $5,000.00 more per month(my goal), now that I have the time “to be good to myself” as I have “retired” from the Marine Corps.
    The final cap would be to apply the concepts learned and see this goal thru to completion! Semper Fidelis!!!

  • George


    As always, great post. Of course, you realize that, although you’re a nice enough guy, you’re even crazier than I am! Seriously though, thanks for continuing to make us think about something other than the real estate market. You still rock, dude.

  • Margarete

    The blog hit home big time. Everyone needs a WHY to do something. I am single and have 1 living relative in the world. After being unemployed for more than 3 months, networking with colleagues, customers, recruiters, people who may not like me, and applying for more than 100 positions nationwide, I’m asking myself WHY. I go to church and tithe, even though my monthly income on unemployment is not enough to cover my bills. I have a great education and experience, but am in that age where I am too old to be hired and too young (and can’t afford to retire). So I keep looking for the WHY to persevere and drive out the negative thought that the best way to serve mankind is to disappear at this point and let the few nickels I’ve collected go to charity.

  • Sharon Lyles

    Hi Preston,Right now I’m exhausted from get paid on-line crap.I have no money and no way to get any truthfully.Sorry I can’t help.

  • Sean Thomas

    The why question is a big one dude! I guess ( actually I know) the truth behind my why is fear. Fear that I won’t have enough when I have to leave my present crime fighting job. Fear I won’t be able to give my wife the things she wants and deserves. But really more than the fear is the lack of faith I have in Gods word. I know all the promises He’s made to me but my faith is weak. If I could find a way to make my faith move from an intellectual understanding to a real living part of me, fear would be replaced by love and peace. And that Preston is the true gift God offers! I’m just too stuck on stupid to fully accept it. Keep doing your thing bro!

  • unreal

    today I did two small things for others… big deal….except for the change in my heart. it was effortless snd came cleanly…..signs of a healed heatt. why was there sucha gap from the time someone shattered my intentions?God has his reasons and I accept them…goodness does grow back….God is good.

  • Michele

    You are such a heavenly inspirational blessing!!
    So msny gifts bestowed upon You!
    Thsnk you for sharing your life and inspiring the world in so many ways!!

    God Bless,

  • Michael V

    Hey Preston!

    Well most of your post hit home. This one, have me an ultimate smack down… Look my ultimate “why” will always forever be helping My Family.

    I guess most people know what a hard life is . If not sleeping on a park bench some where wondering where your next meal will come from. It’s worrying about how the bills will get paid.

    In my view your family will always be there to give that helping hand. If not blood family, it maybe your closest friends. My family, my mom, brother, son my wife my twin girls… That’s all I ever need to keep me going in the right direction.
    Thanks for the post Preston
    (And the tears.) lol

  • Elizabeth

    I really thought your secret was gross and that you were just another fly by night. But after listening to two of the videos on the right hand side of this blog, I felt recharged again and reminisced of the realtor I use to be before my career was rudely interrupted. I will get back into real estate and proceed with an invention that the Lord gave to me in a dream. I just need some money to get it started. I have 3 invention companies interested in helping me with the patent and production. Would you be interested in helping me with it? Keep me posted.

  • Jeff

    I’m much like you, I sleep with one eye open and my finger up my nose.So when the ninjas of the come to get me.I flick a booger on the ceiling,throw them on it and watch them dangle.Just joined Real estate Mogul Thanks for having me.

  • J.C

    I find your insight to be profound and liberating. I believe it takes an incredible leap of faith to free ones self from the voice of negativity. I am willing to try!

  • Harold Mawyer

    That’s me exactly, almost! I have put others first, since I received Jesus the Christ, as my Savior and Lord, in 1972. Before that I believed in God, knew the Christmas Story, attended Church, believed that when I died I would go to Heaven, called my self a “Christian”. All my good works would see to that! In 1972, got mixed up with Organized Crime, was sent to N. J. State Prison for 2-4 years! First night there I cried Out to God, genuinely the first time from the heart. Conversation went something like this, ‘God, why am I here, I’m a nice fellow, attend Church, read my Bible(especially when things are not going well) a good neighbor, husband and father, never hurt anyone intentionally, etc. God began to show me a movie of my life: all the things I had done against His Commandments, with out giving them a thought, Knew some were wrong, but believing I would be allowed in heaven because my good would out weigh the bad. I learned my first lesson, when one seeks God with all their heart, they have found Him, second was when God begins a work in a mans heart He doesn’t stop in mid-stream, but continues until He is finished. He is still working on me!! He cut my prison stay short and allowed me out after only 4 months. I joined a fantastic Church, Brookdale Baptist in Bloomfield, N. J., entered Northeastern Bible College, in Essex Fells, NJ, cut my spiritual teeth with Open Air Campaigners, holding Street Meetings in TimesSquare, NYC. Found out that while in an unsaved state, Satan didn’t bother me much, but when I made that first move towards serving God, Satan had to unleash his power on my life in an effort to mess up my testimony. I know that he can never cause me to Fall From Grace, but sure can foul up our testimony if we allow him to do so. Found out that if I keep my mind and heart steadfastly on HIM AND FILLED WITH HIS WORD, satan is far away.

    Satan has attacked my family with a vengeance, son with stage four cancer, evil side effects of chemo, wife with cataracts, naval hernia, loss of sense of smell and taste, neuropathy, sleep apnea. I am facing knee replacements soon, loss of $1400 per month income as of 02/01/2012, causing me to fall behind in payments to mortgage, utilities and personal loans.
    My favorite comic book character was Alfred E. Newman and his slogan, “What?, Me Worry?” Since My Heavenly Father owns the ‘cattle on a thousand hills'(and the hills too) I know He will provide to keep us(both 81+) under roof, with clothes on our backs and food on the table!! Oh, Hallelujah, what a Savior!!

    So, Brother Preston, keep on giving, and watch God move in your life!!
    Enjoy your walk with Jesus the Christ, today and be a blessing,
    Harold Mawyer

  • Lisa


    You are amazing! I applaud you for accepting and spreading the “Truth”. God created us in HIS image. However, we were given rules to live by for a reason. We have the power to create our lives with freedom of will for the negative or the positive.

    1) Trust and love HIM with all your heart by taking care of ourselves “our temple” with good natural nutrition and exercise always control our thoughts to be good. Stay connected with HIM thru prayer and meditation. HE is our main source of energy! Keep a good relationship with HIM. Focus on the positive energy for goodness. Stay self disciplined and follow HIS rules. FOCUS ON YOUR DREAMS!

    2) Forgive and love one another. Holding grudges is too heavy to carry throughout life. Life is so short and it’s not worth wasting time. Always find a way to help someone else.

    3) We were all born with God given talents. Live and embrace who we are as individuals. Live life doing what we love and be productive with our talents for good positive energy.

    4) BELIEVE IN YOURSELF! Smile, dance, sing, play, live, always be productive even in retirement years. And we don’t always have to get paid to be productive. LIVE A HAPPY LIFE ENJOYING WHAT WE HAVE. ALWAYS BE THANKFUL! 🙂

  • Richard Hignight

    My Pastor wrote a song ‘ I started living when I started giving to God ‘My Pastor is Dr. Mike Murdock .
    The Holy Spirit has shown me that there is a 98% jezebel spirit in the church right now as we speak .It’s about unforgiveness and believe it or not it’s not about forgiving others it’s about not forgiving your self ..
    Easy prayer to take care of it and be set free Ask God to forgive you for not forgiving as Jesus commanded in Matthew 6 and 13 If you don’t forgive men ( or woman ) then My Heavenly Father will not forgive you .So to fulfill the command you must forgive YOURSELF and by faith in doing this Shout I am free I am free .You see we were putting our self above God By not forgiving OURSELVES ..

  • Tammy

    I was just going to ask for any advice from you.
    I am a single mother, I am a first time buyer and wondered if
    there is anything I could do to ensure an approval, other than
    having a crap load of money.
    Thanks Tammy

  • Anthony

    Preston, you are onto a very good concept, but I can’t help but “consider the source” –that it is coming from a person who has made his fortune and is “set for life” materially.
    I have learned that true spirituality is something that can be done WITHOUT riches, WITHOUT huge amounts of free time, and even without what money-making gurus would call “success”. I earned a living in Real Estate Investment for 12 years. I tried to make it big but in 2009 I went bankrupt. I was devastated. Then I bought Preston’s probate course hoping to rebuild my life, but I just could not find the heart to apply it; it just felt like more “striving after the wind”.
    Today I work as a Personal Care Attendant ($12 /hr) and I have a door-to-door ministry offering FREE home bible studies. I am happy because I am helping people find spiritual riches which cost nothing, and enables people to store up riches in heaven which will never be lost. AND, which they in turn can offer to others! Free!
    Preston, I think you have a good heart, and your blog today is a step in the right direction. But it might help all of us to really give Mt.6:19-33 an honest, prayerful read; consider what it is really encouraging. This goes way beyond merely finding “SOMEthing” greater than yourself. Even that can still ultimately be selfish. It took financial ruin to wake me up, but this is the essence of true spirituality, as taught by Jesus.
    Best wishes to you and your family, Preston.

  • Nora

    When you live to help others, your life gets fulfilled. But when help is rejected and/or negated constantly, it pisses you off. Would you continue to extend a hand and help that same person anyway?

  • Stu

    Preston….good post. I’ve found that taking action has an amazing affect on oneself. Being a left-brainer and always over analyzing everything, I am moving forward and just joined RE Mogul Pro today. It’s a small step but I am trying to stop being overwhelmed and throwing up my hands. Someone once said “do what you fear” to eliminate that obstacle. I agree with you that helping others does wonders for you personally. Upward and onward.

  • Richard

    Yes, god is female and men is the temple she lives in.That’s funny the two voices in our head, i knew that we’re all connect and you just confirmed it to me again, thank you. It would be nice to meet you and have an open conversation about how we understand that things really are . Have a great day /week/ year/ life Rich

  • Alan

    Call off the ninjas, PLEASE. I hate ninjas. They don’t even taste good. But, hey, go ahead and pick. Just maybe not if anyone is watching. Some people are too easily grossed out, but that is THEIR problem. Especially if it is in private, and you’re not leaving deposits in places others might find them, you’re not harming anyone else, or even yourself. Heck, your nose probably feels better. Why should you be constrained by something that is only a social more, one that doesn’t even exist in some societies. And isn’t that what REAL FREEDOM really is?

  • Yoshi


    This is the first time to make a comment for your post. I totally echo what you wrote. Thanks. I am researching about real estate investing to realize financial freedom so that I can commit myself much more in a spiritual work. When I speak of the spiritual work, I mean a healing work for Mother Earth, people, water , air, animals…. Bless you for what you do and who you are!


  • Jacqueline Springer

    Hello my friend your story was very moving. Someone to find oneself you have to lose yourself the willing to let go and let God take total control, then you will receive total revelation of the spirit that’s within you and your true purpose in life. Yes the purpose is to serve our Creator Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Me myself please God and I do his wheel the will of him who sent me i’m totally full field. may the Lord continue to bless you and guide you and keep you. Sign Jacqueline Springer

  • rhonda

    perston your a very nice looking guy and everything but i don,t no where you got the idea that i am a realastate agent i,m not so maybe you need to find someone esle even though i would love to be one

  • Dennis Leavitt

    Thanks for the great post. By the way, I know some secret ninja tactics I learned from Bruce Leroy, I can catch bullets with my teeth! LOL 🙂 have a great weekend!

  • Susan

    Preston…I’m a newbie who’s been reading your posts for a few days. They validate my secret desires to live a life that allows me to…LIVE LIFE. I no longer want to struggle to line corporate pockets. I want to be able to take care those that I love and help free all of us from monetary stressors. Peace, love, unity =)

  • Michelin009

    Preston- I tell my 4yr old daughter the same thing every morning when she goes to school…”Have fun. Do good. Learn all you can.” And, “Remember I love you”.

    The key is to love whatever you do, help others when you can, keep your mouth shut to hear the wisdom around you, feel the love of others. Work smart and hard and the results should follow. Seems you are showing the rest of the herd that this works!

    Just don’t ever, ever, ever forget- “You can pick your friends, you can pick your nose – just don’t ever pick your friend’s nose!!”

    • Rosie

      Cahhhhh eu amei a idéia de make x profissões Se puder continuar, quero sugerir maquiagem para ma!tsterapeusaso!Eu sou masso e tenho dificuldade de fazer uma maquiagem básica, discreta, elegante & AHAZZOBeijosAdoro você []

  • John Wilson

    I like your confession because I am a man of god I also like the part sharing the wealth by telling others about making money. I have only one question how much money are you going to want for your secret? I live in a nursing home and have dementia I wonder if I would be able to do this. I have a short memory problem I wake every day in a new world because I can not remember what I did yesterday. Plus I would not have the money to buy anything like others done I do not have a credit card.

  • john

    pretty good about the nose picking,i’ve been in real estate 20 years.had it made at one time,then a divoce.i had my own real estate co.i own 3 rentals,want to really get going again but something is holding me back.i can find the poperties,inspect them,esimate repairs.30years in construction,all i lack is the funds.been disabled but getting much better.i could be a millionaire in 3 years but no funding.the busier i am the better i preform.i need 5,6 projects at a investor to help,even have good credit.ready to get ein # form an

  • anthony

    Preston! I need all the help i can i was release from prison in feb of 2012,then i went to halfway house until september of 2012,now i have file for my ssi nssd hearing coming up but i’m broke as joke,an debt card is in the red,i wanted to get the reo star program so i could get the forclose houses from the bank butt i dont have anything to get it with the last thing i put on the was freedomsoft an i need help with that this day 19,and i had a death in family so i’m behind on that to.

  • John Kesinger

    I thought you were going to say it was smoking. I quit that habit after 30 years. It’s been 18 months since and I couldn’t have made a better health choice.

    My “why” has always been to help others and recently, to bless God. Currently, it’s my parents. Dad has Parkinsons and Mom stays very busy caring for him.

    I learned a long time ago that it feels better and is more rewarding to help someone else than it does to help myself; even though I have helped myself often 🙂 I have always been a giver, to a fault at times.

  • Richard Barnhart

    Well!? Preston,this writting I truely say I agree with.When one becomes a “Born-again-Christian”We were/are bought with a Price that few can understand the deepth of what “Christ”Paid to please”GOD” an in a way “satan”didn’t see coming,to bring us back to “GOD” as His Children.Our roll here is to spraed the “Word”help each other an put the others needs before ours.Thats not always easy,I’ve been working to try an support two families.The Realestate business,gives us a feeling,that would be better to reach these goals,in a better way.With “GOD’S”Blessings .Hope you found help for the “PMN”problem.GOD BLESS,Richard

  • Kevin

    So thereI I was picking my nose throughout the time I was reading your blessed story and saying to myself, “What could this be for I want to be just like Preston?” Then you pulled the bottom line out (pun intended). So I’ll tell you what I told my daughter when she told me a friend of hers was having a nose party. A nose party you ask? Yeah. In La La Land (a.k.a. Los Angeles – movie stars, swimming pools, etc, etc) people have parties for anything & everything…including getting nose jobs so they can look & feel better about them Selves (intentionally capitalized). Her friend was getting a long awaited nose job the next day & throwing her Self (see previous parentheses) a party. I told my daughter to raise her glass to give the toast and announce, “May you pick the right nose & your doctor not blow it.”

    Moral of the story: You’re a child of God – nothing to improve upon…and you can’t possibly blow it.

  • Harold Hicks

    My why is not being able to participate in lessons than will change my life and my families for ever why didn’t I use the money for learning when I had it and where were the Preston Ely, Susan lassiter Lyons, and any mogul to get me interested in the change for the betterment and I know that there’s this wall an on each side there’s something going on one is trying to put the fire out the other is poring oil to keep the fire burning so I’ve killed again and again in my head the thoughts that hunt me into saying see you didn’t use the money when you had it so what are you going to do now that you don’t have it just give up and forget about making a change and helping anyone God is not going to help you so I shoot out and ejaculatory prayer Father you promise you would never leave me alone so I lifted up my eyes to the hills from whence cometh my help it all comes from the LORD who made the heaven and earth. And His word says He gives and He takes away but blessed be the name of the LORD so I keep right on walking and keep right talking I am who GOD says I am and I can do what GOD says I can do with the faith of a mustard seed I’m able to move a mountain if I don’t doubt in my heart so by faith the metamorphosis is occurring and I’ve come to realize that GOD is a GOD of set times. So now I don’t have to be like the Georgia mule who went in stood in the lake to get out of the rain

  • Cindy

    I don’t even know where to start! I guess I would have to say I am guilty of not paying enough attention to my own health and indulging by giving too much. I have started to take better care of myself in the last two months and even started to network and make friends. I now catch myself staying up too late to work on trying real estate investing…which I was highly mistaken thinking I would be creating a job and income for myself and family, but it seems to have become more of a passion and hobby…I am so totally blessed. I gave up friends when I started taking in people who needed a little help in their lives to help them to get on their own two feet. But, I did give up ‘nosy’ friends for a reason. I just didn’t want to share the troubles of each and every person who needed help, because most of all, many of them needed to develop a little trust along with their hope. But, in the meantime, I indulged some of them a tad too much, but I have to say I am committed to learning to ‘balance’ my life, and therefore, my own family’s lives a little better. I am fortunate to have a family who has enjoyed helping others over the last several years. They realize that even each family has a culture of their own. Right now, we only have one young man in our home who lost his mom at age 15 and his dad took his life when the young man was 1. He was walking over a bridge in a blizzard with only a hoodie for a jacket, right before Christmas trying to find a warm place to stay when our son (who had gotten off work around midnight) stopped and asked him if he needed a ride. When he got into the car, Bryan asked him where he wanted to go and invited him here for a ‘few days.’ He only has one living relative who has cancer. Two days later, I heard him talking on the phone around 10:00 p.m. telling someone it was his birthday. The next afternoon, we got him a small birthday cake and all signed a card, that was stretching our budget a little, but God truly does provide. He tried really hard to hide his tears and we, of course, pretended not to see them. That’s the kind of thing that makes us feel rich in our hearts. Now, we have hope that our new real estate business will flourish. I truly believe that ‘I (we) can do all things through Christ who strengthens me (us). Phil 4:13 and Hebrews 11:1 Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. I am learning the art of self-discipline.

  • Jeremy

    Put on your man pants, suck it up, and get it done. Oh, and stop playing with yourself. You’ll go crazy trying to be two different people at once.

    Best of luck.

    Wink/smily face (or whatever they are doing these days)

  • Angela

    I lovrr the lord anf one thing i do no.My jesus is who he say. he is keep your head up and look to god. much Love Angela Ford

  • Melanie

    Well that was clock full of suspense, I just want to tell you that I personally wish all people in the universe had your guilty …. to stop doing. I will tell you my nose immediately began itching so it too identified with you. Your point is well taken we all have issues,habits, and beliefs that simply do not serve us or the world well. After reading this I also considered the fact that these small things keep us aware that we to are human and have to decide everyday to let our light shine so others can benefit. If and when we push thru and still deliver even with our clay feet, then people can believe they too can make a difference.God made it all, gave it all, and then left it all to make people understand that with him all things are possible even when we pick our noses we still have wisdom to share. Preach on,people have to have a way to relate to your human side.

      • Richard Mcduffie

        Preston I just lost my father to liver cancer and have to put my life on hold to be strong for my children and family. I’ll be able to get back into the groove after we go through his estate and try to figure out what’s what. He passed away a week after finding out so we had no time to plan or prepare.

  • Dion Wright

    Ah, the nose plectrum. That booger woogie hadja didn’t it?

    You’re talking about the three minds: the monkey mind, the rabbit mind, and the elephant mind. In order to have an elephant mind (strong and sturdy) you have to calm the rabbit and monkey down first.

  • Brent Parker

    Good stuff Preston! Keep it coming bro! I’m getting richer from your stuff here mann….and I was already as rich as you when I found your silly a$$…lol…Mad Props P-Money!

  • Sara

    I can’t help you on the nose picking part…I confess, mine is going at my ears with Q-tips…you know the feeling? Is that a sin, or is it ok? Cause, I’ll use a whole box…
    The rest of that entry, tho, is so spot on for where I am with my life right now…Thanks for the post- it is encouraging knowing I’m not the only one!

  • Anthony

    Thanks Preston for you kind words of inspiration. Just recently joined a gym to become trim fit and healthy. looking forward to heating up my reason why, so I can give more, which is freedom.

  • Tony

    I was having this sort of conversation just last night with myself. Wanting life to change so much, for my children and myself. But also thinking why do I deserve anything, I am selfish, etc.. and what impact have I had for God on this world. Guilt was setting in big time. You just answered allot of internal questions, more than I can write in this response. Thanks Preston!

  • Byron Law

    Preston, Preston, Preston…You’re not picking your nose. You’re manually debriding a clogged nostril. Who doesn’t need a nostril debrided from time to time?

    As far as my why…I would like to leave the world a better place than when I got here. They say you cannot take it with you, but there are a couple things that we can take with us – education and relationships (some will come up with other things but they tend to be subsets of these two) and that is where I like to focus my efforts, because those are the things that really matter. My visions are grand and I struggle with scope creep and getting paralyzed because my vision exceeds my capacity instead of focusing on what I CAN do. I recognize the problem, now I need to overcome.

  • Cindy

    I’ve been praying for you to come to this realization. Now call me
    up and help me get financially free and out of debt. By the way I do
    Luke 10:27.


  • christopher gallagher

    Preston, I love you man. Remember Tony Robbins had a nail biteing habit and listen to that tape because he quit. Just needed to remind you because people like you and i love to be reminded of whats possible!

  • Leigh

    My Dear Preston…Even the Dalai Lama picks his nose. Did you never see one of His Holiness’ sessions in North America a couple if years ago, televised, taped for prosperity, in front of a select, live audience of thousands, where there was a short lull while the translator listened and the Dalai Lana started picking his nose. Yes, were were shocked. Why? Because it is frowned upon in our culture, yet not necessarily in others. Do it in private…not on your book tour, would be my advice. And transform the energy wasted on guilt to focus on the pleasure of it. There is a time, a place, a season for everything under Heaven. Your fan, Leigh

  • Dick Konetchy

    Know ye that the Lord he is God: it is he that hath made us, and not we ourselves; we are his people,and the sheepof his pasture. Psalm 100: 3

  • Mike

    I think this is a very valid point. My ‘WHY’ has always been about me–why I want to get out of my job and do my own thing. I have rationalized it by saying that the reason I wanted MY freedom was to spend time with MY family, but it still revolves around ME. This is good insight, and I need to dig deep and get my WHY pointed in the right direction so I can finally achieve the results I know are possible that would allow me to give to others.

  • Charlie Gumingo

    Your just being to hard on yourself. I though the same thing when I saw your video on the sh the show the other night when you were talking about making to much money. At least thats how I feel after 35 years of sobrity.

  • Randy

    Truth be told I think my guilty pleasure is rest. I work 15 or so hours a day with split days off. It in itself kills my motivation for most things. What do I really want to do? Buy houses and provide good maintained housing for lower income families. I saw my first house sell through auction after a foreclosure. I am a renter now and look for the pride of ownership again and want to help extend that ability to others. So I know my motivation but just don’t know what means he has in place for me. The Jesus creed is one to live by. Good quote to add in there Preston.

  • DrFaye

    Wow! I have been missing this! This blog is Excellent! Keep up the good work! People should read your blogs!!!! They are truly the “Red Pill” on steroids.
    My WHY is too big to share; it is personal and honest and pure. It is my “FIRE!”
    Again, Thanks my friend!


    You kill me. Love the wit. But I also love your message. You’re awesome and I can’t wait to hear more from you. May God continue to bless you that you may continue to bless others.

    I THINK the way you write, actually. Just can’t put it into words. I do have a great sense of humor, which, for the most part, people like. Nobody likes a doomey, gloomey person, you know? I don’t. I avoid them like the plague. They are the plague. They suck the blood and life out of you if you let them.

    You are interesting because somehow you have managed to insert christian principles into your teachings. They are definitely teachings.

    My son-in-law turned me on to you. It was another post he asked me to read and then I just couldn’t stop reading. Thanks for the encouragement. Really.

  • John J

    Hello and Good Tidings Professor Ely, (and everyone else out there!)

    For any readers out there not connected directly to the world of music jargon (or in this case, technical or original terminology) or the impulse to do a search engine inquiry, the term “PLECTRUM” used by Dion Wright in his June 1 submission, refers simply to a guitar “pick”. Plectrum is the actual term and a commonly used British usage for what we call the “PICK”. I would hate to have seen Mr. Wright’s clever play on words and “Booger Woogie” reference be lost because people were unaware of the meaning of a relatively obscure but crucial component of his witty entry.
    As for the Professor’s work. After several (sometimes seemingly endless supply of) bumps in the road I am going to access his teachings and move forward. My mindset has been to Persist, to Persevere and to Provide (and a bunch of other reeaaaly catchy “P” words, some even cooler than those three!!!). My stance on the “me” thing is that in order for you to take care of those around you, you have to take care of yourself first, generally and even in the majority of the most severe or critical situations. This is why, when aboard a commercial airliner, if there is a situation necessitating the oxygen/air masks to be deployed, they advise the parents/responsible/able parties to put the masks on first, then see to the needs of those in your care and others. You can’t help Them if you’re incapacitated, unconscious or worse. Without getting into the whole self-interest/selfless/selfish/altruistic discussion(s), I believe that the more you engineer and carry out plans of positive financial and personal (all dimensions) growth, the more of a positive asset you will be to others who are either on the same path, are in need of directions to that path, for those who have fallen or strayed from the path and especially for those that don’t even know that one exists.
    Well that’s a minute or two that you won’t ever get back. I hope (that’s also an Important word, even though it doesn’t start with a “P”) that my contribution here has not been a total waste of your time. I’d better go see what all the racket is… always somebody needs help with this or that…

    Merry Christmas to all!

  • Michael

    Thanks, Preston I too am a man of God. I have been learning from you and others in the field of Whole sale real estate. Thank you for changing my life and those around me. It’s all about the Faith man. Awesome post. Thank you.

  • Janet

    If that is your son, you’ll fell bad when he looks at this on the internet or when some pervert sees it and comes straight to your house. There are many strange people on the internet and that includes child abusers. I wish you luck with protecting your child. He’s beautiful!

  • Michelle D. Smith


    I am a living example and continue to seek ways to improve in: “Live & Love To Give.” My constant reminder is a favorite quote of my maternal grandmother (RIP): “You have not truly lived until you’ve helped somebody.” 🙂


  • Luk

    Excellent articulation of basic philosophy! This is the absolut begining thought from which to start all we do. So, although this had nothing to do with investing or fliping houses directly, yet if we do it for God and others then our results will be vastly better. LUK

  • Faye

    Preston, I want to say i have a really big heart and give all the time.With that said my tooth broke today snd i am in so much pain and do not have the money to get my teeth fixed so tell me after giving and giving why is it when i need the help no one is there to help me is it because it will take anout fifteen

  • Faye

    Preston, I want to say i have a really big heart and give all the time.With that said my tooth broke today snd i am in so much pain and do not have the money to get my teeth fixed so tell me after giving and giving why is it when i need the help no one is there to help me is it because it will take anout fifteen thousand dollars to fix or just cause others dont have the same kind of heart i do i am not sure but i will continue to pray and hope i can some how find away to come up with the money to fix my teeth.Please pray for me the pain is just unbearable. Thank you very much

  • Patricia

    I want this sooooooo. Bad i can taste it. My job sucks, no health insurance,i hate Obama care, i don’t want to go down with the ship, i want to save lives, especially my so i can help others. I don’t have a computer yet. Can i start flipping houses with my Lg phone ?

  • Nancy Horanzy

    Hi Preston: Wow, awesome message. Also, think it is amazing that you are following Dr. Lerner. Their Maximized Living philosophy and chiropractors have been a life saver for me. All good stuff wrapped right around Christianity. How can you lose? Nancy

  • Gilbert Tyrrell

    So I start with one of my favorite quotes from Jesus: John 13:34 “A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. 35 By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.”

    Jesus was talking with his closest friends(disciples). i often wonder when they heard Jesus say “As I have loved you,” what where they thinking? What picture of love came to Peter’s mind, to John, or to Andrew… How do you think they defined that kind of love? Notice the follow up word “so you MUST love one another.” It’s a command! Not optional!

    Jesus was about to surrender his life for us all. that’s pretty impressive love. Then told us to do the same.

    What does that kind of intense love look like for you? What has to change in your life to take a step in that direction?

    For me, I live for doing God’s work. I am trying to follow His lead. It is so difficult in our world today. I am a former remodeling contractor turned real estate investor. We(My wife and I) started a company called Nehemiah Home Solutions to use as a tool to fund ministries. We currently give 10% of the gross profits away, but our goal is to reach 20,30,…50% .

    Our challenge is sifting through all the avenues we can take in real estate to get the company more systemized and generating the maximum return. We have been trying to seek God’s direction and find wise counsel that is not simply motivated by selling the latest informational tool, etc but is earnestly seeking to build God’s Kingdom more than their own.

    I appreciate your honesty Preston and pray that the Lord will bless you with His wisdom.

  • ruthanne

    All my life I have wanted to be healthy and sexy so I can get the guy. I wanted money so I can have what I want when want it and go where I want when I want. But that doesn’t stop me from Bing eating sugar especially chocolate and thinking poor me I can’t do anything or go anywhere keeps me from going anywaere or doing anything. Now I have two beautiful little girls and I need to be healthy for them and I need to have money in my life to give them what they need and want. I visualize a beautiful house for them to go up in. What’s the perfect play room for them? What beds would they love to sleep in. Where is the best place to go on vacation with a 1 year of and 3 year old? These are my questions and visualizations. Yes there is an element of me in there but honestly I am grateful for what I have right now and I am enjoying the ride and laughter my girls are bringing me now and I can’t wait to provide them with everything I visualize for them. Baby steps. I will get there.

  • Ernie Stallings

    Many times in past few years I read your words in past and every time I felt they were just to wanting to get to credit card that never had the balance to get your help. I hold a Florida Real Estate Brokers Lic. After now years of little funds of just getting by for my family the seeds need to be planted ,fertilized with initial funds. I am Broker for Property Management Firm, see investors making money on homes and business! I never have that initial funds it takes to get first investment nor can I ask the Firms investors to help get me started. I appreciate all you said with “LIVE TO GIVE”
    Thank You

    Captain Ernie

  • msaveva

    There is nothing bad giving up bad habits and want to take your life to the next level. You want to share with others what you have already as gratitude to God (the universe) and others to feel what is pleasure . I think it is in sharing ….



    zofia legg

  • ian

    So simple, yet profound and elusive. True purpose (the real why)is so integrating, perspective promoting, focus-stimulating, confidence-affirming, efficient, freeing and inspiring. It is the propellant that gives us the thrust and momentum to escape the gravitational pull and inertia of the terrestrial mindset of being a victim of circumstances to that of being the responsible architect of our destiny, being consciously, actively and proactively sovereign, autonomous, suijuris, being the creator and ruler of our universe or heaven (where sin [breaking the law of our being is absent and the harmony of the Divine Mind is manifest). It is consistent with life’s natural tendencies of growth, metabolism, reproduction, response to stimuli, and adaptation to the environment, through changes originating internally. It is the truth: the underlying invisible and intangible reality of appearances. Keep up the good work. Life is splendid; keeps getting better too. Naturally.

  • ian

    In my excitement I forgot to mention this: Yes, giving and serving coupled with consciousness is the way to go. Hence we have the saying, “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” It is not looking for something for nothing but instead earning and deserving what we hope to obtain. Of course some equate giving with tangible or physical gifts. However, the most practical thing we can give is our thought, as you have so graciously done here. We become so much more good at giving and receiving when we know our strong why which is consistent with who we really are (and not the illusion of ourselves)and bound up with our mission in life. I appreciate such wealth information. It changes the perception of those who accept it for the better. Life is splendid; keeps getting better too.

  • Paul East

    Hello Preston, just wanted to let you know how wonderful it is to have such a blessed opportunity to read your blog. It is so inspirational and appreciated. It’s good to read material that you’re in perfect agreement with. Keep it up, God Bless You.

  • Jeff "Howdy" Doughty

    Preston, Great blog! You have gotten my tired “Rut Trapped Brain” out of the rut and thinking! Now you,ve fainted! Well, now that you’re back with me, Thanks for the kick in the mental area of day to day life. I have been asleep at the wheel for far too long! And the drum of every day routine has put mental “ear muffs” on my thinking processes. I get so caught up in the daily me, Me! ME!!! That I have lost sight of what is really important to My CREATOR, God! Boy Howdy, that was a wake up call! Again Preston , thanks for the rant, and keep up the good fight! a long time student, Jeff Doughty

  • Marilyn

    Yeah, you do need a bigger why. I am glad you killed off those first two voices you had. Dude I have never laughed so hard in my entire life as I did while I was reading this email. You know that everybody is guilty of this simple pleasure. You get so much built up crap inside your nostrils that it’s terrible. I am constantly using tissues for that reason. Preston you just make me laugh so much. You sent me an email not too long ago telling that you really appreciate me because I take the time to read your emails. Well I appreciate you too. Your emails usually get and keep my attention. As far as the verse goes I do love my neighbors like I love myself. I love Jehovah God with all my heart,mind, soul and strength.

  • marty

    ‘Choo got it, Mangby!!! Yes this is so true. My end game, my reason for trying to become an investor, is to put myself in a position to help others achieve whatever dream they have. People who cannot because of no money, no credit or bad credit, people who cannot get help and continuously get doors shut in their face because they’re not “worthy”.These are the people I’m here for. No matter what dream they may have…they need a leg-up and I want to be that “leg-up”.My passion,one of them anyway, is to help put this country back to work. America was built by entrepreneurs. We need to become those people again. Truly.

  • Danae Hinkley

    Does all of your programs work when poeple done have the money ad paying on bankrupty and we most lose motorcycle and all on top of that.We can just about pay our bills.We are looking for funding and a buyer if we fine a wholesale deal to get us back on our feet again.And to fine other deals to bring in cash flow And do it full time to retirer from to ‘real estate is our dream.

  • Lorna

    Hello Preston,

    Wow, you talk about God has a way of speaking directly to you through whatever medium HE chooses. You sir, are just that medium right now in this presentation. So thank you. I have heard this type of conversation in my heard way tooooooooooooo many times and I am at the end of my rope (so to speak). I have identified that “Fear of Success” is and has my my chief nemesis. My WHY is there but I somehow sabotage it and gravitate too much to Mr EXCUSES.

    I needed your blog this morning. Please keep this going. It is needed.

    God Bless You

  • Almarine

    As the Apostle Paul said it so well: “Forgetting those things that are behind me, I press toward the mark of a higher calling, my calling is in God.” Once we forget trials,painful memories etc., we focus on the good we can do for others and our Heavenly Father, and if we stop and smell the roses for ourselves, we can endure and overcome the throngs. Keep pressing on Mr. Ely.

  • Janet /stubbs

    Believe me I can relate, but I don’t have the answers either. Your doing the right thing by asking for help, though and venting! Go Preston!!! I have an unrelated question about a friend of mine who needs to sell her grandma’s house that was stripped of all the plumbing and electrical by scrappers. How can she sell the house? Or should I say how can I sell the house?

      • Laurie

        Hi Preston, I’m sorry to hear that YOU don’t like old things . IM old well 53. I’m Laurie and my guilty pleasure is… le9 me back up l love jewelry and one of a kind artisan type Peopl9 ALWAYS comment how beautiful ECT. So my favor thing is yo take it off and give it to them. I NEVER KNOW THESR PEOPLE the look on there FACE is great.
        Addicting . My sister said that I am buying friends but I rarely see them twice
        Wow lol.

      • Malcolm G Folkes

        Preston, prayer changes things, especially when you acknowledge the need for the change; acknowledgement makes it easier for the positive change to occur. I am happy to recommend the following two Tablets : Take Psalm 1 every morning before breakfast and Proverbs chap. 2 after supper every night. You are a successful and blessed man in material things and I am hoping for you to find Spiritual wealth in God. Thanks for sharing the jovial personality. I would like to be materially successful like you. Best regards and continued success, Malcolm

  • Carol Ann Prince

    Have you read Alcoholics Anonymous? It is used by practically a types of addiction groups. The book I became sober with has been changed and I have three of the books, if you want one. It basically says that the best way to stay sober is to help other addicts. The number one selling book is the Bible and the number two selling book is Alcoholics Anonymous (also known as The Big Book).

    The first five chapters are about how the founders got together and founded A.A., wrote the
    first chapters. Some was left out as the copyrights changed. After the twelve steps, there was a sentence that said “If you have read this far and do not think you are an alcoholic, throw this book away and drink some more.” That was taken out after the first printing. I have two of the original books and you can find it on the Internet.

    But my favorite story is Doctor, Alcoholic, Addict. I reread it when I need to learn what I am here for, even thought I know to service God. But God wants us to be happy and enjoy our lives.

    “When I stopped living in the problem and begin living in the answer,
    the problem went away. From that moment on, I have not had a single
    compulsion to drink.

    “And acceptance is the answer to all my problems today. When I am
    disturbed, it is because I find some person, place, thing, or
    situation–some fact of my life–unacceptable to me, and I can find
    no serenity until I accept that person, place, thing or situation
    as being exactly the way it is supposed to be at the moment. Nothing,
    absolutely nothing, happens in God’s world by mistake. I need to
    concentrate not so much on what needs to be changed in the world as
    on what needs to be changed in me and in my attitude.

    “We are all children of God and we each have a right to be here. When
    I complain about me or about you, I am complaining about God’s handiwork.
    I am saying that I know better than God.

    “When I focus on what’s good today, I have a good day, and when I focus
    on what’s bad, I have a bad day.

    “Acceptance is the key to my relationship with God today. I never just
    sit and do nothing while waiting for Him to tell me what to do. Rather,
    I do whatever is in front of me to be done, and I leave the results up
    to Him; however it turns out, that’s God’s will for me.”

    I quoted this to you because I have been told by so many people that I have to get the negative feelings and people out of my life. I quote the Bible, I say the Psalms and the Lord’s Prayer, sing hymns. They all have a profound effect on my life and attitude. The lessons that I have learned from the Bible and from Alcoholics Anonymous have kept me sober for 30 years. Even through the death of my husband, my mother, my boss threatening to kill me, and my husband’s family and my family leaving me. God has been my salvation and is changing me for what He wants me to do next.

    But nothing touches me as much as that one story of Doctor, Alcoholic, Adict. I think it is because it puts me back in my place and tells me what to do with my life and makes me really mean my prayer that I say every morning and every night. I thank God, Jesus, the Holly Spirit and Heavenly Masses for taking care of me and leading me to do what I should be doing to help others. I know I am poor, but there are others that would love to be where I am.

    I also ask to do God’s will — just put it in front of me and if I need something to do it with, please provide that. Sometimes it’s a smile or a kind word. Sometimes it is listening to someone who is in need of a friend. I find that it is the little things that count inother people’s lives, just like they do in mine.

    A telephone call, a birthday card or something other than a bill that shows that someone knows and cares that I am alive. That’s part of going to church, meeting new people. Sometimes when you have the feelings that you had writing books, it is God’s sign to you that you need to do His will and service in a different way. You need to reach out into a new area that will help others and help you.

    Good luck, Preston. You sound like you are on the right track.

  • Annette

    I’m doing it for the Cats.
    Thing is . . cats don’t get the Money aspect . . . LOL
    And though the Cats are on the top of the list, right under them are the rest of the animals.
    And of course, the animals need wild spaces to live in, and Nature to thrive in.
    Nature needs humans to take care of it much better than we have in the past.
    Humans would be better able to take good care of Nature if they were more . . . awakened and enlightened.
    To be awakened and enlightened, it’s good to have a connection with yourself and know who you are.
    In order to know who you are, it helps to talk with the Animals, so they can show you a different reality than what you’ve been used to.

    Which brings us back to Cats. 🙂

  • Joshua Diaz

    Its time for the WE’S to enjoy their swing up the pendulum. I use to mess with my mom because she always said to me once I turned 18 that everything ways mine, mine, mine lol everything was hers so I showed her the part in Finding Nemo where the seagulls are going Mine over and over. It was pretty funny, though she didnt really think so. I want to help others and be the best servant. Just unsure where to put all my energy. I want to build schools in Africa or other poverty stricken countries. I want to help others believe in themselves. I’m lost… I need to focus on something. Whats gonna get me started… Family business? Modeling? Market products with Dick Gregory, Shaq, and a mentor/friend Mark Gallardo? EMT Job (Boring)? I have a zero down loan through the VA I can use…? Be a cop? Start a wholesaling real estate company? The cop idea was the original plan so I got an AS degree in administrative justice but now I don’t want to do that, at all!! What needs to change? HKSP, Perhaps? Thanks for the article P-Dog. You’re the MAN!

  • Kathy Grandt

    I am doing this for my daughter and grandson. My daughter was just diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and the medical bills are exceeding $10,000. Her meds are $6,000 a month and since I am disabled and not able to work outside the home, and since she lost her job due to her illness, we are struggling. I have a wonderful grandson that needs his mom, and we need to find a way to help her continue to receive her medication. Medicaid only pays a small part and regular insurance companies don’t really want to take it and if the do, it’s a very small part. I am a preacher’s daughter and my faith in God is unwavering! We know he will hear our prayers and pleas for help. I am just getting started with the program and hoping for success. Preston? This is my “WHY”…now you know. God Bless You!

  • paul scott


  • Laurett

    Put Capsaisin on your finger, but don’t rub your eyes with it. That little burn you’ll get when you find yourself picking, will stop that dead in its tracks!

  • James

    Dude, Preston….wow. Boogers? Really? But it’s ok. I don’t even know what to write. I don’t know you at all, but I know(no longer believe) we were all created by the same, One and Only Creator. I have way too many thoughts running in my head right now, ALL good thoughts. I will say that it is amazing to learn that someone else Truly believes as you do. I suspect that I am going through the same transformation that you are. I’m just at the very beginning. This was an amazing post sir. This is encouraging for me, and I thank you and our Heavenly father that he gave you the courage to send this out. It’s true. He is real(of course you know that). Your actions remind me of Job’s response to one of his “cheerleaders” (Job 26:1-26:4). How? Job was describing what he did on a regular basis. This is why he was “perfect and upright, feared God, and eschewed evil”. It was because of what he did toward others. Keep it up…this is going to be your best year so far.

  • Wendell Higgs

    I am glad I read this today. I have been struggling with time, money and this business to the point I wanted to quit. we closed 12 deals in 18 months and it never seems to be enough. it is the dry spells that hurt and make you question your self. I have a new Montra


  • David Sundberg

    The little world will pick on you and find some fault, such as you subtract from your creditability when you say you have done it a billion times. That is not accurate! Yes, we do help others and we hear the criticism right away and the true praise often comes later.

    I created and taught a seminar series called Mind Unlimited for 30 years. During that time I applied the teachings to all aspects of my life and learned something new every month. My beautiful wife has passed 6 years ago and the successful sons are now 45 and 47 and very independent. They accept this unlimited mind thinking as so natural, that they do not need me to remind them anymore.

    To my great pleasure, I received a facebook message last week from one of the players on a championship soccer team I coached 36 years ago. He sent the picture to all his 1978 team members and me and told me he has it on his night stand and looks at it every day. It has been a lasting inspiration for many on that team and the recent FB positive comments are my lasting reward and are being shared to many.

    What was unique about this boys soccer league for 9 and 10 year olds, is that 4 girls wanted to play and they chose to put them all on one team, so they wouldn’t feel lonely. Naturally, the boys complained and I explained to them, “We are lucky, we got all the girls and we are going to win the championship, which we did.” They are now telling me of the lasting positive effects my coaching has had on each of the players, especially the girls, and it is quite remarkable. YES, WHAT YOU DO AND SAY IS IMPORTANT Great thoughts will have a lasting positive effect and they need to be repeated often as your Unlimited Mind can create the way to experience life more fully, if you open the door and keep it open. Hmmmmmm, maybe I should write a book about it or make a movie…… it would be much better than the Bad News Bears……

    Yes, one of the girls said, “All she could remember was we had beer after we won the championship.” Well, I need to explain that one. I did ask the team, after we won the semi-final game, what they wanted after they win the championship and one boy said, “We want a case of beer.” They all seem to agree. So I brought a case of near beer and we smashed the all boy rigged team to everybody’s surprise. They all had a sip and then squirted each other and celebrated on that hot summer day.

    Yes, that experience changed many lives. I remember being at a hockey game years later and this beautiful 18 year old girl came up to me and gave me a wonderful kiss and my wife was sitting right by me. I was shocked and did not recognize her. It was one of the girl soccer players, Beth. She went on to tell me how that team changed her life. She explained that she had 5 brothers, that were into sports, and she was a nobody at home, till she came home with her championship trophy and the Mind Unlimited concepts she had learned.

    Yes, your praise will come, and often it will be much later…. Thanks I appreciate that.

  • sarwar kazi

    Still struggling to find my first house to flip. Tired of all the flip education. Found 12 abandoned houses and don’t know how to process this. Tow of the houses, the women in them had died. Some just left and walked away

  • Milena

    We all have our human habits. Some of them we are aware , others not so much. I think that we should not feel guilty. These habits do not make us bad people than others. As ever for my motivation – I want to secure a better life without hardship to me and my daughter.

  • Bee

    Thank you Preston for forcing me to look deep within myself and identifyhing why I do certain things. I too feel so much better when I can help others and make a difference in their lives. So many horrible things are happening here at home and around the world, that each one of us need to become our brother’s keeper and help the less fortunate ones.
    Truly I’m guilty of always trying to help others, regardless of the situation. And there is no greater reward or satisfation to me than knowing that I did for another what I would like someone to do for me.
    Blessings to you Preston for all you do.

  • Don Egnor

    You know I still live in Tampa…right? I don’t live on the water but come over to my house and hang out so we can talk. I am ready to take my life to the next level but just don’t have the knowledge or guidance I need.

    Just in case you’re wondering who the hell this is we have talked before and I have been to your condo on Bayshore.

  • Wendy Schild

    it’t good. Its great. Its grace. the One who loves and blesses us… AKA G-d so loves the world. that He gave…. so as He is so also are we in this world. You are right Preston those voices are liars. You( we) or at least I have the mind of Christ…I learned this after my near fatal brain injury. You are doing great but that little issue that keeps us back is not the winning, loving, happy, healthy, happy, blessed beyond all your dreams Preston… or Wendy , or people that we were made to be ….. but the days of the righteous keep getting brighter and brighter like the sun rising over the earth. till we get to see Him face to face. Its going to be awesome. Oh wait It is awesome.

  • everett meyers

    I cant get on the site sorry and time is running out I would real like to give a try but I cant get on so sorry can you help think you Everett meyers

  • Ryan Roberts

    I have a spiritual question for you. Let’s talk for 1.73 minutes. I’m not a psycho (I think). My cell phone is 559-360-4108.

    (No one else who reads this post is allowed to use this number for any other purpose than selling me your house for half price.)

  • kristine

    WOW! i can relate! you know those voices always fight!! JUST TRY TO SHUT YOUR BRAIN off!!!lol! GREAT MESS. I TRY TO GET AT LEAST ONE THING PER DAY DONE FOR THE GOOD. even if its just to make some one smile.or pick up someone walking.plant a flower. dont have money.but am keeping my head up! the world needs more LOVE for our fellow people. so much neg. in this world.I have taken a few therapy classes. LOL great news letter kristine

  • Marco

    I’m doing it for the freedom. I don’t need to be rich, just let me be free. Never thought about doing it for GOD though, but I will from now on.

  • Don

    Always seeking truth, your sin is the maintenance
    of your nose. Mine is the procrastination that stops
    my life. It’s like the invisible decepti-con.

  • Bruce

    My What is money. My Who is my mom and other family. My Why is making their lives better. My mother raised 16 kids and we lived in a not so great home. But my mom created a positive & safe environment for us with a lot of prayer and blessing from God. Now mom is older (80) I want to provide her with money freedoms that she deserves. My goal is that her living expenses less than $800 a month be paid by me so she does not have to concern herself with making her ends meets. Thanks be to God for connecting me with others positive souls.


  • David

    Hey Preston….. I needed that. For someone like you to share and give insight. Thnx. I’m not comfortable right now. My relationship, business n financials are all rocky. I tell myself I’m here to serve…..I know what direction I’m going but it’s gottin difficult recently.
    Your that kind of star that I’m chasing, watching, following……

  • Almarine Francis

    If it is an Obsessive Compulsive Behavior, it is not easy to cure. However, a gradual reduction can precipate a cure. Most of the clinicians I have worked with recommend a gradual reduction and of course think to yourself: “the world is not going to end if I don’t accomplish this task.”

  • Steve Strinko

    You never cease to engage my heart. Your words are more than thought provoking, they are persuasive (not pervasive) to my soul. I always come out the other side of your posts, emails and training changed for the better.

    Thanks for your commitment to communicate the love and mission of Christ.

    Your friend,


  • Nikita

    Thx I needed to hear that for a goofy guy u are smart those words were brilliant thank you I hope we can get together so u can get in my strange brain

  • Gordon Bell

    I was a rated “Best Trainer” by the Fortune500 when presenting THE MOST HIGHLY SOUGHT AFTER PUBLIC SPEAKING TRAINING. Because the firm changed hands, the magic formula that enabled the ability to deliver the very best results is no longer available.

    I want to bring that back and franchise this powerful method (only now even more advanced to help meet the demands and challenges of the 21st century) so the younger and future generations can also enjoy this unprecedented result. And, as a 75 year young citizen, I am seeking a capable younger person, who might be a part of this endeavor to help take the mission forward. Might you be interested in learning more? If so, please write me so I can provide you with the particulars.

    Hope you don’t mind this attempt to communicate, as previous efforts to contact you on FaceBook failed and didn’t feel it appropriate to leave this message there.

  • Carol

    I have a medium that I have been working with for several years along with having turned my will & my life over to God, Jesus & the Holy Spirit. The entire congression of Heaven & some encouragement from Maria have helped me hang on, plus the four pills I have to take daily.
    Maria is very involved in church & tells me to pray every day, night & when I need to. She tells me when & how she prays. She has had visions of my past that I had forgotten but were true. Now she really has figured out what is holding me back & keeping me in the same feelings as you.
    It is too complicated to put in a short message but I will send an email to let you know what she has found. It may help you.

    • Preston Ely

      You have a medium along with turning your life over to Jesus. Interesting. Have you read the bible? Do you know what the punishment for using mediums was in the old testament? Answer: DEATH. Your medium is communicating with DEMONS to give you the answers you should be seeking directly from Jesus. Ask for forgiveness and get rid of her.

  • Scott


    Yes it is easy to stop picking your nose. Here is my trick…

    Always keep gum (or chocolate pudding) on your finger tips.

    Now if you can learn to not pick your neighbor’s nose that would

    be another significant improvement.

    I’m glad you finally kicked the habit!

    Praise God!


  • Walter Marchant


    If you will go to the internet: type in your problem, all the answers will be right in front of you!

    I think of you as a person of great strength and I am sure you
    will prevail in all your endeavors.

    In this last recession I was hit hard. When I return of England
    I would like your help and guidance in a real estate start-up.

    God Bless and keep you, Take care of your wife and new child. They are precious.

    Walter Marchant

  • Jeanne Meger

    This is one remarkable site and your message is amazing.. Have not heard the message written out so clearly and so well. Thank you for being an honest, moral, decent teacher. I have to get the book, Body by God ,,,Dr. Ben Lerner. Must be one of the Good Reads. Jeanne

  • Drew

    A great read! You hit the nail on the head! If we think we were put here for selfish reasons we will never be or find true happiness. Any successful leader first learnt to be a servant! My efforts are
    for my wife to be and our children! God is in control and no matter what we do We seek his counsel.
    Thank you for the words of encouragement!

  • Nancy

    This was long! But I love the ending especially the memory verse Luke 10:27! I’m not there yet but I want to love God with all of my being.

    I need to make changes for my 101 year old grandmother and family that is wayward. If I allow myself to be all that God has put inside of me, it just might help change many others that are stuck.

  • Sydney

    Preston, thank goodness for your willingness to share your joy, it’s always an inspiration for me. I must admit my problem has been me, so thanks for helping me get out of my way and help make someone else’s life better. Syd

  • Quinn Wright

    How about helping me out of the shit situation we are in, we are sitting in the park with no where to go and no money in our pockets the car we have was pulled out on the street to get towed if I don’t find a place to put it, I t is almost finished and registered, just need more money.
    Mayday, we are homeless and broke, this is a Mayday call, step up to the plate and help us.
    Quinn & Linda Wright 1-949-742-0905

    • Preston Ely

      there are churches and government programs in America for people in your situation. It sounds like you qualify for just about all our welfare programs. Take advantage of them, but don’t stay there. Get up, learn from your mistakes that brought you to where you are and get back in the game. You’re reaching out to a perfect stranger for help because you never bothered to develop and invest in a social circle for the safety of your family. If I were to get in financial trouble right now theres probably 500 people I could call that would gladly help me out. they would do this because I’ve been there for them in the past and have given to them previously. You are in a position of need because of your previous position of GREED. I feel bad for you. Ive been there. But I had to pull myself out. You will too.

  • Michael Mortimer

    You’re not here on earth for you, in case you were thinking differently. You’re here to learn and develop your gifts to the fullest in order to help others learn and develop their gifts to the fullest. You’re not just cheating yourself when you don’t bother trying, try and quit or cave in to temptation. You’re cheating Earth. And Earth, as we all know, is a female. You ever cheat on a female before? Well this one creates tornadoes. I highly don’t recommend pissing her off.
    Hi Preston, you admitting that you are feeling guilty should relieve you of any guilt you are experiencing. The above paragraph is what you wrote and I found it inspiring.
    I really do not know you personally, in fact you spell my name, “Nichael”, it really spelled, “Michael”. Do I care, not really. There are so many things in life that are so trivial and it seems to be human nature to complicate the basics of life. Live, Love, Respect and be Honest. Help whenever you can, but know your boundaries.
    I wish you all the Best Preston and know you are a better person since your, “Self Revelation”.
    All the best take care,
    your new friend,
    Michael Mortimer

  • john

    I like the story.but it doesn’t pay the bills not today or tomorrow , I thought that we we’re to take care of each other and help them secede in life.but that shit is out the window .I believe in God and love him.that don’t change that iam disabled broke as hell and can’t pay my bills because I cannot work no more……..

    • Preston Ely

      You are broke and cant pay your bills because you dont WANT to work any more. There is no such thing as helpless. Get that out of your head. You’re choosing your life.

  • Mike

    Lol Preston , you are an amazing person ! If that is your only guilty habit then you are in great shape,( just don’t do it in public , people tend to frown upon it )
    As for mine it’s me ,As you know “Me” can be your worse nightmare.
    Take care,

  • jon doe

    Dude, Dude, Dude. In your ‘born again’ marketing mode, You’re about as criminally shameless with your subliminal religionist NLP as you were with the scavenging scheme of getting gold out of dead people’s mouths. What’s next for the sequel, ‘harvesting organs…for JEEsus!?” And your copy writing–which is talented– is however very transparent. Transparent, i might add, as a cheap pair of Victoria Secret underwear.

    In my early marketing days, of which i literally wrote one of the books on the topic, you are becoming one of culprits that the gurus warned often crossed the line into illegal predatory marketing. And you know what happens when you venture into that very dangerous ‘grey’ area where ethics float in a ‘purgatory’ of ‘sin’, and your morality will eventually become ‘hell bent’ to corruption.

    I know your well tuned marketing ‘soul’ is intensely ‘tempted’ by what you see of the power of ‘evangelical promotion’. But don’t let it go to your greedy little head. That will make it only easier to chop off when the time comes.

    Taking advantage of the flawed emotional content of delusional Christian ‘faithful’ is easy to capitalize but morally despicable.and you’re right, and your subconscious voice revealed that in your comedy above when you said you’re a ‘Loser’. Because only losers play on religionists. And these ‘losers’ are also criminally prosecuted. It’s one of those non violent ‘willingly’ participated in criminal acts that those of higher social value and authority abhor.

    And we all know what happens to people like that? Maybe if you’re lucky you’ll get a cell next Kevin Trudeu. And you can read the the ‘bible’ together. and lament the moment you ‘crossed the line’. Then maybe co-author a book in retribution cautioning other scammers– that the judge will allow because you won’t get any profit from it, or anything you do after that for the rest of your life.

    Since you like quotes and words of wisdom. Consider these.

    ‘Money has no Morals’, -Stuart Varney.

    Evangelicalism, for for profit and personal gratification, has no good spiritual conscience’ -Mahatma Muhjesbude.

    • Preston Ely

      lol. dude … you sound broke. And envious. Why are you so mad at God? he’s not the one who made you so miserable? Youre doing that to yourself. And I’m a better copywriter than you were on your very very VERY best day. Maybe that’s what’s got you so fired up.

  • Jason Hoobler

    Identify the times and stresses causing you to want to regress and “unknot” them over time by finding how to correct for the way the world perjured your youthful integrity — the inability to shake a habit is symptomatic of its incurable relation to the forward momentum on how you feel as a matured individual (minus the bad habits which are hopefully cured when you find both the motivation to restiore integrity and the courage not to fear relating to the more obnoxiously learned habits of a youthful self separated from your matured integrity). Not much else I can add, though awareness isn’t enough.

    • Preston Ely

      dude … get your of your head. you completely missed the point of the blog. I have 250,000 people following me. Look behind you …

  • Jason Hoobler

    Let me repeat since I was misunderstood – I didn’t care to get into a whole thing of it, but it was a general way to relate to how the way in which one’s experience of creation prior to the moment we exist in is in the sense of betweenness from disappointment or misunderstandings; if there was an issue to be mentioned it is that regardless of successes, almost everyone has that sense that they turn over to an impotent relation to the now as a result of the things locked inside how our bodies make us feel in relation to the nostalgias that sabotage – whether it is good old days that never were or behaviors that relate to those impotences of the past: I agree with you, the sense of more fulfilled importance of a bigger why is a way to deal with it — however that isn’t enough in my experience to undo annoyances or hindrances; hence, I spoke of such things as keeping a diary of moods relating behavior to actions to awareness to intent to the in-the-nowness of being. It was purposefully, general, and I didn’t mention keeping a diary because I idn’t want to tread on your efforts there, just developed an outline of the issues to be aware of in gradual behavior cessation not as a move away from by avoidance, but as an understanding of how to fit in what you are going for by way of digging deeper into the uniqueness of advantage that your improvisation and style are able to compensate for and develop ways to strengthen for. In any case, I sympathize with you on that count, and I also am impressed by all the other things you mention which I believe are very ably said.

    • Preston Ely

      I literally … have no idea what you’re talking about. lol. but that’s on me. I must not be smart enough. You are on another level for sure. I’m not an intellectual.

  • jon doe

    Well, my friend, your response speaks for itself and proves my point. At first i thought you were faux religionist but your come back was typical of ‘true believers’, especially ‘born agains’ who couldn’t get it right the fist time, lol! They always get defensive and attack, making assumptions that always wrong. Die hard Christians are just as bad as Islamists. If you attempt to ‘enlighten’ them with a different perspective, they simply reject and ridicule, dismiss and attack.

    Nice philosophy ‘god’ teaches you, lol?!

    Broke? hahahahaha! While that’s a relatively subjective perception, also depending upon whether you mean morally or financially ‘broke’, lol! I look around at myself and seem to be ‘elevated’ and in continuous ‘ascension’ on both counts? And I’d invite you to fly into my private estate and land on my airstrip and have lunch within my 5k sf. original Frank Loyd Wright custom home, also the derivative of past real estate ventures, in multiple streams of business, where i made good money back when real estate wheeling and dealing involved at least a modicum of class, integrity, honesty, and hard work. Instead of the scam BS it is today which primarily takes advantage of down and out personal situations. But the conversation would invariably turn to your delusion, instead of enlightenment, because of your ignorance of life.

    And then you’d be really cognitively disconnected when we had a little exercise in my private dojo and busted out your anal retentiveness on Gracie fighting being so superior, and all, lol! I was one of the original ‘instructor/competitors back in the days of Gracie’s short lived ‘reign’ in real time fighting that literally destroyed his so called unbeatable techniques.

    But, as usual with intransigent faith based thinkers, you are wrong about me being ‘mad at god’. It’s just that those of you who think you know about ‘god’ from merely ‘believing’ in it, by learning from other scammers who know less than you, irritates the ‘hell’ out of those of us who do know the reality truth. Unfortunately all These blindly obedient pre-programmed faith based true believers you ‘need’ to consider as ‘followers’ for your ‘ego’, also NEED and want to be ‘fleeced’ like the ‘flock’ of sheeple that they have become due to one of, if not THE greatest, frauds ever perpetrated on humanity.

    And i know you are knowledgeable and well read enough to KNOW that, yet you continue to take advantage of these weaknesses in religionist mentality for profit. Perhaps even folding up into the delusion yourself?

    Because i like you i was just warning you of the fact that websites like these are now actually being perused and scrutinized by people and organizations that don’t like this stuff and consider it ‘evile’, lol. And they are ‘proactive’ about it.

    Personally, i don’t care too much one way or another. I personally think stupidity and avarice is not a crime or even unethical as long as it doesn’t seriously hurt innocent people by taking advantage of their gullible religious nature. Most will eventually ‘see the light’–in this new age of enlightenment, and chalk it up to ‘lessons of life learned the hard way’, lol.

    And if you give your, cough, ahem 250k followers ‘what they need’ to temporarily assuage their flawed emotional content, and make a few bucks at the same time, there’s nothing really ‘illegal’ about that.

    As the famous carnival master said, ‘there’s a sucker born every minute. And i suppose somebody has to make money on them, if they can’t do any real value production.

    So don’t take my comments so personally? My philosophy is of the simplest purest content. Reality talks, bullshit walks.

    “Without honest reality truth,which the bible does not provide, we are all still under the ‘devil’s guidance”–Mahatma Muhjesbude.

    And yes, i agree.

    • Preston Ely

      ooooooone last thought … regarding the whole “God” thing. If I’m wrong … I lose nothing. If you’re wrong … there is hell to pay. Literally. And you gotta at least give it 50/50 odds. You have no proof and neither do I (I actually do, but then I’d have to talk longer to you than I care to). SCARY! Good luck!
      p.s. $100 says you hate your earthly father. If I’m wrong, give me an address to send it to. But I’m not wrong.

  • jon doe

    A P.S to my last comment.

    What ‘got me fired up’ as you put it because of your misunderstanding, was not that you are a better copywriter than me. Although you’ve likely seen a couple of my ads at one time or another when i used to ‘dabble’ in that, and i fully agree that you are far better than i ever was, and you should be rewarded for that. And that’s why i even bother to continue to even click and nibble onto your hooks.

    Ironically, and perhaps a little perversely, i always admire higher talent, even though i might not appreciate its core value.

    I especially like your humor and metaphor integration in the script. But you know what I was really talking about in my comments.

    Also i commend you on not ‘administratively censoring’ my non sycophantic comments as most blogs do.

    There’s ‘hope’ for your salvation, lol!

    I send you blessings in higher consciousness.

  • paul

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    have you been saved? do you seek eternal salvation for your soul? where do you want to spend eternity? heaven or hell? do you know that Jesus loves you? ” Hey _ friend___________ wanna see my new web site , 1st one i ever completed ? its right here give me some feed back. please, if u have been saved then forward my site to those who need to be , please and post it on your home page . Thanks you and in Jesus name I pray your family and you enjoy good health , prosperity and long life . Thx and welcome new friend , Paul… God Loves you 9819448

  • Mel

    I studied a book recently that placed a question{conviction} in my mind. When I went foreward as a pre-teen I actually kept a small portion of my heart for me. I then decided a couple years later, that was wrong and dumb, and went foreward again. I believe there was a change, but my life has been up and down in this area. I pressed on In life, but had a preacher state that this was easily obtainable on the internet, curiosity got the best of me and I indulged, now it seems unstopable, and I now developed a problem with my mouth which I never had growing up or through most of my adulthood, that bugs me as well. I also justify some of this due to my spouses attitude. I think that was strike three….:(.. I don’t believe I will ever loose with God as my pilot, and Christ as a co-pilot, but I am kickin myself in the behind with all the issues. I know my Faith is stable, and God provides an enable, fillin my cup and table!

  • jon doe

    Well, my friend, you might not always be wrong, but your knee-jerk puerile attempts at amateur psychoanalysis as a defensive redirect of the point certainly are incorrect. My father was a good man and i miss him dearly. Lamenting only the fact that we didn’t spend more time together later in life. And for your limited capacity at absorbing information, unlike the rampant hatred so pervasive in all religions, I don’t hate anyone. But sometimes i get frustrated with the vast amount of ignorance in the world, and how so many gullible people fall for so much bad influence. THAT’s what gets me fired up sometimes. Especially when i see really smart guys like you or Bill O, who is now becoming one of the most dangerous people in America, catering to what amounts to one of the biggest hoaxes on Earth.

    Maybe people just don’t seem to want to know the truth? Maybe money just makes being ‘wrong’ worth it??

    In any case, keep your measly C-note. I throw more than that away on lunch tips every week, lol! Or donate it to Wounded Warriors or to American Liberty PAC to help get some of these so called representatives fired in the coming midterms.

    By the way, since you brought up the ‘issue’ of right and/or wrong, you’re wrong again in that nowhere in my posts here did i say anything about the existence–or not–of ‘god’. You made that ‘leap of faith’, lol! Not me? And thirdly, proof of ‘god’ is NOT a 50/50 proposition,lol! The truth is definitely out there. It’s just been covered up so long that you have to dig a little and overcome the massive negative energies in the collective consciousness of intransigent delusional people constantly living in a state of abject denial.

    Being so ‘wrong’ in just a few posts is not a good track record for someone who “is never wrong”, LMAO

    “The essence of expanding intelligence is that there are always people dumber and smarter than you, and always someone dumber or smarter than those persons. You only grow in your own mind power when you maintain an awareness of that in your personal integrations with others” -Mahatma Muhjesbude

    I could keep banging on you on this but as i said, you’re not a bad person, just ‘misguided’. Probably because of your age. Youth is a wonderful thing, too bad it’s wasted on young people, lol! But i have an unfair advantage over most people. Higher academic credentials AND lots of knowledge and OJT in life experience. So in the end, anything we would ‘debate’ on forums like this would eventually make you sound stupid.

    So I’ll give you a break this time and not ‘explain’ anything to you yet about ‘god’ and religion. But in the spirit of higher knowledge to keep working at picking the lock on the prison door of your mind, try diversifying your reading ‘bucket list’. Start with Albert Schweitzer ‘The Historicity of Jesus’ and If you want more ‘enlightenment’, there’s plenty more where that came from. let me know in a private email. If money is the issue, I’ll pay for your education.

    I’m also going to give you the last word here out of respect that its your website so you can go ahead do your exemplification ‘thang’ to prove what i’m saying to…yourself?

    Or Not? Which might then be a new beginning for your mental emancipation.

    So in parting, I’ll say ‘keep up the ‘good’ work’, live long and prosper! and here’s ‘one’ for the road”

    “It’s not that people don’t know so much, it’s just that so much of what people ‘know’ just ain’t so!” -Mark Twain


    Thank you “PickingNosevangelist” !!! I love you Valiant!! You are a pain in the muffler to Satan!!! Truckloads of Pepto-Bismol don’t last in Hell with your humorous witty big mouth full of disguised heavenly truth!,even for the hypocritical big wig self sanctified religious ones! Loving God and being yourself is an example of THE FULLNESS OF EMBRACING HIS GRACE; and you got it, and YOU model it fearless! Stay clean by confessing all of your hours and days!

  • Arnold

    Awesome Preston, I thank for this Blog it really opened my eyes. I been taught that if you help people get what they want you will get what you want and the scriptures you added really tie everything in.

    Thanks Arnold

  • Desiree Moeller

    You are where you are supposed to be. God put you here for a reason. You are using your time and your talents to better the lives of others. You are setting the example that others can follow to become successful. Everything happens for a reason, and we as human beings need to be ready for those opportunities that present themselves. May God continue to bless you and inspire you.
    Thank you,

  • Raymond Le Roy

    Preston. in all honesty,I have lived to take care of others for so long, I feel now its time to look after myself, my dreams and expectations. I know ts more important to give than receive, but I have to empower myself with PROPER knowledge so that I can be the best I can be. I think to properly help others, you have to help yourself. Empower yourself, then you can help empower others. Otherwise its the blind leading the blind. I need help in my quest for CORRECT real estate knowledge, and thankfully I feel all the way to my bones that you guys can get me there. I need my own journey now. I need to strenthen my OWN head, then Ill be able to help others even more. Even though others may think I have good knowledge, I know in my own heart I havent scratched the surface.When you dont do all you can for your OWN head, youre not doing all you can for others. Being your best, empowers you to give your best.

  • JOHN

    That is so true the battle in the head if we
    Said what we where thinking we would all
    Be considered crazy.. With that being said
    about giving and helping show me how to
    make money by having a website like
    This.. We promise to pay it forward. We
    agree it is better to GIVE THAN RECEIVE..
    Notice how we didn’t use I……


  • Julie

    Hi Preston, this is the first email I’ve read when waking up, and it made me laugh, but I do get your point. (or at least I think I do). I’ve been wanting to become an investor since 2004, when I was doing mobile closings all over Broward County; I started to see a pattern, people getting equity lines of credit and buying properties left and right, even in other states. I was doing up to 6 closings per day! Just when I was about to get started-learned from Dean Graziosi, fate intervened, and had 2 back to back accidents.
    So I’ve never been able to make my dream come through and had to go live with a relative. (Trust me, I did not pick my nose all that time)

    I’m back in FL now and ready to give it a second try. My motivators are my mother who I want to bring back to be with me, and my adorable grandson who suffers from a chronic skin condition and needs expensive treatment.

    Thank you for your free trial


  • Charles

    Ely, I thought it was that you like to hear yourself talk! I have another comment or request of you and your Real Estate Business!
    I am 74 yrs old and have been in Commercial Construction Business with some years in residential constructionall my adult life since graduating from Purdue University. I need to add to my social security income for a better retirement. I want to be a part of your Real Estate Mogul business. I am paying for two houses and I want turn these houses into rentals.I did not have the funds to take advantage of your $97.00 REstate Club last week. Can I join when I get my October SS Check about Oct. 23, 2014? Thank you. Charles Sells

  • Deb Beck

    Love this I am on the edge of giving up on three things in my life that will enable me to give back to the world. I needed a new affirmation. Thanks

  • Roy Morse Jr

    I’m doing it for my higher power and my family. For I have been to hell and have been given another chance 20 years ago. Although I have done good with it, I can do more for others. And while being supported by those who have seen my heart, I owe it to my creator and loved ones to succeed as I know I can deep down. The key for me is to unlock the confidence from deep within me. Fear has ruled me for far too long. I need education for confidence building.

  • Donald Johnson


    Thanks Preston. You just made me cry. LOL. You are amazing. This has touched my heart. Keep being the Lord’s angel.

  • Harold

    Thanks Preston it is written it is more blessed to give then receiving keep up the knowledge of giving I personally want to thank you for all these words.

  • Bill

    That love you’re neighbor as yourself stuff really works! Tried it myself. Did wonders for me! Good advice here. Can’t go wrong doing the Word! Thanks!

  • Russell G Hopkins

    I want to “Live to give” just like Preston! I want to follow in Prestons footsteps, use REI / internet marketing to become financially free & help others!

  • Grace m.

    I think what you wrote was fantastic. You remind of a prince and the world will become your kingdom. I look forward to seeing your emails. Thankyou from the bottom my heart. Your friend Grace.

  • David McBurnett

    Hi Preston,
    After reading your blog, and many of the comments I have to say the “Why” to me is that I want to help others, but before I can do that I have to help Myself.

  • Annetta Jackson

    Hello there Very good Preston,I’m so impressed with your confession of love. ex specially the script you quoted.

  • mershonia


  • Joseph Senesi

    I order your book 2 days ago and lost my link so I couldn’t download then Now I can’t find the link to download. Please help

  • Ray Thomas

    To sum it all up, Preston & friends, remember this: “”Seek first
    the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things will be added unto you: For where your treasure is, there will
    your heart be also. Luke 12:31-34

  • joe

    Nice Preston!
    Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior and even He came not to be served but to serve and lay His life down for many!!!!!!!

  • Harold

    My guilty pleasures are enjoying the sweets of the planet and my eyes enjoy looking at the beautiful women oh how sweet it is. Hey P. I love you “Bro” brother from another mother.

  • Wilfredo

    Just a couple of lines to let you know that I appreciate the way you express yourself about God. The phrase from James Allen has been my lighthouse for most of my life. God bless.

  • Barbara

    I like your insights. I am lookingfor people to help me may sign up for free.please check it….361-293-0763 thanks Barbara

  • Thomas


  • Andres

    Preston, I thought maybe you need help, your pee aim is starting to be off! With the booger, just use a pencil eraser on your finger, that will fix it.

  • Glen

    I just tired of the whole “Preston Ely” thing as a whole!! Tells you to contact him via his face book page…..8 months ago!!!!! HAVEN’T HEARD A WORD!!!!! Is this the same support you get when you buy 1 of his “GET RICH QUICK” schemes?? They get your money then forget you?? IF HIS actions are an indication of how they act!!

    And this whole “LIVE to GIVE” thing…..I guarantee, IF someone was to come to him and ask for help…..IT WOULDN’T BE THERE!! OR if you were to ask ANY of the others who commented on this post!!

    Just another farce!!!!!

  • miri

    Hi Ely you are so amazing guy in town and hilarious !!!!

    your point of view has similarity t mine and amazingly connected to you ….i do have a challenge( rather say it so than use the word problem) that made me stuck in life and am now puzzled how to break it out free and start my life debt free … how can i do it that, is a dilemma …..
    all the best! you live your life with the curtesy of “sweet life” you deserve that!!!

  • Cheryl

    Preston hope you don’t mind my calling you
    by your first name but after that I feel like I know you, a long and satirical writing but a back door way to an inspirational confessional of a bogger eater!!! Lol! But I thank you for the beautiful reminder off my discovery of who I am. And my why? I’m in this world, my purpose is -to learn and share the experience of life, the good and bad,the truth of life and be the example of giving, serving and to be present. Peace.

  • EZ

    knowledge I want to know but afraid to know. “Ignorance is bliss” but I live to serve others happiness a smile a hug compassion for people to love me.for I feel I don’t know how to love myself.

  • Jared

    Hey Preston,

    I would like to start by thanking you somehow I always tend to find your email links when I loose my “umph”. I’m on a search for freedom from something but don’t know yet but every time I read something you post I feel like I’m one step closer. Lately I have been down because my real-estate plan has not been working out but you put me back in the game to try even harder

  • Paul East

    I truly was wondering where this message was going until I got further into it. I said its was sent to motivate me and I believe that I understand why. I agree with what was written as I do most of the time. What I need to do is manage my time and commit myself. I appreciate this blog and I haven’t given up. THANKS FOR THE FIRE.

  • Brenda Masters

    Dear Preston:

    In relation to the masses, you are an overachiever and you drive yourself with a stick.

    You always look to the horizon…looking to the future and unknown wanting to know more. This is not a bad thing…you are fighting with yourself to….do better and do more especially for others because that what gives you your sense of self worth.

    The Real Estate Market changes and you want to always be on the cutting edge and you are comfortable being there..out of your comfort zone. You like to see the rockets red glare. ACTION is your middle name and you like to see it happen and make it happen.
    If there isn’t enough Action you get depresses always looking for the next wave…like a race horse at the starting gate.

    Don’t get depressed you will seek and find as you always do.

    Your Friend, Brenda

  • Homer

    I’ve been trying to reach you!,personnaly I don’t like you and I want you to quit emailing me!I can’t get behind any body who tries to push people into things they care nothing about!If I was to go into a venture it wouldn’t be with someone who thinks they know me! You don’t know anything about me!! You’ve judged me based on your assumptions that you know me, you don’t so don’t contact me again, get my drift!!

  • ali

    This the second week I have been waiting for the book which I paid over two months ago.
    which after postin few comments on your website. . They said I will receive with in five days. Still waiting.
    Respond before I post more comment on your website.

  • Ray Aka

    You know I’ve been reading your emails for a while. However, this blog post is one ofthe best yet. Live for God, love His people and Joy to the world. Now that’s life. Be blessed & Totally on purpose

  • Ben Robinson

    Great scripture to memorize. Continue to give God the glory. He
    has blessed you tremendously. We all have had that guilty pleasure. The Lord has delivered me from a lot worse. Keep praising Him.

  • Dean Hatch

    You have found the secret of happiness. “Enter in to the joy of your LORD”. “Inasmuch as you have done it unto the least of these, you have done it unto me”

    You have overcome the blind slavery of our culture, which sees only material reality.

    If we can change ideas we can wake the world from stupor.

    I have recently been asking people, “have you thought about how it is that you are self conscious in your particular body at this particular time in history?”


  • Lisa N Corpus

    This was an awesome site with tons of information. Thanks for taking the time to publish this,you are an excellent writer.

  • Gordon

    “The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, for he has appointed me to preach Good News to the poor. He has sent me to proclaim that captives will be released, that the blind will see, that the downtrodden will be freed from their oppressors, and that the time of the Lord’s favor has come.” (Luke 4:18-19)

    God appoints us to help others. Thanks for your post! I’m ready to get the junk out of my life so that I can help others.

  • Russ

    Nicely put, kind of my vision for the word “success”,
    Adding value to this world by growing yourself, simultaneously adding value and enriching others.

  • Woodie Jr Roten

    Please My name is Woodie Jr Roten and I am Disable and trying my heart out to get back on my feet. Please Help me. I just starting to learn how to flip Houses, but I don’t NO Where to find buyers for the property that I’ll find Please Help me. I can’t help to beg, but I am not to good to beg. I NO the Lord will help me find some Mentor that cares and I will give you my promise if you help me and when I become successful I will help someone else. My address is 482 Buzzard Roost Rd. Bulls Gap, TN 37711 and email is: my phone is 423-523-2369 Thank You & God Bless Woodie

  • Mark

    “Live to give” is one of the best mottos you could have and are words to live by! I have personally seen how giving someone something unexpectedly truly is a wonderful feeling! We were just learning today how you need to be in the right position to receive your blessing. Keep up the encouraging words.

  • Tom Dolbec

    Good morning Preston,
    I wouldn’t worry about thinking of yourself
    for a change most people do that but of course they
    enjoy going over board about it just don’t over endulge
    and you’ll be fine your still a good man and always will be!

    I hope this helped. Tom Dolbec

  • Harold

    Beautiful! Would you please make sure I get all my stuff so I can get some stuff out before the week end?
    Good, keep a hanke with you at times , and when you’re ready
    To pick, blow your nose . Then you can Pick all you want!
    Don’t want a bugger hanging out of your nose! What about land?Some places got farm land for sale around here!

  • Jimmy Hemminger

    Nice of you to share that guilty little pleasure with friends Preston, I got same issues, trying to help friends, and strangers succeed with me.

  • Eric King

    hi Preston you are a straight up person helpful and kind to what I have received from you willing to help people off the groun and place them comfortable for your encouraging word to us each and every day

  • Winston

    Preston, as a bishop, I am really humbled to be involved with you-even with business endeavors. I am especially thrilled with your spiritual aspirations. See I wanted to do real estate to benefit my ministry, however now I’m seeing the true love of Christ being reflected thru you and in your life. My comments may not mean much but I applaud your integrity and measure of faith. God bless you. Winston

  • Michael Bennett

    My WHY! My son,my security, my future wife. Success for us all, join an elite group of happy(truely happy) people.

  • Marilla Coulliette

    I would like enough money to get me out of debt and to get me and my girls a home of our own. And then be able to help others as needed.And I would not mind having transportation.All paid for so all I would have are the monthly bills.But right now I am staying with friends because I have the choice of that or the street.As I look for work and go back to school.To get certification in Heating and air conditioning.Which I hope will give me the cash I need to help myself and others.Thanks for giving me the chance to vent some of my own frustrations.And by the way I am a vet so I know what it is to work hard and be dependable.I can do a lot of stuff and am willing to learn.So if anyone out there Knows where someone like me can get work I thank you in advance.

  • Mark Akeman

    It does not matter what your financial status is as long as you do not become to proud or greedy. With wealth comes responsibility to others as well as if you help someone that you should not have. All of this does not matter as we do not know the answers all we can do is pray for guidance and keep on keeping on, you are not selfish nor do you love or worship wealth which would be a sin.

  • Harry

    Presto be, you’re self , I think you are ( most of the time )
    When you get close to death Things Change! And that’s the hardest thing to do is to change someone. And why would you want to, some people don’t know better than to pick their noses,
    It’s not cool, but neither is walking along having some one say,
    ” Excuse me Sir, but you have a bugger hanging from your nose
    Hairs, that you might think about trimming those as well, but I
    Would suggest that you create that scene in the pleasure of a
    Private place! None of my friends would tell anyone and be polite
    Enough that this poor guy is embarrassing the hell out of himself.
    Such is life. So… What do you do in the bathroom that takes you so long? Oh well, they’ll have to figure it out.
    I have a huge WHY. It’s me. I admit it. But, I want this life to be what God has wanted for us. To be happy and enjoy. And I would
    Like to be able to help my Mother, and leave more than an old guitar for my Daughter. You see, I love them both, and I want them to be happy. Worrying about money is not something we should have to waste our time with. I’ll talk more later, if you want
    More truth. But I am a big believer of God, and I pay him. If I don’t, I feel bad. Plus, being shot at in the War, and just have gone through the worst 3 yrs. of my life, I almost died of pain. God worked it out for me, and there’s others, just like me, that I
    Would love to help, by building a place like “AA” where people
    Can come and talk. Those are my goals, and this will happen. But off to the races! I gotta get going. I will tell you more later.
    Take care Bro, see Ya! Harry

  • Cynthia Mowatt

    Hello Preston,
    I read your blog, and then I started reading the responses below.
    Oh boy, if you are not careful you are going to have to build a church. Are you ready to become a shepherd for God? This might not have crossed your mind, but people are opening up to you, because in some way or the other you seem to have a way of reaching in and touching them in places where it matters most.

    Thank you for the inspiration, it lets me know that I am not that strange, because I battle with the chatter in my head also.
    You are a special bred, from a special generation, and that tells that Gods word will be alive long after I am gone. I pray that you will stay strong,and continue to walk in His Light.


  • Liz

    I hear you, Preston, and I agree. We are here for God and for each other. I have been a special ed teacher. I worked for many years teaching the unteachable. I taught them they could succeed with the right structure in their lives. I taught them how to succeed step by step. I had many of my emotionally disturbed students leave special ed. I developed my own program called Get A Life to help them see the everyday, day in, day out habits they needed to have to live successfully. My program worked for all the kids…they all scored at least one to five years higher when their scores had not progressed for years. I got to present my program at Virginia Tech and receive a reward. It was an idea I got from God. I am much older, now, and have found myself in a very difficult place. I have been a missionary, a street evangelist, a teacher, a prayer minister, a counselor. Now, I feel like I have failed financially. Teaching is not very lucrative, and I burned out after recovering from a dislocated jaw, broken fingers, bruised ribs, etc. I am in a rough place being 55, having not enough income and still facing the tough things that life sends us…sick loved ones, health issues, job losses, etc. I have asked God for help. I ask you for help, too – pray for me. I need to find a source of income. I am planning to enter real estate school. I have to admit to a great deal of fear. We are already in an untenable situation in life and at 19 my dad counseled me that real estate was too iffy. If I fail…anyway, thank you for choosing to care, Preston. I needed to see that confession you wrote…I was feeling there was no help for me. I like what you wrote.

  • Dale Rhoades

    By faith we all believe in things we cannot see. But by faith alone we all become stronger and love one another as God has loved you. The true meaning of hope is the compassion we all show for one another. For love is the strongest faith of all. And to love yourself is meaningless but to love others as yourself is a true blessing filled with undenying hope. So thanks Preston and god bless ya.

  • BOUNAB Makhlouf

    I know you have a big heart and you are generous to help financial professionals and people like me thank you for your compréhension.sign: your partnair: Mr, Bounab Makhlouf.

  • Ken

    It amazes me that there are so many people that talk about “ME” and “How do I get even with someone that wronged me?” If they only realized that Mother Earth, Mother Nature and all other good things are GOD’s creations that man has twisted to sound good, like the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus. God wants us to do for others before we do for ourselves. He also puts us through trials to strengthen our resolve and character. If we are wronged and retaliate, what do we learn? aren’t we just as bad, if not worse than the one that wronged us? Doing FOR others is far more rewarding emotionally!

    Doing a business with the customers in mind, instead of the all mighty dollar is what GOD wants us to do!

    Thank you Preston for thinking about others first. It makes you more of a man than most out there!


  • David

    Preston, how about answering emails to your “support addresses” before writing lengthy blog posts?

    Worth a thought, before you try writing a self-help educational book.. You probably should really pick your nose first and think about customer relationship management in your company. (which, as far as my experience goes, is not existing unfortunately)


    PS: Subject was “help please, thank you” (and several others before, none of them answered.. not impressed)

  • Dave

    I have been practicing giving for a good while and I have found the more I gave the more I would receive which increased my giving power. I am looking forward to increased giving power using the mogul systems.

  • Forshun

    I stopped running from God when it became clear that I had made a mess of thing in my life. I have hit rock bottom. The path I was on came to a dead end which lead me too prison. And after being release several years later I realized I had nowhere else to go. I’m ready to let go and let God. I have found a woman who I really Love and it’s time too become a better man for my sake.

  • Thom Phillips

    This message is to Preston Ely – I just checked my BANK account and found that somehow your company DEDUCTED $197 from my account and I do not remember authorizing you to make such a withdrawal from my account ??? as I am on a limited budget I would never authorize such a large amount being with drawn and if you are an honest company as you seam to protray in all you emails I would ask that you return this withdrawal as quick as possible sO MY ACCOUNT DOES NOT BECOME OVERDRAWN ,I will expect this to happen ASAP so I will not have to take further action – Sincerely – Thom Phillips

  • juliana

    hey….so u like to help? i could REALLY use the kind where u help me because i want it. i need help getting away from where i live. i have no money. my boyfriend blackmails me with ten dollars a day EVERY day of my life. i have n

  • Travis

    Thank you Preston for sending us the remarkable email. I agree 100% with you. Mentoring is want I need but right now I don’t have it in my budget.Thank you very much for all the info you send us. I will like to make the change

  • Andrew Wells

    If I were to guess I would have to say you are not alone in the booger picking. if you said sucking your thumb then I would definitely say and extra prayer tonight just for you. I actually saw a grown man driving a tricked out nice red Chevy pickup with a gangster lean on driving on the interstate with his thumb lodged comfortable in his jaw,as if it was a piece of jerky. I almost crashed looking at this guy in shock. Lol!!! On a more serious note Thank you for your words of encouragement. I don’t always find the time to reply but I read all your emails. Presently I’m slowly digging myself out of debt and when I get a little extra cash I want to invest in your books and real estate.
    Keep up the good work and may both God and man find favour in you and may God continue to bless you.

  • Tom Dolbec

    Good morning Preston,
    I think your a very nice man and just because
    you were thinking of yourself for awhile doesn’t mean
    your selfish sometimes you have to, to set things in perspective
    like your business sometimes that can be consuming in itself so don’t worry about it to much your still a good and decent man
    and we will stand behind you and encourage you if need be or if you think you failed at some point ok Buddy?

    P.S. your the BEST! Tom Dolbec

  • Ariel

    Great. Keep going, the new revelation will grow in quality and quantity untill the earth will the filled with the knowledge of the lord. I am sure your book and maybe even my book will be part of His plan to make this happen. If you r ever stuck, reach out, i am already stuck but I also have to book to publish for Her sake.


  • Frank

    Man, you are right… I was thinking of the same thing, or maybe it was your a– you were picking. Lmao…
    Great stuff, my life was wonderful and it was stolen from under my feet. Try hard to stay afloat, maybe you can help me, or maybe you won’t. Sent you a message a while back and all I get your marketing department to try to sell me stuff. Bummer I try to believe you help people.
    Thanks for the laugh…
    Frank Sciolino

  • Mary

    Thank you, Very inspirational. I love that God is in your life, and you share that with your readers.
    Regards your guilty pleasure, I’m happy you were able to give that up.
    God bless

  • Eva

    Thank You Preston for all the encouragement up untill now I really thought I was doing this for myself and my family but it hasn’t worked out so listening to everything you say helps me see that it’s just been about me and what I need and want so I need to focus more on God and family! Thank you so much, did anyone ever tell you your such a funny guy? so refreshing. I love reading all your stuff because besides getting educated you make me laugh!! U make my day!!
    Sincerely , Eva

  • john

    great story Preston so here is my why a few years back the monster sorry mother of my children and I had a falling out after 17 yrs as a couple we both moved on and things were great at first she had the kids during the week and since I moved to another town I’d have them on the weekends.I was renting the home with an option to buy where my ex and children stayed.So I married another woman a few yrs later and since the kids were growing up they had little time to come visit dad so my wife and decided to move to Kansas city because that’s where her family was from.For some reason me and my children stopped talking altogether except for the occasional chat on Facebook.I felt this emptiness like I had never felt before I was always unhappy their mother well lets just say is a moron in 3 years she managed to almost destroy the house there was trash a foot high in the the back yard I’ll give ya the address you can see it with Google earth not only did she do this but also managed to get herself into a bit of a legal bind.My mom called me in a panic so I got on a plane and moved back to kids lets say we’re not the same good kids I left well they are but I know they can be better I had always raised them to donate things at Christmas please and thank you don’t be wasteful you know things that are common sense sorry if I get off point.Any way when I got back and saw the chaos of the situation I knew I had to do something greater than me then i am not the doer of great things I thought and I realized that if I didn’t take action I might lose everything that I love my children would never count on me not to mention all the others I might let down so I got a fire in me to become financially free and it hasn’t flickered I’m still broke and right now unemploiveo but I’m making progress I’m trying to get a few real estate deals going ive got a few buyers a few sellers the documents to put things in play though I still don’t know what I’m doing exactly thanks for the docs by the way well I cosharin
    on but that’s my why. Thank you so much for sharing with me!truly a blessing

  • Scott

    My why is everyone else I feel I don’t think enough about myself and that in the end is my problem thanks for your question it I feel did open my eyes.

  • Warren

    I have ordered books in the past but the only one I have received to date is “how to get rich in real estate.” I ordered the book with the tidal wave of cash and never received it. I didn’t have a number to call to follow up. Thanks

  • Ernestine Jackson

    Yes I can imagine what you’re saying did happened with you!
    Jesus has his own and very unique way of getting our attention, he let you go through and experience things as a witness. I think you are a witness according to the things God has bestowed in you to testify of him .yes we must be born again and become a new creature in Christ Jesus, our mind , heart and soul are renewed , we must become one in Christ Jesus, didn’t he say , let this mind be in you which is also in Christ Jesus. Yes, when we give from a pure heart toward others then we have gave back to God what was already his from the start. Did you not know everything come from God goes right back to him , amen !

  • robert

    I’m not very good at didn’t comment a. Bo bo for going on your website I wasted my time the same point I could have been working a really good job and making money

  • robert

    I’m not very good at didn’t comment a. Bo bo for going on your website I wasted my time the same point I could have been working a really good job and making money thank you for trying to help me I don’t have the money to spend on your website on your website and a couple of others hurts me to say is goodbye not just for now but for the rest of my life

  • robert

    I’m not very good at didn’t comment a. Bo bo for going on your website I wasted my time the same point I could have been working a really good job and making money thank you for trying to help me I don’t have the money to spend on your website on your website and a couple of others hurts me to say is goodbye not just for now but for the rest of my life it’s nice it’s nice to know the someone out there who could help certain people those who can afford it nice you can have a good Thanksgiving and they can

  • Harold Artemus

    I dont have to read between the lines too let you (nooo!!!) would just be? well i think its the let part is where the trouble is we could deal with the no we were all children once man read me up now is the situation time is steadily moving closer we will react at the right time 6 is good fo me and you 1 i could just write you say (nooo!!!) what i mean. Heres a little food for thought god bless and good knight

  • Julian Ceasar

    I’m a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner by profession. Damn lucky too, I would suggest Zyprexa 30 mg. You are indeed a good blogger, not sure how to treat the nose issue.

  • D

    I am my worst enemy. My heart has hardened and I have become selfish without thinking of others as I used to. I need to change not only for myself but for my loved ones. God made all of us for a reason. I need strengthen and discover what my hidden talents are instead of wasting away. But I am afraid that I already made my last bad mistakes that has caused me to come to the end of the wall and I am trapped. It is my own fault though, I have no one to blame but myself. And I realize that. And it is too late for me. I used to believe in myself and now I don’t know. I do though but my negative surroundings seem to have gotten the better of me. I know that with whatever happens, good or bad, that in the end I will be ok. Even if I have to wait in my own prison that I created for myself. How we take things for granted and don’t realize until it will be taken away. Am I being helped? Am I being punished? I’m confused. I just want answers..

  • Tom Manzutto

    Wear gloves,take off only when your with others.It worked for me !

    Jesus said “What great thing have you done if you only LOVE those who love you back”.(parents,children,etc.)

  • DAwn Patterson

    Such a touching but well needed reminder. THANK YOU for sharing and lifting my spirits and heavy heart. All my life I’ve put others before myself, even at times forgetting that God does supply all our needs, we just have to ask and be patient. I’m waiting on another heart surgery again NOW and just found out I have two spots on my lungs that are cancer. So the doctors say. God still does miracles. Because this singled, widowed mom is still alive and fighting for my life. My kids need me. Obviously, God’s work for me isn’t finished on this earth. Thank you so much. God Bless and keep you writing. Dawn

  • Ron Hoplin

    I want to do it for God and others! I am stuck on what it is I need to be doing in life and why I am here? I ask these two things of myself,(and God)daily now! Any advice?

  • Ron Hoplin

    I want to do it for God and others! I am stuck on what it is I need to be doing in life and why I am here? I ask these two things of myself,(and God)daily now! Any advice? I also do dishes!

  • Ron

    I want to do it for God and others! I am stuck on what it is I need to be doing in life and why I am here? I ask these two things of myself,(and God)daily now! I also do dishes! Any advice?

  • Tom Dolbec

    Good morning Preston,
    I wouldn’t worry about it everybody has a little
    self indulgence it doesn’t make you a bad man you will
    do the right thing after thinking about it for awhile
    besides i like you your a good and decent man with a
    beautiful family i’ve had some indulgence myself but
    not in a good way which i’m ashamed to share with anybody.

    P.S. I trust you very much you’ll end up
    doing the right thing after all.
    Your friend always Tom Dolbec

  • Alan MacFeeley

    So Preston what is this all about and how do I get involved? You see I am a 50+ year old disabled veteran who lives in a power wheel chair and I live on Ssi . So tell me can I do this from my IPad?

  • Fred Haines

    Beautiful! Guess confession is good for the soul. Actually zi as well as almost all of us get a stuffly nose and so easy to just take care of it right now. Enjoyed your book too! Thank you, Fred

  • Barbara Vacek

    I am grateful for your conversion to the Lord God Almighty.I agree with
    the majority of what you put down.I understand really,we all have a thing a secret that like a mist or cloud as perfume/cologne and clings to us like a cloud,
    I think you are pulling my leg ,but I will go with it for now.There is
    definitely something deeper you would like to express .
    My pet peeve on the Internet,where I am promised money for twenty minutes of my time,then another $20.00 to send to God knows where ,when and only God knows whom.
    If someone would just put $100.00 in my pay pal account and show me they are serious.
    I would be a loyal,hard working and I have the background ,So I am equal
    in what I bring to the table.I have always worked hard ,but I was injured so I have to take and deal with that.Finally I am doing much better.
    I am still on Disability.I go back to school in the spring .I am also looking for an Internet job.
    Respectfully Submitted ,Barbara

  • Stuart M Scott

    me to Preston! I need to ask of you a favor if possible? if you remember I sent you a email about my situation my wife of 37yrs happen to still be in. we are homeless as well as carless! we were victims of predatory lenders who 1st took both of my vehicles 2008 dodge ram pursuit 4 door 4×4 pickup and my caravan 2006 both 1 day late!, then while waiting for my mortgage modification they stole my home I bought in 1998 to be close to my mother-in-law after a bad stroke so she could keep her dignity! no old fart home for her she was a wonderful woman as well as my best friend! anyway, the sheriff’s office showed up and evicted us from our home! the movers they hired broke so much its a sin and the actually stole from us as well like tools my two authentic catana my locksmithing tools, as well as my coin collection! packed so were paying for 4 storage lockers costing $225+ea a month we already lost our most important one which probably cost me $200k in that locker that they sold on us without notice! we have not even had the funds or ability to hire a lawyer to defend ourselves! Not accustomed to asking for monetary help or any thing else because I was the one people came to for help! It makes me nauseous and gives me anxiety! we have always responsible and honorable people both served my wife is dying from working ground zero at the world trade incident!!! my wife’s sister is the only person that has helped us so far. but her money is getting too low none of us deserve what was done to us but if we don’t get some real honest help to at least helping us get into a home and a truck or lg suv 4×4 before we end up vagrants! without a home as two disabled peps in their mid 50’s we cant even eat or rest right at all if I can sleep useally I crash when the flesh becomes weak! please if you have the time would you be so kind as to call me on the phone with me to see if there is anything you could assist me with I’m good for it once I can actually work again! please call me back at 1(267)582-3196 or 1(267)584-5208 asap we don’t have long before we get kicked out of days inn in Horsham Pa 19044 I promise if you can give us a hand up not only are you assured payment with interest but I will not disappoint I am a inventor and innovator and have much to have realized and probably become the richest people on earth with in 15yrs! once my inventions get done! you can have faith in me I promise! talk to you soon I hope! thank you Stuart Scott PEACE BROTHERMAN!

  • Nate

    My why is first the good Lord who saved a duchbag like me then second my family 4 kids all in sports nitemare!!!!!! However today I get to be present and make a difference!then last me I still have an addiction as well ,,,,it’s shoes ID get me some shoes thanks Preston for your words and all your enlightenment

  • Melissa

    Thank you for the invite to read your blog and let me in on your guilty pleasure. I do pray and believe that with the guidance of God and my own patience I will be everything I want to be and more. I live for others. I do have my selfish side, only child syndrome, I do however, always try and see the other side of the coin and my motto, if I have it to give, I will give anyone anything that they may need to help them through their struggles. Money isn’t everything. Sometimes just kind words and motivation and seeing life through God’s eyes, is EVERYTHING.

  • Winston Wehrman

    Dear Preston,-
    I really want to succeed in this new business. As I am now 80 years old, I need help. I appreciate all the help you can give me because I don’t have enough money to pay the next month’s fee unless I can connect a seller and a buyer before then. If, however, I can make some money during these 30 days before April 20 I plan to be in for many years. Even if I return to Papua New Guinea as a missionary again I hope to work it from there as I can always use money in my missionary work. So, Please help me. Sincerely, Winston Wehrman. What do you think, Preston?

  • Derick

    Dear Preston, Thanks for your thoughtful and wonderful message. Please help me to resolve my financial situation, more especially HELP to my family. I have three children and they are drowning. Please keep me posted if you have any potential housing investors I could contact in New York to do business. I welcome all available opportunities that may be available now. May God bless you for such wonderful messages. Derick

  • krish

    my ideas .1.dont hurt anybody either with ur words or actions unless it is a must as a part of duty.2.try to help others if there is no harm to u. 3.dont envy about ur friends or neighbours. 4.earn livelyhood in rightful for tomarrow with good financial planning.5.never think that u r great n above all other human beings.6.remember that u came alone into the world without even clothes and u cant take anything with u at the end

  • Glynis Sheppard

    Hey Preston,
    Nice confession. I made my revelation at the same time that you did! My giving in order to receive so that I may give. . . is sooo goosey. We have the right addiction. Yeah!

  • Constance hovey

    I don’t know what to say to you I mean I believe in God I know he’s here with me just right now I’m going through a lot I have no job no money no nothing and I’m really scared but I know God is here with me and help me out through my struggles


    Look marvelous pitch beautiful.
    What do you want from me ?
    Look all i want is straight facts.
    No bullshit,no pitch! The real you !!
    Anything less would be uncivilized.

  • David

    So, it is NOT smuggling rare ancient artifacts on the international black market? DARN! ( I was kind of looking forward to the adventure).

    • David

      Just wanted to say, this is not the same “David” as listed in the previous posts, this is the first time I have responded.

  • Josh Zelinski

    I believe that I always had the motivation to get what I wanted and did.not much money ever,but happy with the little things.I own a baby,but always needed a friend or someone to help me with my Virgo mind.I just don’t have the money which actually hurts everyday to my soul.I sometimes think in a loser but I won’t give up.The winner in me says different.Always the class clown and life of the party man I could money but strong mind and good soul.Just need the green but don’t have ideas like you or the funds to start any.800 a month sucks balls man.Your cool man just rememember what’s important brother….

  • Melinda Lord

    That was awesome,Preston!(Not the nose picking, but everything else!) I was raised on the ‘God will provide’ principal…..He does in HIS time! I’m human…I stress about money. I have a $12,000 funeral (for my middle brother) that is about to go into collections. But God WILL provide! Thanks again Preston!

  • Lora ward

    The only person standing in the way of you getting and achieveing what you want is YOU !! WERE our own brick walls. If you doubt yo,, isn’t everyone else going to doubt you to!! Hardest part is the first step. Once you get over that first initial fear(of the unknown) we realize it wasn’t so scary n we we’re tripping for nothing. God will always provide God is also never late. He may not always give us what we want but he will give us what we need sometimes we just have to stay silent and listen. God will make himself known in your life

  • Jeanne

    Hello preston, The crazy things that roll in are heads , the to do list , the shopping list , the work list, the Guity pleasure list, the everything list , to spend a hour just being with are inner little one and being goofy is ok and fun. It makes room in are lives to keep are humor flow thur are job stresses. And it’s all good.

  • Diana Lacy

    Look im a women of GOD I think you play mind games. you want someone to ask you what’s the problem. I won’t I’ll just pray for you. Only God can help you through your problems and I pray that you find in like I found him you’re wasting your time with me I see through things but not how you do only god holds my future only he holds my finances holds my life money love not some angel or some fortune-teller or they know what you’re thinking I don’t have time for that that’s awesome the enemy not from the father

  • Charles L. Jackson

    I needed that today. Can’t blame a soul but me. Checking my motives for doing what I do. Tired of financial issues. Health issues. Cruddy thinking. I need a change.

  • Georgiana Alexandria Villanueva AkA.Gigi

    To memorize your suggested verse is nothing new to me, I Am definitely guilty of that. I have always, since youth,been magnetically attached to every form of human’s. Seeing the bigger picture, long story short. 2003 was a year of covenant with God, because of genuine struggles,haters,lost souls gaining and longing for my attention,loved ones seeking my help,soulmate locked up for life,Death of four that has made me be detached at this present moment. To be continued…Why? you are thinking!
    Answer: Guilty little pleasure of wanting to take revenge on the people that has strip me from life,,stolen,taken everything I own and has left me with learning how to be patient,think before I act…just like writing a response to you, slow as hell…I’m honestly, trying to retrace myself from giving up..
    Genuinely genuine Georgiana…

  • Jessica


  • Christina Armstrong

    Did you ever pray and ask god for guidance in your life. because without him yout can’t do anything. Without putting him first things will never prosper. I learned that myself and my life life have been the same

  • Ron Geren

    I am happy to know that you Preston are a true believer in Jesus. God tells us to be holy because he is holy. No one is perfect, we mess up. In one way or another. But we run to Jesus and ask for forgiveness and strength to live for him. You are on the right track. We are called to love people. That is a unselfish love not expecting anything in return. What we do for the least of these we do for Jesus. Just as he said you have done it unto me. We always forgive, no matter what. We hold no resentment or bitterness in our hearts.

  • Rich

    I do have stressors in my life. A 30 yr. run of addiction that hasn’t completely let me go yet, I’m struggling because of it, and I know that its going to kill me soon if I don’t change completely and real soon. What’s my Why? ME, How a person like myself ended up on the path for the Wicked.

  • Theresa Kaine

    Good to hear u, from ur heart!! Gods greatest command, he said to Mosses was to tell God everyday that u love him with all ur heart, soul, mind and strength!! I do that every day.. good luck with everything…

  • Kimberly Brock

    You’re right Preston. Confession is good for the soul. Embarrassing though. Wow! The more you give the more God gives to you. That’s a Biblical principle I learned as a child. God loves a cheerful giver. Happy, happy, happy.

  • Shaun mckellip

    Ok sounds like this has been a life long now that you’ve grown up ….just how do you intend to help others ? By just writing a blog ??? I sure hope not .
    Keep up the good work .it has to be doing something for you .to come this far.let me know more….interested…

  • Jalo Morrison

    I love the “Pay-it-forward” Mentality…….and you’re right I can help By allowing you to help me, help others; which I shall then in turn teach to help those around them as well…….


  • Stacey Carr

    Thank you Preston. I have a very strong relationship with God and know through prayer and hard work and good works great things can be done. Have a wonderful night and God Bless you.

  • ishmail williams

    i love you guy as my partner ,i hope we can work together to improve our life and our real estate.
    but presently am still in Freetown sierra Leone.and i am coming to the united states shortly.
    we remain part of the struggle for business
    ishmail williams