How To Have Holisitic Success (And The Legend Of The One-Trick Pony)

“One of the most important things you can ever understand is that we do not live on only one plane of existence. We live in at least four different realms at once … the physical world, the mental world, the emotional world, and the spiritual world.” – T Harv Eker, Secrets of the Millionaire Mind

Have you ever seen a One-Trick Pony?

I’m not talking about the metaphor here; I mean the actual ponies this phrase was named after. Unless you’re reading this from a nursing home, chances are you haven’t. Tragically they were all shot dead during the Great Depression. It’s a sad story really. I won’t horrify you with all the gory details, but basically the “Great Pony Purge”, as it’s now referred to, occurred for two main reasons …

1. For only being able to do one trick (which annoyed people already on edge)

2. People were really hungry

During this time, Pony Sandwiches became extraordinarily popular with the lower and middle classes. But, after a while, the ponies wisened up. They did what all mammals do who suck at their profession, don’t care, and just want to save their own ass – they formed a Pony Union. The P.U. it was called. Unlike other union’s members though, the P.U. ponies pooped pretty much everywhere. This is where we get the phrase “P.U. that stinks.”

The union scam worked for a while until the people got together and did what all smart people do who value freedom and loathe corruption – they outlawed collective pony-bargaining rights in all the states where One-Trick Ponies lived. Then they killed the ponies and used the meat to open a chain of low-cost, fast food restaurants now known as McDonalds*.

McDonalds did ok for a while, but they realized most people weren’t coming in on account of The Great Depression. Apparently the whole ordeal was depressing people. So, in a stroke of McGenius, they came out with the Happy Meal and stuck a two-cent toy inside. People went crazy. “Toys and pony burgers??” It became a worldwide phenomenon and singlehandedly ended the Great Depression. People were officially happy, well fed, and ready to get back to work.

McDonalds eventually ran out of One-Trick Pony meat of course. Not wanting to kill any well-rounded ponies, they switched to conventional horsemeat. “No one will ever know,” they figured.

The end.

The Moral Of This Story:

There are four areas of life that everyone must address and master in order to be truly successful and not get shot by hungry depressed people:

  • The Psychological
  • The Physical
  • The Spiritual/Relational
  • The Financial

Most people are one-trick ponies. They major in one thing and minor in the rest – oblivious to the fact that four majors are required to graduate the School Of Life.

You need to start looking at life more holistically. Wealth is holistic in nature. And only by approaching wealth-building on wealth’s terms will you ever attain it.

What you do in each of the four areas above affects all the others to a degree underappreciated by most. If you’re having trouble making progress in one area you can go tinker in other areas that magically unlock the door in the troubled area. For example, 75 push-ups unlocked my writer’s block for this stupid blog post. Most people would just pout and drink coffee. Or vodka. Ok fine I drank vodka too. But it was the push-ups mainly that did it. I could tell.

Too many of us are focused strictly on one aspect of life – normally the financial – at the expense of all the others, when what we need to be doing is focusing on all four simultaneously.

  • What if we knew our ability to control our weight had a direct correlation with our ability to control our finances? That by mastering our body it would magically become easier to master our money?
  • What if the holier we were, the more money we’d have? Just look at Hasidic Jews. They’re friggin loaded!

“Wisdom is the principle thing; therefore, get wisdom.” – Proverbs 4:7

“The wise have wealth and luxury, but fools spend whatever they get. – Proverbs 21:20

  • What if forgiving that one person could cure us of – or protect us from – cancer? Would you make more money with or without cancer?
  • What if the more we focused on helping people the more our life would just magically turn into something from a movie?
  • What if the more money we gave away the more we would have?

I could write a whole book on this, and, ok fine – you talked me into it – I am currently. But for now, start developing yourself in mind, body, spirit, and bank account. Read books and seek mentors in all areas. Here’s my #1 favorite books for each one:

Psychological: Finding God by Larry Crabb
Physical: The Maker’s Diet by Jordan Rubin (except for his views on dairy. I don’t do dairy)
Spiritual: The Bible
Financial: Secrets of the Millionaire Mind (I’m currently reading it for the FOURTH time)

Don’t be a one-trick pony. Historically they tend towards extinction.

“You know what your problem is? You practice one thing. I practice everything.” – Nick Nolte in The Peaceful Warrior

* Originally it was named McPony, but the multi-trick ponies protested so they switched it and named it after “Old McDonald” who had a farm nearby.

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  • Vanessa

    Couldn’t agree more Preston. Great to see where The Lord has taken you. Can’t believe you started as a youth leader. 😉

  • Chris


    Good afternoon. Love the fact that you are walking out your calling regardless of those who don’t like that fact that you are a Christian.

    Rev 3:16
    But since you are like lukewarm water, neither hot nor cold, I will spit you out of my mouth!

    Keep it up brother and God bless!

  • John Pringle

    Despite my “wants” I continually get stuck in a rut and can’t seem to follow through or find enough time to do so. Hoping thi snew blog will get me focused!

    • Bill Lagerwey

      Bbeing stuck in a rut from my own experience is usually the lack of motivation and drive. Knowing how to get from 0oint A to point B but making personal excuses why you can’t because you know it’s going to require you to do something you don’t want to do or are not yet ready to do to get you there and yes this was my problem for years it was pure laziness on my part.

  • Cynthia Fleming

    Preston I am so glad that you have the guts to share what people need to hear but are afraid of. Being enlightened about our human experience is one of the biggest if not biggest blessings I have yet to receive. We have to be balanced if we are to be whole, and holistic health helps us to become that mind, body, soul and spirit. We are spirits having a human experience. So I greatly appreciate you sharing the information of the One trick Pony with us. I also am glad to hear that physical activity helped remove your writer’s block. The state of our minds reflect our health as well. Forgiving that one person clears up blockage in our spirits, and what we give away Preston, we get to keep. St Luke 6:38 is the perfect scripture.

  • Chris G.

    Amen THAT, brother, ALL of it! The only way to CREATE abundance is to let go of money. The only way to have more “wealth” is by helping others. Giving your time. John Assaraf and Bob Proctor are my 2 favorites. Bob’s 11 Forgotten Laws is a mega eye opener. Keep up the good work!
    Chris G. :0)

  • Michael McCarthy

    You are wise beyond your years Preston. You words are a true inspiration.
    Now go ahead and send me my pony…..I mean your Real Estate Course.

  • Mike

    Love the Pony and McDonald’s story, but honestly, I just want the 18 hour course! I assume it will give me pony skills in all of the four areas except maybe physical (and I am already a rather physical specimen anyway). Pleas please please…

  • John Anderson

    Wealth equates with Finance; Religion (churches) are manipulated by the Rich and always was; Helping others who do not in return help others is strenghtening your adversary so they can oppress you; psychology that continues to control you, into admiring and worshiping those with money (financial) is counterproductive.
    Put people in their rightful place without thinking of their Financial position and focus on their benefactoring (given) position it`s were it`s at!

  • Darieal

    Let me say that this was the Best Damn video I have watched in a long time (How to become a Marketing Monster….) I learned more in the time that it took to watch it than all I’ve read in the last 3 months.


  • Dr. John Michael Christian

    That was a great story Preston. For the record, there really was a time in the 1980s I believe it was when Mcdonalds really used Kangaroo meat in their hamburgers in the U.S.

    Most people don’t realize that (contrary to appearances) we live in a kind, loving and benevolent universe, and when we forgive ourselves and others, heal childhood issues etc, it opens the way for us to prosper in every area of life.

    There is one other factor at play here as well, and it is of relaxing into a certainty and inner knowingness that we are, and will be taken care of. When we have faith and trust that we are loved and that all will be fine, it always is. The more I have lived in the certainty of that, the more life has become a marvelous and magical journey. As Jesus said, and I have found to be true “As you believe, so shall it be done unto you”.

  • Devonne

    I always like to read your blogs..and your emails. Shows how we all need to be a little bit more well rounded, giving, and not so myopic.

  • Tom Gill

    I liked this one! I spend a lot of time at my Church, Unity, and Charles Fillmore was a big advocate of spiritual laws like these. I believe that there is a balance of mental, spiritual and physical beingness, doingness and havingness. Never thought about financialism as its own plane before. Interesting!

  • Henry

    Why do you believe in this God crap? I have been stabbed in the back by those people that start sentences with the phrase “Being a good Christian like I am….” Or businessmen who begin board meetings with a prayer. I have also been helped by Heathens.
    Your religion makes no difference as to what kind of person you are. It’s how you are deep inside of yourself that determines what kind of person you really are.

  • Renee

    Thank you Preston. This is has opened a door as I was no clear on what might have been missing, or I have been missing.
    I am so grateful.

  • RJ

    Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – even if I have said it – unless it rings true for you.

    – Guatama Buddha

  • gigi

    Your wild as a buck!!!! Preston !!!
    Yes u r right ….
    Spirit soul and body
    Never thought about financially
    It’s great to have Christians out there like you
    That The Lord uses
    To encourage and live the life Jesus paid the price for …..
    Thanks for your emails
    Gods cont Blessings to u

  • jeff poplawski

    Ok, so I like that one. I agree about not being a one trick pony. I also think that in business you shouldn’t put all your eggs in one basket. If things don’t go well you could end up with a big mess. scrambled eggs, shells and all. It’s good to do one thing well. But success is doing everything well.

  • Emaia

    Aseo! Preston. I am not a Christian only for truth is available in many spiritual traditions. We are not only humans. We are divine beings have a human experience. So no matter where we are in life our reason for showing up on the planet is to experience it to the highest and to help others do the same. In order for this to happen the total complexity of the multi dimensions of which we are must be attended to and addressed. Thank you for sharing and continue on your path of evolution this time around!

  • Leslie

    Preston … Some may say , ” You sooner tame the tide than change the current climate in the economy and culture . ” I believe if we applied the four crutial key elements you noted above in our life . We would be richer and living a more purpose filled life . The greatest riches in my life have not been found in $$$ , but in friendship and family . You can’t buy either of these . They are both pricelss gifts that satisfy and bring happiness . Faith in God and knowing that HE has a perfect plan for your life should inspire us all to look at what money we do have from a different perspecitve . My Mom would always say , ” You can’t take what you have with you , when you meet your creator . However , you will have to give an account on how you used what you were given . ” I hope that I will invest what resources God gives to me to make a difference in the lives of others . I want a well done good and faithful servant when I meet my creator .
    I see so many needs around me that are currently being neglected by our society . The health in our society has declined possibly due to poor food choices , habits , lack of forgivenss , selfishenss , pride …. the list goes on and on . Why focus on the negative , when it is more beneficial to heal your soul from the chains that can weight it down and prevent you from having JOY in your life . The key that unlocks life is where true JOY is found . It is greater to give than to receive , and the last shall be first . Humility in service brings great success in life to all those who reap the benefits of great leadership . We currently need good leadership to rise up within our communities to bring more stability . I like this saying , ” One generation plants the trees the next generation recieves the shade . ” We currently need more shade , so we need to get busy planting our trees for future generations to come . I am hopeful that God might call us all to use our gifts and talents that we have been given by God to help others . Our rewards will not be here on earth . You can’t take what you have with you ! I look forward to your inspirational book . My favorite book for health is EVERY CHILD SHOULD HAVE A CHANCE by Dr. Denmark . Health begins at birth , and we need to train our children about the necessity to take care of their bodies . As well as teach them to respect their bodies , because they are precious to God . Dr. Denmark lived to be 114. She was a woman that devoted her life to pediatrics . She had a passion for what she did and worked in her field of practice until she was 99 . I had the privilege of taking my children to see her until she retired at 99 . I applied her key elements that she wrote about in her book to raise my children. She focused on similar key components as well . I was blessed to read her book and gleen great knowledge from her life well lived . We don’t remember the money people have , but what they do with their talents . She will forever be someone that I am greatly indebted to for her wisdom and kindness in sharing this with others .

    My wise God Mother ,who has been a source of inspiration to me , impressed upon my life to Love yourself ; because you are fearfully and wonderfully made . If you don’t love yourself, you can’t begin to love others . God calls us to love our neighbors as we love ourselves . We have a current crisis in this area . I think that is part of the drama that we see unfolding in our society . Forgiveness for others , as well as being able to forgive ourselves for regrets that need to be released . To run the race set before us and to win the prize for God’s highest call ing for our life is obtained by walking in His will . We have to be still , solitude , to take time to listen for God’s call on our life . Utmost importance to spend time reading the word , Bible , daily to refuel our lives with God’s principles . His Word never returns void .

    How do you master the matrix of life , so that you are not left standing on one leg ? Diversity in skill sets sounds like a great plan for the future . Thanks for challenging us with your new book ! Happy writing – try it with a pen and paper . You get to use a different part of your brain. Have fun !

  • Colleen

    Thank you. I agree, balance in life is crucial to living. Your piece was well thought out and well written thank you very much for reminding me what is important.

  • matthew mark winiarski

    the bible teaches about tithing-meaning to give back to GOD -ONE/TENTH of you income ,no matter how much your wages are per week -ALMIGHTY GOD,only asks that we give HIM one/tenth of our weekly income-IF PEOPLE FOLLOWED THIS TO THE T- GOD PROMISES THAT HE WILL MEET OUR FINANCIAL NEEDS-THE BIBLE CLEARLY TEACHES THAT ALMIGHTY GOD WILL TAKE CARE,AND MEET ALL OF OUR NEEDS.

  • sabrina

    I agree with what you said Preston. The funny thing about all the blogs,emails,twitters, letters, and even conversations on this subject can be summed up in one sentence; DO UNTO OTHERS AS YOU WOULD HAVE THEM DO UNTO YOU! PERIOD. Self explanitory isn’t it? Some people need more to understand the concept some don’t! I don’t. AMEN BROTHER ELY!!!! Sabrina

    • Mikaeli

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  • levi

    I really like the post. My gf has been going on about this for months. I really love it and will start t do this because I have only been going after the money and success, leaving all else out.. usually to my own detriment. God bless you Preston for sharing this hilarious yet wisdom filled story

  • Harold

    Hey this is very interesting to the thinking process. Now I know that God to be God has no needs and we being the finite creatures that we are must come to realize that without Him we are nothing and can do nothing. I’m persuaded like Paul because of whom I believe in Joseph was hated by his brothers because God gave him dreams and they hated him so much that they where willing to do anything to be rid of him yet he got sold into prison and God He always leads us through paths that are right for His name sake through the valley of the shadow of death it is written the iron had literally entered into his sole and all for a reason to save his family when the famine would come so those one tricks may be one but to whom much is given much is required even after they treated him bad he was able to love them even more the moral is without God we are nothing and can do nothing selah.

  • Telema

    Preston, I really do not have any comment but to thank you very much. For days now your blog and book has feed me more things about our Lord Jesus Christ than I ever thought I will have in this real estate business. Since I came from Africa not knowing all the laws and the limitations of America regarding where, when and whom you can talk to about Jesus Christ. I decided to talk to only the people I am very very familair with about Jesus but now your blog has given me the courage and taken away the fear that sometimes becloud me from fulfiling the comand “Go ye and preach the gospel to all nations” Thank you again and God bless you.

  • Dino

    Hi Preston, Read your post on the one trick pony. Great Info and lesson on reciprocity. However, it lead me to your video on “Laws To Living Large”…Wow ..blew me away. This is a must watch for anyone looking to become successful. Keep up the great work..Dino

  • Paul Zam

    I couldn’t agree more with this sage wisdom. The longer I live the more I understand the intrinsic value of developing each of theses areas of ones’life. Our growth as human beings is greatly determined not only by how we see ourselves but how we see the world around us. If we fail to develop one of these four critical areas, our view of the world and how we fit into it will be skewed and will cause us to fall short of our God given potential. We MUST strive daily to develop our whole selves and live lives that are balanced and harmonious.

  • Geoffrey Whitehead

    1 Thess 5:23, says” the God of Peace sanctify you wholey in Spirit Soul and Body. If I could get all that together I would do great, but i am awork in progress,so am still being worked on by Father God.

  • Jed M

    I just finished reading the blog and that was some POWERFUL info. You do need to take care of all aspects of your life and this was never more evident to me then this week. I was going to go watch the Boson Marathon this past Monday from the finish line. MY sister talked me out of it saying I could watch it frm home and get as good a view,Thank God I listened to her or I could have been one of the causualties or maybe have lost a limb.This experience has made me really appreciate what I do have and Awakened a renewed fire in me to LIVE a fuller and more fulfilling live.God bless the families who lost loved ones in the tradedy an a speedy recovery to all those in the hospital.BOSTON PROUD,BOSTON STRONG! JED MUNSON

  • Tina

    Great read from you as always. I’ve seen a similar example that these 4 areas are key to a fulfilling life. Thanks for the reminder.
    God bless Preston and I hope your back is doing well.

  • John D Ross

    Very intresting.I Learned from the Bible,that words have power.Because we were created in GOD’S Image.GOD spoke everything into existence.WE get what we say good or bad.So we must becarefull what we say.Are words wont come back void.when we speak GOD’S PROMISES over our selves or situation or circumstances,and beleave we already have what we say.We shall get it.It must line up with GOD’S Words in HIS PROMISES.

  • Alex

    I have also pondered on the principles of living a balance life. Many of the great leaders of our past have attempted to enlightened us on these principles, but are challenging to implement/achieve. I do believe the four categories that you have outlined (Physical, Psychological, Spiritual, and Financial) are indeed the ones a person should continuously work on in order to maintain or achieve balance throughout life’s journey. Thank you for your insight, and literature recommendations to assist in managing those crutial categories of life !

  • Michael

    Dude, I’ve been following you for years and you have not slowed down. You’re always stepping up your game. I still go over your first Ebook! Classic! Now you’re embarking on this holistic whole life wealth expanding venture…. It’s cool. I truly believe one should be wealthy on all four levels or areas of life.
    I appreciate all that you do and I look forward to meeting you one day. Peace.

    P.S. you never cease to entertain with your copy.

  • Denise

    I like what you wrote. And I like your writing style. I agree 100% with what you had to say about mastering the four “planes” of life we live in. Knowing that though I still have more work to be done because I’m still not having a complete sense of accomplishment in all areas. I feel I’m about 50% and just not clear how to break through that just yet but you have sparked my mind about these things. Thank you

  • Ralph

    Glad to see that someone who has made it financially is so well balanced in your approach to Life. Wish I had figured that out before always concentrating on the dollars. Money buys things, spirituality gives you peace.
    Great lesson!

  • christopher gonzales

    All I can say is BOLD ENLIGHTENING REFRESHING AND VERY TRUE. If I’m ever to reach my goals then this is what I should do. Thanks Preston!

  • Paul Klein


    Always great to see what you produce, and in the aspects of your faith, it is refreshing to see what you pull together from experiences and real world circumstances.

    Too often we allow ourselves to be pigeon-holed as one thing and defeat ourselves with the wrong mindset. Our Lord has instructed us to be renewed in our thinking and grow. Not stay stagnant and live as a broken cog or cistern in a broken and dying world. We have LIFE to share, LIFE to live, LIFE to look forward to.

    I’ve spent my share of time in the enemy’s camp, and so grateful Christ redeemed me to live for Him and others.

    Now I allow Him to reveal the components of my gifts that are more than ‘one trick’. No dog and pony shows either anymore.

    Let’s give more away – it’s what everyone needs.

  • Natasha Y. Phoenix

    Reading this blog post has helped me to realize why I don’t have the success I seek. I was approaching everything separately, instead of incorporating them into my daily life. I know that all four aspects are important, but pulling them together, for some reason, proved to be challenging. In order to incorporate all aspects into every area of my life, I must go within, using the spiritual aspect as a foundation, and build from there. Thanks for a great post! I will definitely be sharing this one!

  • Sheena

    This was the first thing I read this morning… And exactly the motivation I needed. Too many people are not well rounded and put all their energy into one thing, forgetting about other things that may actually be more important . It’s sad that some people never figure this formula out.
    Thanks for putting it down in writing

  • Greg

    You have an uncanny ability to wrap your lesson, point, metaphor etc. into a funny story and make it memorable. Which is of course the point. You write some good copy my friend, David Ogilvy would be proud.

  • kimberley

    Preston, you are a breath of fresh air. When i was much younger i started my path and it was glorious. I meditated, I fed all areas of my life (or so I thought) I had success… but something always eluded me. I worked very hard for it but i almost lost everything when I stopped trusting myself and put my trust in another person. I allowed that person to almost destroy me financially. I told him to do what he loved and the money would follow. I supported him in his dream. Unfortunately his dream included gambling with my money.

    I know… I can have anything I want in life. I know…
    I can do anything I want in life. I trusted. I thought that others could benefit from this knowledge also but, sadly my “ego” got in the way. I almost lost it all, while knowing I could stop it and yet did not. Even with all the knowledge I had I got stuck. I am coming out now and the road is full of forgiveness, love and tenacity. The law of attraction works both sides of the coin and if you are not careful in our thoughts ….. BANG GOTTCHA.

    I found you with your gold rush and I LOVE IT. I have told many people about it and everything I have read since, has been pearl after pearl. You are a bright Light and I salute you in sharing this. Just because we know something, does not mean, we do not have to hear it, again and again and sometimes yet again until we live it. You remind me over and over of what I have forgotten on a daily basis.

    A friend just told me about the monk parable that spoke to me in spades. where the 2 monks are out walking. They came upon a river and found a beautiful woman who needed to get across. the one monk picked her up and carried her across placing her gently at the river bank on the other side, and continued his walk. After a while the other monk asked, why did you carry that woman across the river? You know it is against our religion. To which he replied. I left her at the river bank…where and when will you leave her.

    Old hurts can consume us. And it is all too easy to link new ones to the old ones. I love the idea of waking up wealthy again. Monetarily I mean, as I am blessed with a beautiful daughter, a wonderful caring partner now and amazing friends. Blessings to you and your new wife. God Bless Kimberley

  • Richard Barnhart

    That story may have more inner truth to it than one would want to believe.That period in this Nation was a very hard time.It reminds Me of a story in the Bible,that tells about two Women,during a great seige,when they agreed to eat there children,one did boil Her Son,an one didn’t.Any way,Wisdom an Wealth is from the “FATHER” May you always walk in the “Light”

  • Greg

    This is a fantastic post Preston. You are always a compelling read and a big reason why I started flipping houses. I want to take the course, put it into action, and get the result that is promised in the name. I think before a person can walk up wealthy, they must first truly wake up.

  • jojo

    Awesome stuff man, I’m currently taking care of myself by focusing on
    the emotional AND spiritual…

    Not to say I’ve got the other stuff handled …

    I’m just an angry asshole right now, and not to mention losing much of my positive attitude. (Still deep down I’m still good guy)

    I’d love to have a shot at winnining this week …PS I’m making moves for a while even did a webinar class with Tim Mai

  • Antonio Phillips

    Preston, AWESOME article!!! I have to truly tell that this article GUT punched me and gave me clarity as to why certain areas in my life have been missing the mark. Everything aspect of your life is evolves around those 4 areas, and if you’re stuck in one area focus on another to possibly remove the inertia… I get it dude. I knew it, but sometimes you get side tracked and focus so hard on trying to get unstuck in the area that’s frustrating you at the time. Balance at all times GRASSHOPPER. Thanks bro!

  • Kevin Kujan

    Some wise words were uttered in the above. I only hope that I can be transformed into wealthy thinking with your help.

  • Adam Walker

    Been following you for a while dude. I’ve had great success by putting what you teach into action. Now I want to be bigger, bolder, and make a greater impact on those around me. I know Wake Wealthy is right in line with my ideals, beliefs, and attitude. Let’s get it!

    Fortune Favors The Bold.

    – The King of The City

  • Lee

    Absolute agreement period. Time to pull Wonder Woman outta my back pocket with her golden lasso and put her back into the invisible jet pilot seat again. Thanks for the rewake up call.

    • China

      Her er der også helt stille, vi hører nærmest aldrig musik herhjemme, men gemalen ser meget fjernsyn og han er ude, så stille, stille er der God efmeytiddagshrgge med éngelsk te og andet godt

  • Albert Nyabwa

    Its very easy and convenient for most of us to ignore all the other aspects of our lives and focus our attention on the financial. I too am guilty of this and I am making a personal resolution to address all the four areas of life.

  • jim b

    Wow I watched The Secret twice when I first found it, and the funny thing is I don’t know what I searched for to find it on YouTube! Now here you are with this! Is the universe raining down just exactly what I need or what? Yes I have much to forgive and yes I have begun to quit focusing on what I do not like or do not want etc. And so far of course it has worked wonderfully well. Now when I wake up I say out loud all the things I am grateful for and also do the “I am so grateful and happy now that…” exercise. If you haven’t tried these things nor seen “the secret” stop what you are doing RIGHT NOW AND WATCH IT ON YOUTUBE!! Wash,rinse, repeat then reapply liberally. Preston there is an old saying “when the student is ready the teacher appears” Thanks for the lesson and the reading recommendations. Your brother in Jesus Christ, Jim

  • Joshua Diaz

    P Dogg..

    You’re funny Bro!

    That blog (that you did not really want to create) post pretty much hit the nail right on top of the head as far as my life! LOL!

    I just wrote on my to-do list: Focus on the Spiritual, Physical, Financial, and Psychological realms.. I am probably going to keep writing that on every new to-do list.

    Thank you for your book recommendations!I am currently deep into your spiritual selection. I will buy all the rest. ( I am writing that on my to-do list too)

    Check the “Richest man in Babylon” by George S. Clason.(Awesome Book)

    Also, “The Pursuit of God” by A.W Tozer is awesome too..

    Thank you for writing this blog

    Josh Diaz

  • Belinda McKenzie

    What am I giving to do with this information? Try to work out why you put the 4th as financial? The first 3 are givens that are regretfully not ‘taught’ in most social arenas in life let alone our failing educational system. To each his own on what he calls a prosperous life!

  • John Yates


    Thank you so much for this post an sharing with me. We have, most of us, forgotten to live in and focus in all 4 planes simultaneously. When we focus on our whole life, everything in our lives improve.

    I am going to focus on all 4 areas. I have been focusing on the financial, and missed, I then focused on the financial and the spiritual, and missed. I now remember that I need to major in all 4 areas to include the psychological and emotional.

    I will seek mentors and read the suggested books. I want to be successful and help others less fortunate than myself, so I will become better for myself to acheive the goal of helping others to do the same.


  • Phil

    I have a one trick miniature donkey. Are you saying I should sell mcdonkey burgers? I think it’s a great idea but I am afraid that my wife and kids will get upset. Ok, all bs aside, you have hit the nail on the head. I come from an Amish background and I know these things because they have been preached to me since I have been a little kid. It is easy for us to get so wrapped up in our day to day life and focus only on problems we are having and forget about keeping things in balance. Look at king Solomon, he asked God for wisdom and all of the rest followed. By the way, if I don’t win, the Amish mafia and Lebanon Levi will have to pay you a visit. Most likely they will throw road apples at your car and let the air out of your bicycle tires.

  • sheldon jones

    Of all the seminars and boks a nd tapes I have read or seen on RealEstate you are the only one that I have seen that puts God first, and the only way we can be a blessing to others is to praise him and our blessings will automatically come. God Bless you continue his work your e mails are truly a blessing to aii who take the time to read them

  • Connie and Van Becker

    Thought provoking and great eye opener. It is easy to run with one thing when it works, but usually has a shelf life. Changing our thinking to a holistic viewpoint can be a huge game changer. Of course we want to be the winner if your course, but whomever wins this fabulous opportunity and takes full advantage of the information will be ahead of the curve in life and business.

  • Rod

    Exploring all options available should be the way to go in today’s business market.

    “The wise store up choice food and olive oil, but fools gulp theirs down”.

  • Thomas Diep

    Thanks, Preston, for the inspiring messages. For the past year I had been busy building up my property rental business. After getting off from my regular job, I devoted all my waking hours searching, biding and managing my rental business. Like the one-trick pony, my focus is entirely on my finance. My goal is to achieve financial freedom, but I ended up being a slave to my business. I neglected my family and my devotion to the Lord.

    My finance does not improve as I got into more debts to leverage my resources to acquire more rental properties. My spiritual life suffered as I became impatient. The relationship with my wife was getting worse.

    Your message on the on-trick serves as a wake up call for me. I thank God for His mercy.

  • Anne Oaks

    Thanks for the delightful story. It reminds me of the old adage that the person with the most options always wins. I believe you are right, we must work on all four areas.

  • Tim Kost

    Secrets of a millionaires mind. I’min training thanks to the Lord my God and in sending you to me increases my faith and Hope to be blessed with all the Lord has promised. God Bless To all who Hears and listens to the Word.

  • Naomi Tong

    Seen that I hit the first early bird. There are so many excitment and challenging are really waiting us to make efforts..
    But I glad to have you yet an irrepressible urge make me take the easy way out over and over. Thank you! Preston
    I decided to keep forward.

  • Dereck Vann


    I enjoy your inspirational thoughts and your words of encouragement. Keep spreading the word every chance you get, making a difference in someone life. I reminded of Phil 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.”

    Stay Encouraged!

  • Erica

    You’re right about Balance. One thing that keeps A LOT of people in the dark is that they’ve been deceived into believing/ worshiping/ having blind faith in… things that aren’t truth. While the bible is a great piece of literature, most read it literally.. but the “WISE” (aka the elite) read it and understand it in a different way.. the way in which it was actually intended to be read so thus they understand what this world really is and how much power YOU really have… that’s why they make a constant effort to take your power in every way they can. Churchs do this too.. they take away your power and ask you blindly to believe in some historical guy and he shall save you – but only if you believe. What kind of crap is that? YOU HAVE THE POWER & ONLY YOU CAN SAVE YOURSELF. It’s about finding balance, virtues and KNOWING… Consciousness. Be Still & know that YOU are GOD. People are waking up.. the time has come.

  • Dee Ann Harper

    You could make reading the phone book fun! I can’t get enough of your insight. Would love to have Wake Up Wealthy!

  • Dan

    It is your wisdom mixed with your humor that keeps me following you and learning! If people say this doesn’t make sense, they need to read it over again.

    I will certainly balance my life better and put more faith in the unseen.

    Thanks once again,


  • learning about mp4 conversions

    To tell the truth it was an incredible indepth article however as with most great authors there are many points that may be proved helpful about. But never the much less it had been intriguing. learning about mp4 conversions

  • Christine Renteria

    Thank you for not being a one trick pony messenger. I am really feeling inspired to read from your list. And now I understand why I don’t feel as happy and complete as I had expected to feel at this point of financial freedom.

  • Aviva Furman

    Dear Preston,
    Before I leave a comment I would like to let you know that I absolutely admire the way you think, the way you express yourself. your gutsy pioneering, optimistic outlook. You are a true inspiration, a (metamorphic) GEM.

    The comment I am going to share with you is another Pony story.
    This is how it goes.
    There were two identical twins. They were similar in many ways except their personalities. One was an absolute pessimist, while the other an Optimist with a capital “O”. The parents were concerned about their sons psychological extremes, as they realized that such approaches were impractical in life. So they set out to help correct twins character with a help of a child psychologist. After evaluating the situation, psychologist instructed the parents to purchase different presents for twins upcoming 8th birthday, and have the boys unwrap the gifts in the privacy of their rooms.
    On the day of their birthday, while unwrapping presents, boys started screaming hysterically. Curious parents opened the door of the pessimistic child first, and saw him having a tantrum about a color of a very expensive electronic device the boy wanted for a while “It’s blue, I wanted red one”-he screamed. In the meantime a hysterical laughter was coming from the room of an optimistic child. As parents opened his door, they saw little boy sitting in front of the box,laughing, screaming “where is the Pony?” Puzzled parents couldn’t make up what the boy was talking about. The big box he just unwrapped contained horse manure. But the boy insisted excitingly “Where there is horse manure, there is a Pony. Where is it? I bet it is in the backyard.”…..

    The moral of the story. Even if you have ” …..” in front of you, don’t give up. If you insist enough, you will get your “Pony”.

    Best Regards,

  • James

    Great Preston very inspirational not a face booker. Will accept email not an emailer. Thank you. From this old timer. Keep up the great works.

  • Marty

    Thanks so much. I have a 5th grade reading and writing level, and you make it simple steps that are do-able. So many experts write novels on how to do something and we simple folks never get there. My dad always told me “Marty, you know what makes German engineering great? They keep it simple stupid.”

  • Lebron Roper

    Makes a lot of sense to me. Work on everything instead of just one. Learn how to make God smile down on you. Improve everything thoughts conversations people walk outlook etc! Got a lot out what I read so now I shall make all of it be seen etc. Thanks

  • Denton

    I know that I was sent by God to give a lot of people hope in life and to turn their life around not with money but with love and understanding about life. With this they will gain strength and health and will be successful. Myself I am not in the money right now because I am struggling even with simple things like my monthly bills and other expencies that I can’t even maintain my FreedomSoft websites to continue my business. I know they are obstacles that I will outmaneuver in life one day and achieve financial freedom which will allow me to lead an exodus for those who are looking for a way out. My family and many more needy people like the disabilities, homeless, elderly and autistic people especially children. Also I am looking far beyond the boarders of the US because God people are everywhere. Preston, I have never met you before but I just have that feeling the one day I will because I consider you as John the Baptist as I see myself as a Messiah, ant this is because I had went through many of your material and presentation. Life is not all about money, but it is a man made material that man added value to it and this confuse so many people in the world that they stray away from nature and God. I can write so much more, but I don’t want to full this little space. God bless you and hope to meet you some day. Take care and be Healthy Wealthy and Happy.

  • Edmund

    That’s exactly what my problem is-I don’t give enough money away, hell I rarely give money away. That’s why I’m so damn broke all the time. Now I need to find some money to give away cuz I don’t have any money right now. I didn’t even save money when I did have a paycheck coming in. Shit! I’m in bad shape. And I want to get married soon but can’t cuz I’m fukin broke. I hope she doesn’t know that.

  • Donna

    Love this Preston, I have to say eye opening. Thank you for sharing your wisdom. You in fact do so much good for so many people. I have been following you since the disco Dan days! 🙂
    Love the McPony analogy. Keep on doing what you are doing.
    Many Blessings to you and your family.

  • Naeem "DaDream" Joseph

    Thank you Preston, I’m learning new tricks just as I’m reading this amazing blog of yours, I look forward to your blog always, they are enriching to my Soul. Thank you

  • Steve Moller

    Dear Preston, Thanks for your one trick pony legend. This does resonate, not personally so much, but the part about the McDonald’s switch from Pony to Regular Horse meat. I remember my Dad said while he was alive that a friend told him McDonalds was using worms to stretch the volume and/or consistency of the meat.
    Nice and moist 🙂 I always questioned the veracity of his friends comments about the ‘worm supersizing’ or “moistening” but that image somehow remained in my mind and when you mentioned Pony or Regular horsemeat – somehow it didn’t seem so far out.
    I do regret not understanding/acting upon Jack Canfield’s ‘multiple streams of income’ way back in 1996. I’d be all set now. Well, ‘never to late to start all over again’ as John Kay (Steppenwolf) would say.

  • James Follensbee

    Your instincts are amazing in your writing encouraging the masses who read your stuff to get with it! Perhaps some thoughts are a bit Nuts at times, but underneath the prose is obviously a caring individual and I am not preaching herein or laying on praise, just reflecting why I continue to read your stuff!

    Keep it up and stay away from Washing DC less you become corrupted like all the politicians and loose touch which would be a huge loss! Cheers,


  • Wayne

    McDonalds didn’t even exist during the Depression. You realy expect them to not sue you?
    Other than that I agree with working on the 4 realms of existence.

  • Marvis Stewart

    It is awesome to finally find someone in the real estate investment world that possess true values. Values that lead to great success that we find in the Bible. Thank you Preston.

  • Edna

    Hello Preston, I always said that a day you don’t learn something new is a day wasted. Thank you for the information on McDonald’s history. I will definitely shsre the information. God Bless You.

  • Nikita

    Thank you for that me personnely I’m not happy with pretty much everything including myself so gonna try to work on the four
    I guess trying to find happiness but cause of it my finance is in the toilet still trying to find a break somewhere

  • James Colby

    Very we’ll said
    As a self made recreation of myself I see the wisdom of your words. Quoting nicks u practice 1thinh I practice everything furthers my respect for your writting.
    I know I must manage my moments better
    Time = cash
    Continue to maintain & improve my health
    Know I can do this all
    Mentally Enter the religious realm through with kundalini

  • Rahul

    Wise words Preston….Keep up the good work and continue to share the wisdom. Even though much of this should be common wisdom, it is good to hear it in context and for it to be reinforced.

  • Nurit

    I stopped reading the post when I got to the example of Hassidic Jews being loaded (rich) because they are religious. This is the most idiotic referral I have ever seen. Yes, there are Hassidic Jews that are wealthy but like in any other community there are also some that are extremely poor.
    Riches has nothing to do with Religion or faith (maybe a bit with faith).

  • Sharon

    Thank you for the information. You are so right! I understand what you are saying.
    Think outside of the box! Nice to know that
    You have God behind you.

  • Barbara Dixon

    Thank You Preston for this helpful information, because I didn’t know the story about the one trick pony. I will take all of this advice and use it to my advantage, especially the list of books to read.
    Thanks again,
    God Bless You

  • Bruce Kettler

    In the e-mail you wrote:

    “Follow this law and you will thrive. Disobey the law
    and the terrorists have won.”

    Who is it, that you think the terrorists are? Do you understand the New World Order creates the “terrorists.” Do you know that 9-11 was an inside job? Have you figured it out, yet? Do you know who wants to stamp out the middle class, and make people sick and poor?

    The Psychological
    The Physical
    The Spiritual/Relational

    The fact that too many people get all this mixed up is because they do not understand a work called THE KYBALION, or such works as RAJA YOGA. That is, we HAVE emotions, but they are not our essential self, our soul. We HAVE thoughts, but even that is not what we are. Our sexual passion is an appendage to our SOUL, which we access, and use properly, for development of the soul. Each of us IS a soul. Understanding that gives us power.

    In THE SCIENCE OF GETTING RICH it is shown how we develop as a soul with the use of WEALTH. But, it is also shown that just that wealth can be a detriment when the other parts of life, such as development of the intellect, and other areas, are not given attention.

    You wrote:

    “What if the more money we gave away the more we would have?”

    Depends upon to whom, and why. You can give money away, and become financially poor, and poor in spirit as a result. I’ll give you a good example.

    People all over the world are starving. Give money to them? Why are they starving? They are starving, principally, because of the NEW WORLD ORDER design of eugenics. Part of that design is showing in the US, where people are arrested for feeding the homeless. Where should the rich man’s efforts be placed? They should be somewhat on the feeding food to the starving. Then, again, much more on feeding those poor, information, and spiritual insight, that they have more control than they think. THEN EVEN MORE EFFORT TOWARD RIDDING THE WORLD OF THIS CURSE UPON ALL OF US CALLED ***THE NEW WORLD ORDER*** I don’t mean hate them. I mean wake the people up, as what happened in ICELAND, which turned into a free country – unlike the USA – because they KICKED OUT, IMPRISONED, and SUED THE NEW WORLD ORDER “PEOPLE.”

  • mershonia

    Wow,Preston your right, i so wanted to be able to try your idea for real estate, but didn’t have the funds .the people around me focus on one thing but I’ve hardly ever shared that frame of mind.the Lord put me here to be a help to people I just don’t know how just yet. I’m working on a book, trying to het this promote my baby saving invention, and i don’t know how it’s going to all come together I JUST KNOW WITH HIM IT WILL, I CAN DO IT. PEOPLE NEED HELP TO HEAL THEIR MINDS TO MOVE FORWARD AND I’M GOING TO GIVE THEM A WAY AMEN

  • ian

    I remember researching the word God and running into the word equilibrium. This is holistic. So what you are communicating makes much sense to me. Balance disposes us to consciously and confidently tap our unlimited potential. We are positioned to seize and enjoy the opportunity of “NOW,” our point of power and instance of maximum fulfillment for personal and collective benefit. At this juncture we can exercise true sovereignty. Versatility disposes us to put things in in context, to have greater perspective, and to have more options. Remember the line “I

  • ian

    I remember researching the the word God and running into the word Equilibrium. This is holistic. So what you are communicating and sharing makes much sense to me. Balance disposes us to consciously and confidently tap our unlimited potential. In this versatile mode we can seize and enjoy the opportunity of “NOW,” our point of power and instance of maximum fulfillment. We have more options,greater perspective, consciousness to exercise our constructive and harmonious perogative, and are positioned to put things in context. Remember the line “I know thy poverty, but thou art rich?” I am noticing that it didn’t say we were or we will be. Instead, it asserts that we are rich. So wealth must be a mindset. So is poverty or the one-trick pony disposition. I appreciate the seeds you sporadically scatter. They constitute true wealth. I am having fun learning and growing. Such is the natural tendency of life: in all things to grow, metabolize,reproduce, respond to stimuli, and adapt to the environment through changes originating internally. Keep up the good work.

  • Bernard Sullivan

    Thanks, That was funny. I am a
    Engineer. I know a lot of things, about
    every thing. I’m a electrition, plumber,
    H.V.A.C. teck welder, machanic, carpet layer, boiler teck, and that’s not even half of it. Yellow mustard.
    There are 13 diffent tips of cancer.
    Yellow musterd takes care of 7 tips.
    I do not have a computer, I have a
    Smart phone. I have four wheelers,
    I ride winter and summer, I save people out there that don’t all ways
    Make the best choices. I am restoring
    74 ram charger, 60 T bird, 60 pickup,
    I don’t know much about what you do. Thanks for all your help, God Bless You, Take care .

  • Valerie

    Hello Preston,
    I truly love your no nonsense approach to taking on the world. I have a question. I would like to try and take on the issue of unemployment. I have thought about putting an add in the paper. I want to see who would show up to an event for unemployed people to come together and use their talents and skills to create a company that employs them and empowers them to help out our community. I am just not sure how to frame this up to make it profitable or sustainable. Any thoughts?

  • Sergio A. Aguilar

    I like what this is about it is very true God gives us wisdom n I do want to learn more n about the real estate business n I do need the training

  • Al Smith

    RI really thank u just dont know how bad I need that I’m standing here at the train station in downntown Atlanta with no where to go and no home I guess there is not but one way to go mr Preston thats up Iim pretty much at the bottom

  • Tracy

    You know Preston you are absolutely right…..but it’s fortunate I aiready know this, so I guess it’s good you are not telling me any thing wrong…’s the deal…..I’m unemployed , so when I say I don’t have 37,97,197 dollars I literally mean it….but when you speak Preston I think you are talking to me. I know I can do this I just need a start….I even inherited some property that’s just sitting, they need some rehabbing ……so my question to you Preston is…..CAN YOU HELP ME???????

  • Aida

    We’ll that was inspirational enough for me to head over to mcd’s and use their wifi, buy myself a strawberry frappe, my favorite , yum?!?

  • Rudy

    Hey Preston.
    I always enjoy reading your stupid blogs. I really do enjoy them. They lift my spirits and give me hope.
    I’m in a bad situation right now, my fault totally. Your right about the one trick pony. It’s where I’ve been.for some time now. I know I need to start reading more and I’ve forgiven. I just never thought a situation could drag me so far down and before you say it, (smart ass) I already know – it’s because I let it . I know money is not the answer but it’s what I’ve been chasing lately. I use to live in those realms of life you mention. Everything I did would just work out somehow. I use to fix and flip properties and managed to be debt free in a very short amount of time. I used my own money though and I’ve never lost money in real estate, ironically I’m broke.
    i did purchase your probate course and hope I can make it work. I can’t afford to pay for the list, that said I know I can’t afford not to . Let me read that again. Damn that sucks.
    I will forever be grateful to you my friend for the words I read today will forever stay With me and give me the strength to move forward. My Daughter and I thank you for being so courageous with your beliefs .


  • Tom

    Thanks Preston it’s nice to hear from someone strong in their Faith. I liked the way you pointed out the importance of eating the right food of life both spiritually and physically. Both come from verses in the Bible and I needed reminded to remember that.

  • Werner

    Well we all are ment to become creators, no matter male or female.

    The Chief-Creator, who has created this Universe where we live in, has given us a few Point`s of advice from reminding us to being grateful for what we already have; like fresh air, water, sun, moon, stars, plants, animals and for sure our human beings all around us if Family or neighbours, workmaids, or People we meet out on the street, in the Shoppin-Mall, school`s or churches and or where ever it may be, to respect them, love them like we shall respect and love our-selfs, for the work we do, the life we live, for the Gratefulness we live and teaching our children all the same in the way of growing up.

    It is always the Opponent, ( called satan) who tries to tell us not to take the advice of the big Creator, because he already knows his day are counted, coming to an end!

    I live a happy life by making my 6 Point plan in the evening so I will have a map to fallow from early morning to bedtime the next day going with a smile to bed grateful for what I accomplished that day!

    To say thank you to wife and children for thier work, love and kindness to me and all the People around us big or small Young or old does not matter, it is a living happiness.

    You can do it just get started, take Action and help us all with your good attitude to create a better world for all!

    Thanks for your help for a better world for all, yes I can see your smile!

  • George Berkaw

    This is encouraging and recently I noticed these changes in myself. Preston, thanks for affirming God’s talents and may he bless you for strengthing others!

  • Ellis Hackler

    Preston, you never cease to amaze me with your creative genius for writing. You communicate in writing at the top of the writers I have known in my 72 years. I really am glad I found you on line. I will keep on being a fan. Keep on motivating me with humor. You may remember from English Lit. the phrase by Cowper: “Truth in purest forms will fail while humor enters in through lowly doors.” I have never seen it fail that humor will beat out boring fact every time. Keep it up, bro.
    I am a professional writer and I appreciate your talent, which also enters into the lowest crack in a resistant door.

  • Malko Odishoo

    Most my life since my youth,I have more than four gears turning in different speed in my head but never pick up speed together but one in The Financial,as I was of believe that the other three will follow and pickup speed automatically as the fourth,unfortunately did not,now that I am seventy years old have found that all the four ponies have to move not exactly but together Your articles is giving me much courage and hope to continue in that path.
    Sincere thanks .

    Malko Odishoo , Chicago, Illinois

  • Carroll Miles

    Thank you Preston, I have read a lot of motivational books in the past. However, I never connected the “one trick pony theme” to what I was doing. I like it. I am a pastor and I read the Bible daily and study it, it is a passion with me. Oh, by-the-way I do not eat at McDonald’s, noway. I do appreciate your willingness to talk about your faith in God. As you know God is the most important person in our lives whether you believe in Him or not.

  • Sean

    Your scriptural quotes inspired me and give you great credibility. Be vigilant of the alcohol intake. You have a great future ahead of you despite the times.

  • Domenic Mancuso

    Hi Preston
    I love your style continue feeding us with this amazing work. Looking forward to the next email

  • Trevor

    You mentioned wisdom is the principle, however wisdom that comes from above is truly attainable for all.

    He’s wants is to be personable with him.; “the one who created all things”

    Just as you were named Preston., just as well the god that created all things,the very one who supplies that wisdom , would like to be called by his name Jehovah’

    After all we would have a hard time without Jehovah, because he supplies each of us with everything we own..

    There are many gods; however there is one true almighty God and his name is Jehovah.

    It’s been took or erased from most bibles unfortunately,,,,,,,

  • LeonardHevian

    Very inspirationals trues.
    Living in a super materialistic-super Capitalistic land were from my point of view more of half of elected politicians,tribunals employes,etc,are like psicopats with Universities Diplomas,which only care for themselves and the others peoples like them,is hard for the normal population see those inmense trues you are writing here. But that is point: keep the normal human been blind of the true of life and keep them working like robots to fill over and over again theirs banks accounts.
    Why money instead a tool for impruve ours lives have became a instrument to manipulate and control the human existence? We really need One of every five “things”we buy to used un ours houses,but the promotions business is inject day after day the need to buy things we really dont need and later run again to “make more money” to go back again and repeat the cicle…like programated robots.
    Like you said : ignore the material world in a 75% and try to living in the spiritual one the rest could be the solution to save and have more time with our love ones and our families.
    Thank you for open my eyes too.

  • JOHN




  • Great Odikro Emmanuel

    I look at your pictures and figure you may be in your 30s but the truth and wisdom in the things you write are well beyond your age. How long have you been around? I mean how old are you ?Are these your own words or you are a ghost writer for a centurion?

  • Palina

    By The age of 30 I realized that 90% of my mind was focussed in only One thing, my profession, carrier, passion, wich was the same thing. Regardless i got married and have a child, nothing could take over.
    I have dedícate about 15 years to Fashion, runned own bussines, achieved many goals, pleassed my artístic ego and arrived to the point where i was recognized as a professional, unique Style designer, published in International press, after having many shows and thouthands people wearing my creations on the streets, special ocasions as their weddings, Grammys, i’ve seen my clothing from a TV screen, Theaters, President of México asisted on the concert of ópera singer dressed completly by me in the biggest stage of the country, Prince of Monaco saw my costumes on the Monte Carlo Theathre festival etc…. With all that, right after i finished to pack my last colleccion for Boston Fashion Week i cryed….
    I realized i was alone, with no money saved on my acct and homeless, means at my 30 i am still renting.
    So I woke up next day with a clear idea, something is wrong and i am only One responsable for it.
    I was one trick pony!
    Now im trying to do different things, suddenly I emptyed so much space in my head that I felt urge to learn, hunger to read, to know, my brain produce so much curiosity i could never imagine! I wrote a project for social and cultural development and brought it to local goverment. Working on a Freelancer base in 3 companyes as Public Relations Agent and the most important i enjoy quality time with my son. The day i started my new Life i began with daily routine of exersize and very healthy eating, i decided to look at my 30s better then in my 20s. Just after 4 month I achieved that target! :))))
    So now I am focussed on those normal goals as most of peoplehave, as an económical stability, finding a soul mate and bilt a strong loving family. I think its time, i’ve been devorsed now for 5 years.
    So this One Trick pony concept is much more then a marketing strategy, it can be your Life label, dont let it happend!

  • Victor Womack

    I know you have a point about developing all four. I think that spiritualy one will receive peace of mind and the other three will be easier to achieve. Great stuff

  • Audrey Bell

    Good Morning Preston:
    Some time ago, I heard a story that McDonald’s used horse meat for their burgers. I just dismissed the story. I have not heard your story before.
    You are a gifted writer. Makes your emails enjoyable to read. Enjoy your burger meals.

  • Aurelia

    Hello Preston I think that you once were old Preston, Love your deep thinking and, I am proud of who you are. Keep it up, May God bless you, Bro………………..

  • Carlton Lowe

    I love you Preston, well, it is true but it won’t get you any back rubs. You inspired me to get back into real estate, but you are such a many trick pony that I gave my money, the chunk stuff, to Fortune Builders Mastery program.
    I stayed with Freedomsoft because I liked Freedomsoft a lot better than realeflow,
    I recently stopped paying both.
    You are more fun, not just in the content, but your whole attitude. You are exactly what I have liked in everyone I ever teemed with, a manifest individual, one of a kind, curious and excited by life.
    So am I. But my curiosity and interest easily lead me off focus.
    I need a Scotsman. God invented the Scott’s because SOMEONE needs to keep the books. Someone needs to know how to really count, and someone has to say “Carlton, you will have the time and money to spend learning all that interesting, and because it distracts you, right now totally useless stuff
    Preston, YOU, you come out of the box every day with some new next thing because you already been here, wrote the book, and moved on.
    “Hey Carlton, want to buy gold cheap?
    I can’t move that fast.
    and you have already moved on.
    You have never met me, but I miss you anyway. All you stuff is good, your affiliates generally well chosen,
    I would have liked to keep up, but I just got I overwhelmed.
    You don’t need to hear my bullshit, but you asked.
    I love you, keep on.

  • David

    Sorry to burst your bubble, not ALL Jews are friggen Rich! The church and bible have their place, put control is it’s main purpose. The church should allow its followers to ask questions. That is what educated, intelligent people do, ask questions.

    • Preston Ely

      I don’t have a bubble to be burst. Obviously I was generalizing. Control may be the CATHOLIC church’s main purpose, but it is not the TRUE church’s purpose. We welcome questions. And our purpose is love and unity. Dig deeper, David.

  • nancy bautista

    your first three books have to do with God or Christianity or Judaism.Great!!! The best of them is the Bible, written by the Almighty El Shaddai, the Creator Himself, inspiring scribes or Holy men to pen the greatest book of all time! He gives the power or wisdom to achieve wealth.

  • Dion Wright

    Hey preston, love the article.

    What you are talking about is ABiYA, or the Four Worlds in the chain of manifestation. The fifth world is the world of Adam Kadmon, the completed human being.

    ABiYA is found in Isaiah 43:7
    “Even every one that is called by my name: for I have created (2) him for my glory(1), I have formed(3) him; yea, I have made(4) him.

    (1) Atzilut means Glory aka Emanation/Close
    (2) Beriah is Creation
    (3) Yetzirah means Formation
    (4) Asiyah is Creation aka Action.

    Beyond the spiritual world of ABiYA is Asiyah-Gashmi, or Reality. On the Tree of Life reality is Yesod (our intuitions) and Malchut (our thoughts, emotions, bodies, and energy). As we feed our spiritual worlds with spiritual energy and ideas, our bodies manifest them when we act on them.

    It’s important to keep our minds on higher things because they form into our realities as we fill them into our experience. Spirituality is our traffic. Our minds and bodies are our physical sales funnels. Reality is our conversion rate. It all works together. Or it should.

    Thank you for the reminder. It’s easy to forget this unless you focus on it all the time. Study to show thyself approved…

  • Dion Wright

    Hey preston, love the article.

    What you are talking about is ABiYA, or the Four Worlds in the chain of manifestation. The fifth world is the world of Adam Kadmon, the completed human being.

    ABiYA is found in Isaiah 43:7
    “Even every one that is called by my name: for I have created (2) him for my glory(1), I have formed(3) him; yea, I have made(4) him.

    (1) Atzilut means Glory aka Emanation/Close
    (2) Beriah is Creation
    (3) Yetzirah means Formation
    (4) Asiyah is Creation aka Action.

    Beyond the spiritual world of ABiYA is Asiyah-Gashmi, or Reality. On the Tree of Life reality is Yesod (our intuitions) and Malchut (our thoughts, emotions, bodies, and energy). As we feed our spiritual world with spiritual energy and ideas, our thoughts sharpen and our bodies manifest them in reality when we act on them.

    It’s important to keep our minds on higher things because they form into our realities as we fill them into our experience. Spirituality is our traffic. Our minds and bodies are our physical sales funnels. Reality is our conversion rate. It all works together. Or it should. And as always. If the traffic doesn’t convert profitably. It is the funnel (mindset and body) that needs improvement.

    Thank you for the reminder. It’s easy to forget this unless you focus on it all the time. Study to show thyself approved…

  • Matt

    Preston, you know I agree with you about a lot of things, and that is from my own independent thinking about what you share- I analyze it, see where it fits into my own life, and then apply what is relevant for me- I still maintain and share with others that your Wake Wealthy/Red pill course is THE best “self-help”- self-empowerment-self-get-off-your-butt-and-finally-achieve-some success-in-life course on the entire market-

    I’ve been through a lot of them over the years, and if stuck on a desert island (along with my desert island CD’s) your Wake Wealthy course is the only one I would take, or even need-

    BTW, I first read Finding God by Larry Crabb in 1993 and I found that it was the perfect marriage of psychological and Christian/spiritual principles, and have read it several times over the years- HIGHLY recommend that one to everyone-

  • schlomo

    “What if the holier we were, the more money we’d have? Just look at Hasidic Jews. They’re friggin loaded!”

    I’d comment, but I don’t where to begin

    • Preston Ely

      I’ll begin for you:

      “LOL! That is hilarious! SO true!!!”

      Relax. Take yourself THAT seriously and NO ONE will take you seriously.

  • carlos paniagua

    Thank you for such words of wisdom. May God comtinue to enlighten your mind to continue sharing with all who are listening.

    May God bless you.

  • Bill

    You could not be more right!! God is big on balance. All the cylinders in the engine must work for it to run properly. We are the prophet over our own lives (including business)! Say what God says and get His results!! 🙂 🙂 Great Word there! Keep up the good work!

  • Harold

    Hey P. I’v commented on this before now I’d like to try to get you to help me with a gold and diamond deal from Africa need a US attorney to confirm with lawyer in Africa that what id being offered is true and deliverable this is the help that I need like yesterday can you do this trick and help me find a US attorney that is in good standing with the bar awaiting your reply if you would be so kind

  • Anthony

    Men have been searching for the 4th dimension ever since the 3rd dimension was defined in physics.
    We are God’s gift to earth. It can be argued that humankind completes the Creation. Yet, we are not satisfied as entities of an eternal system. We want to reason every aspect of our existence. That is the essence of RATIONALIZATION.

    Capitalism considers wealth in abundance a straight goal. It might even be a lofty goal for some. Most on the other hand consider money a useful tool to accomplish real dreams.

    This story never ends…and that is the beauty of it!

  • steve marshall

    for being so young, you have absorbed knowledge you had denied yourself from along time passing….NOW, from student to sensei, you teach and are still learning at the same time. you’ve come along way grasshopper…… young and yet so wise……..

  • lou

    Preston, what’s up!!
    Man, l loved what you wrote, I have been struggling with my new job (sales) and I’ve been thinking that I have been missing something. Preston I think you hit it right on the head. I have been thinking one dimensional. I have forgotten about God, and I have been thinking only about one I know God has been trying to talk to me but I’ve been in my own world.
    Dude this is what I needed. I always know God sends people my way to convey to me what he is trying to say.
    Thanks preston.

  • Carolyn

    As I read your blog,it really spoke to my spirit and the scriptures you included are important in my life,too.
    Sadly, I must admit that although I have several if the same books on my shelf as listed here,in your blog,”lack of results” is my only testimony since reading them.
    After listening to JP and Dwan today new resolve came from the call,for me. Now,I’ve got to get it done!!

  • ;Richard Viers

    I don’t know where you got the idea to throw that little piece of humor up, but I sure hope most people realized it was play time and not serious.

  • Homer Thomas

    I think I’ll look elsewhere for whateve happens next!! If I’m supposed to have I’m sure it will be given to me if I’m not then so it shall be also!!! No more bs! You can’t listen to advice that only cost you money,or takes your money that you ain’t got!!
    So Preston don’t send me any more of what you say you got to give to others you haven’t impressed me about anything you’ve said!!


  • Bill Bennetti

    I would like personally to thank you for this blog today.
    I was struck by the simplicity, and how often I over look it.
    Keep this stuff coming.
    Thank you

  • Harold

    Hey P. very intetesting story about the one trick pony it goes back to that old cliche’ that goes something like don’t put all your eggs in one basket andwake up and take action It’s real In the field of dreams if you trusts the Dream Giver and move on to the place you dream about. Thanos for the platform P.E. Love Harold

  • Tom Jensen

    Thank you Preston, I absolutely love the story. I really wish I could get out of this horrible rut I’m in. Just get ahead and make it in life. Paycheck to paycheck just isn’t cutting it. I like all the information you put out there. Keep it coming. Thank you

  • tania

    You all sound like u all need just 1more or a whole lot less. But I guess u could call it entertaining.So write on my dear people have a whopping good time.

  • Roberth Herndon

    Ifind your article very intrigueing,eye opening and uplifting. I can’t wait to read the four books you made mention of. Many thanks. Bobby

  • Jack Rogers

    Great Preston!. You may be another Will Rogers (Old Uncle Will). I’m presently reading,”Secrets of the Millionaire Mind”, because of your suggestion. Awesome, I’m ordering copies for others in my sphere.

  • Flora

    Thank you Preston. Your perspective is appreciated on multiple levels. I love T. Harv Eker. I try to master each level at a time without overwhelming myself, but they are all equally important for true happiness to manifest itself.

  • carol nowland

    I liked this alot! So much that I will be going to the library tommorow to get Secrets of the millionare mind.
    I want to get back what was taken from me!

  • Ronald

    I guess I am on the right track, but I still can hardly wait to get an actual game plan! I believe in all four of these areas need to be in balance! You mention spiritual you are correct. The other four are priorities God, Family, Work/ income, yourself. In that order only! Very good points were made here! Have a great day!

  • Jonathan

    I love this article and it’s very ironic that I started this not knowing what I was doing when we hooked up, I’m seeing that if I Follow my instincts and follow your blueprint I will be successful soon

  • gloria s estrada

    Preston,that pony story is great, and all your info is something we all need, i concider myself to be a spiritual person, i do read alot,my favorit books are ( the lost teaching of jesus) by mark L prophit and elisabeth clair prophit for spiritual guidence, i love history so i read hisory books, i meditate nightly for external and internal peace and like to keep up with what is going on in the political world, i totally beleave in good ethic even in minor situations,i don’t want to seem bosty i’ve just been that way all my life, i try to teach my kid what i know, and that is hard in this day and age, i’m from the old school,i have old idea’s but they have work’d well for me,and i like learning new thing like what you have communicated in your email’s yes! i want to read your book,take care thanks.

  • Marcia

    Thanks for sharing. There is a great song called “There’s a sweet, sweet spirit in this place, and I know it is the spirit of the Lord…

    I promise, when I’m well enough to sing it, I will do an audio and post it, and it’s a melody no one ever wants to forget. It lives in one’s brain just like the holy spirit does.
    God Bless.


  • Terry


  • Terry

    It is so true I would love to have someone to look up to I have made some big big mistake and the thing is trust that is my one thing I have hurt people after they did me wrong ,and I just should have kept my life with the new outlook maybe I am going about it with the wrong reams of Life and I am so so sorry my friend.

  • Charles A. Reed

    This has great content. The information I am aware of and will read the books,the Bible is my favorite book. The others I will digest yesterday.

    Thank you Preston!!!

  • Danny Anderson

    Very in lighting story.I believe you use a lot of conviction and thought in your work,thank you for the wisdom and metaphors, Dan

  • Empress Constance

    Wow!!! Thankyou so much for this post. I knew this within myself however you helped showed me the pathway of bringing it outside of myself!!!! Blessings to you, your household, those of likewise association. and all your worthy Endeavors!

  • Edmond

    I really appreciate the contents and not only that I now understand that all 4 areas mentioned are to be focussed on simultaneously anytime, anywhere in order to truly have successc in life be it psychological, physical, spiritual/relational or financial. Thank you.

  • mayra

    you failed to mention how to obtain that wisdom…THE FEAR OF THE LORD IS THE BEGINNING OF WISDOM…Then let him who lacks, ask God for some!!

    p.s. the term “GOD” is so generic these days…it’s good to identify which GOD we are talking about; therefore, the mentioning of the name of His son, Jesus Christ is what IDs us as his children and defines our faith!
    As the Lord said, if you are ashamed of Jesus before men, then He will be ashamed of you before Father God..ouch!

    Also, I think “Henry” needs more than your free download, lol.
    Perfect LOVE casts out fear!

    God bless.

  • mayra

    oh by the way Bro. Preston…
    The comment on Jews is totally inappropriate and uncalled for!
    Definitely, not pleasing to the Lord.
    You mess with the apple of His eye and you will find yourself in judgment. Those that curse Israel bring a curse upon themselves and those that bless Israel will be blessed by God.
    If the Jews’ wealth were based on their obedience to God or holiness as you put it, I think scripturally speaking, many would be broke. I think it’s fair to say that your joke was in bad taste.
    Not all Jews are wealthy, although many are and the reason for that is quite scripturally obvious! Consider doing a study on Adonai’ll enlighten you on God’s wealth and divine provision.

    Praise Yeshua!

  • Annette

    So that’s a really great story about the trick pony. I had no clue that is how McDonalds got started.

    Love the fact u ra beleiver like me.
    Thanks for sharing

  • gloria s estrada

    Preston, i like this story! actually, you have told it befor,and thats good to remind us of the things we need to always remember,thanks.

  • Irene Aish

    I am MD PhD educated in Russia. You know from that kind of them who understands that if George poison ivy bush went to Iraq and Afghanistan Putin returned back Crimea and wants Donbas back for the same dammit reason – to promote Democracy I have tons of ideas. You have vehicles to promote them. Let start from ears infection in babies and toddlers -Holistic and Financial. You are fun Peston or maybe I will buy flip-flop book first. See to it Irene

  • Willette Turner

    Wow some strange reason I am reading my bible like you mention, and was searching on what to read to get to my destiny of health wealth happiness,in relationships like mind people,family.
    I like severaL of your books.

  • Gary Cloer

    You have peeked my interest. I am a 63 y.o. hvac/refrigeration contractor who has made a fairly good living but have nothing to show for it. I have a strong belief in God. Although I don’t follow the righteous road as I should. I am weak in that aspect. I would love to come to peace with God , finances,life, work and family to form a wheel with all the spokes the same length so it will create a smooth ride. I know these are stupid thoughts. Just my version of peace and happiness for all.

  • Beverly Tweedy

    Very interesting so poor concern unhealthy rich is healthier which one would i ick . Choices is richiest. We all have choices of happiness.

  • Beverly Tweedy

    Very interesting so poor concern unhealthy rich is healthier which one would i ick . Choices is richiest. We all have choices of happiness. Explain please

  • Donna wiley

    Well I under stood the story.if you wont life to change you must change self first.or be as you might say gobbled up by the in your self learn by your others around you if In need.always know you will gain with the faith with in you.use your money to make love and correction’s when needed?

  • susan

    Hey think everyone is trying d6 good things.Hope one day to to meet you all.

    Thank You
    Susan Randolph

  • Jessie Linda Virgil

    I’m impressed with the one- trick Pony. I’ll start using this because I get the connection between the 4 catagories. I’ll also read the books. I like to read. I need help in all four of the areas. Thank you for sharing this with ne.

  • Helen

    Why do we do what we do ? Is my question ? I have to say I never liked McDonald’s. I went there do to other choices. The legend is a great story , it made me really think . Thanks for sharing.

  • C Mitchell

    im in desperate need of a hand up, not a hand out. Im in of a mentor to help me and show me and mentor me so thay i toocan become a millionaire and finacially free and support not only myself but my family as well. my problem at the present is that my bank account is overdrawn and im about to be homeless as my home was recenlty foreclosed on and now the bank is suing me for failure to vacte the premisses come this Monday morning. I have no vehicle and nowhere to go or to put my house hold good and furniture. Any advice or help u can give would be much appreciated, as I have tried to sell everything however I live in missouri, where it seems no one seems to have any money to purchase my house hold goods and furniture because of the economy. sincerely lost anddesperate. carlton mitchell


    Ely,Thanks for the motivations you’ve mentioned in the blog.
    In reality life and Success without The Holy Bible, Healthy mind,and Physical ability,is just living without Oxygen.
    It’s worthy living a holistic LIFE !!!.SAM OTAI

  • Momiala

    Awesome I never thought to ultilized this principal or
    Thought it exist! I understand a little bit more about
    Applying these ingredients of life that you shared.
    Thank you for shouting out! what is suppose to do.
    My imagination that fills in my head after reading this
    Story of Mc Donalds I can’t belive that the meat was
    Not from a cow! Pony to horse! Wow! Tis to say what
    You don’t know could be damaging!
    I’m going to start working on my abilities to use all 4 ingredients of life for my sake! Thank you for sharing
    You’re an extra ordinary person and that’s why I love
    To read anything you write God bless you and your life!!

  • Judy Walters

    Thanks for sharing this. You’ve given me a positive outlook on life and I appreciate it. I don’t mean to be a one trick pony but in some ways that’s part of my nature. Incidentally, Merry Christmas!

  • Jason Eby

    Love it Love it I am seeing parts of this story happen in my life and I have the feeling the rest of the story is real to but it was in my subconscious. I couldn’t put my finger on it.
    Evan if there is nothing to it it made me laugh. Right out loud! And I think that is what is missing in our public dialogue. We need some Ben Franklin’s and Abe Lincoln s and Mark Twains to come in
    The humor is the first thing that went out the window when the progressives started worrying us about safety and health and environment Keep going!!

  • Arnold

    Very interesting. I been a born again child of God since 1990 life has shown me things i never wanted to experience, but I always get up.With that said tell me? What is a good routine to begin this discipline. Arnold.

  • Linda

    I enjoyed reading this blog. It was insightful. I am one seeking to get to my next level. I am in faith, working on getting my health and finances in order. Even though I am 56yrs old I am still willing to learn more. I am in a financial situation I have never been in before. I have even lived at a homeless shelter but where i am at now is worst. No hot water and no stove due to electrical issues for the last 5 days. But, I am still smiling. My life have been limited financial due to disability. but, This too shall pass.

  • Rick Blockson

    I’ll agree, Yes!if a person wants possession contentment is sufficient.One who is content is economical.One who is economical
    is Blessed with plenty.
    Properties situated will always be transparency in motion! Movable / Immovable parcels of land.

    Thank you Preston,
    Sincerley Rick Blockson.

  • Stephen

    I know people think that I’m probably crazy.I was on auto pilot pretty much all my life.. sucess came in /out,yet nothing I dId thing really pane out for along time.So I packed the dreams,and the ideas and a little box and tucked them away. Then the the game changed.lost my jod,Lost my Dad,and lost myself.. that’s beside the point what I’m trying to say.I found that box and these dreams.I became focus on my idea,my visions.I had to school myself on the new Era of online business. But it’s a killing field out there and if you don’t come in with the army. They’re going to stomp all over you.I searchi and searched trying to find someone going to share their strategy. But when they share that strategy its going to cost because they’re doing it because their is part of their business.So who do you trust sell the big picture,”it will make you rich”.” there is the proven way”- but in reality is their way of getting into your head your psyche and your pocketbook… I see the picture clearly so who do you really trust. This approach was really different but this approach kinda of hit home

  • Marcia D./Midwest Capital

    Thanks a mil for this advice! We’ll said and written. Though, I hope the part about McDonalds using horse meat is just a fantom since I’m an avid horse lover who rarely ever misses a live or an online Kentucky Derby–I would have to stop eating McDonalds.

    Otherwise,thanks much for the piece, I’ll be living and watching all four heretofore.

    On another note–(re:FreedomSoft—Nice haircut/moustache–Very becoming!!) Lol.

    Marcia D.

  • Kyle Bailey

    Thank you this is what I really needed in my life at this moment! I will be working on this right now and everyday forward!!! Thanks again!

  • ch we ryl roman

    Thank you Ely. Your blog was very informative in a very interesting, humorous way. Looking forward to reading those books mentioned and your blog for next week.

  • Michael

    There’s always something for someone out there you just keep pushing and you will find that someone. Totally agree with Preston

  • Peter Magurean III

    Did you have to stretch reality about McDonalds and the pony meat, etc? I will have to read up on the rest you portrayed about the depression and the hungry middle and lower classes!

  • Max robert leon

    Hi Preston how can I buy infusion soft program when u send me that email I had no money to buy it and I want to make money with it ,I’m having surgery on may 16,2016 and I will have 6 weeks to recuperate I can invest that time to make money with the program if available thanks.

  • Appreciator of peaceful, happy endings

    And I think a more holistic approach would definately be of benefit. Good story by the way, though I believe I have heard it once before…..I’m certainly hoping it doesn’t come to a possible extinction of ponies. One trick or otherwise. Proper balance between people, ponies and anyone else should be of utmost importance. To eliminate any similar depression Era events. ( think of those poor ponies )

  • William Boyd

    I’m pretty much a jack of all trades. I help people with my knowlage my work and my money. I like to think that I’m pretty well versed in the bible. I have read every word in the new testament and studied the old quite a lot. I’ve raised two amazing kid’s that I think are more wise than I in a lot of area’s. They respect what I’ve taught them in life. They tell me this from time to time. I’ve built a good life for myself and I’m fairly comfortable but I still struggle with lack of money. Therefore I struggle with a lot of other area’s too. Mainly the area of love and happiness overall. I stay pretty much broke all the time but continue to help people with money and all other area’s that they need. I feel instead of being rewarded for all of this I’m being punished by someone or something that is very cruel and sadistic. Ii still hunger for knowlage, wisdom, acceptance, happiness, and financial comfort. What is your suggestion to relieve this quandry that I’ve been in for the whole of my 59 year existence. Please respond. I’m not into reading a lot but will watch video’s or listen to recorded books.
    Thank you
    William Boyd

    I’m constantly searching.


    Your take on a “one” trick pony is not accuate Mc.Donalds was established in the 50″s I sorta hold judgment on “pony” burgers seeing how Ive been in the racehorse game for over35yrs. I am presently recoving from2nd back surgery
    I like your candor, I only got my Android phone to work with I tried to watch that video about the realistate(spl) but wouldn’t play but thanks Oh by the way PONIES HAVE SPIRITS TOO?

  • sonya hutchison

    I am a fan of “holistic views”. This legend is awesome and I AM READY for legal “FINANCIAL SUCCESS”, before I am put 6-feet under.

  • Dale Curry

    I was skeptical in joining FreedomSoft until I read this, I love the Lord and He differently heard my cry with this post. Been a Christian is not always easy especially in the business world I applaud you, for standing bold for Christ. I need finances because I already have cancer, I want to be healthy, wealthy and Spiritually put together, and to think I almost didn’t read this post.

  • Amin

    eston I am so glad that you have the guts to share what people need to hear but are afraid of. Being enlightened about our human experience is one of the biggest if not biggest blessings I have yet to receive. We have to be balanced if we are to be whole, and holistic health helps us to become that mind, body, soul and spirit. We are spirits having a human experience. So I greatly appreciate you sharing the information of the One trick Pony with us. I also am glad to hear that physical activity helped remove your writer’s block. The state of our minds reflect our health as well. Forgiving that one person clears up blockage in our spirits, and what we give away Preston, we get to keep. St Luke 6:38 is the perfect scripture.

  • Jim

    You are absolutly right to advise taking care of all these areas.
    Most people dable in a few but care only for one. Must not neglect the body diet ect. and the Bible great advice.
    Money, needs yes, rich probably not.

  • Phillip McCray

    Hi! I will like to be apart of your program! I am good with promotional presentation! I know how to put in work get things done! Plus I know how to keep conversations confedental!

  • Billie

    Damn good philosophy, I’m going to share it with my kids. Maybe they will understand it in someone else’s words.

  • kylvi

    very well said , lets all read more Bible there are all answer’s if you really seek and ask God even conviction I read few days ago. i was mad and hurry and burned myself with hot cooking oil. And when I open my Bible there it was… Be slow to anger…… Inside There is wisdom , love and everything you need not what you (want) . Life is so simple Love your God and seek Him first and love your neighbor like yourself. And if you really want to bear more fruit love your enemy as well and even bless him and so on……Read over and over again.Amen!

  • Joan Green

    I am super convicted ,I am too reason I could not access the wealth building digital course. Myou password just will not connect.2 Discouragement.

  • Dwight Wilson

    Very good message! It really makes sense, when you think about it. When you focus on just one aspect the other areas will suffer. For example; one can’t expect to be very successful if they have a bad attitude towards life and people. If you don’t like other people and you’re not a “people person” how are you going to attract and keep new customers? You have to have the “total package”. I highly recommend reading Napoleon Hill’s Book, Think and Grow Rich, learn and master the 17 traits. It’s a good place to start…

  • josephine ponder

    hey preston that was pretty inspiring i do see your point i want to that you for all the interesting emails you sent me and please dont stop sendinding them they are great thank you so much josie

  • Johnny Williams jr

    Damn call me if u can. Yea I got it. Loud and clear. Do 75 pushups. . read bible. Be holistic kill terrorist eat the motherfuckers. Cooked though. Give freely to the innocent. Be well. Rounded. Remember all four areas are important to build wealth. Stay close to my mentors. Help my dad and my grandma, get wisdom , that’s having knowledge and makeingthe right choice with that knowledge. That’s what I’ve almost Benn doing except not really. I got a few of those things in my head already. Thanks for the insight man. I will help and I will kill terrorist. Thanks. Oh . Whereas my teammates? I think I can find them .no jail on this one?

  • Phyllis feaster

    Thats true most people doesn’t like christ in us it’s really been hard through my life was almost taken out through bad accidents it’s been a very hard life

  • Danny Bond

    Thank you Preston for the words of wisdom as usual I can tell you care about people, i will try reading these books.


    Preston Ely Muchas Gracias. Dura Tarea me ha dejado , dominar estos cuatro aspectos cuando uno solo es enorme tarea pero tratare de ser tu alumno aventajado y confio que cuando uno tiene un buen Maestro el alumno tiene que ser bueno. Felicidades, Bendiciones y Èxitos.

  • Camilo

    At the beguines I thought you were high, it did not make much sense to me, but the the end was clear water cascading down like a face splash…. “they switched it and named it after “Old McDonald” who had a farm nearby”.

  • Desmond

    There are approximately 7 billion so called “ponies” on this earth and the majority is a one trick pony…you can’t convince me that they are going extinct soon

  • Timothy Marks

    Preston, thanks for this deep insight, I know you are right on in your encouragement for me. I have recently read the entire New Testament again of my old Kin James. (John is still my favorite book) chapter 17 where Jesus prayed for us personally (you and me) I do thank you for reminding me to keep seeking His face and truly loving others and showing me the way. I have started the Old Testament again. As I get closer to Him in the right spirit, I believe I’ll be able to help others. Timothy

  • Martha L Simpson

    Pretty good you say i practiced one thing ,you practiced everything. Which im sure you did. But i was a little busy. Maybe you had extra time to practice sirs.

  • Martha L Simpson

    Pretty good you say i practiced one thing ,you practiced everything. Which im sure you did. But i was a little busy. Maybe you had extra time to practice sirs.

  • Martha L Simpson

    Pretty good you say i practiced one thing ,you practiced everything. Which im sure you did. But i was a little busy. Maybe you had extra time to practice sirs.

  • Stanley Chappell

    I went school on go bill to be a welder and did work for a couple of years and than there wasn’t work except on a high rise, but I didn’t want to take a chance so went back to school for plumbing and I have been plumbing for thirty five years


    Thank you, Preston! This was a fantastic read for me, and I’ll use it to the best I can. I’m going to read your recommended reads, as I’m always looking to grow in these realms. May wisdom and wealth be with you.

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